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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #36

by Plagosus

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Quintin was not proud, but his bottom was. It was not that his bottom was haughty, but that it had a tendency to stand out and make itself known. The fact was hardly noticed by his immediate family who were quite used to it. However, when his Uncle William returned from overseas he found he was quite unable to think of Quintin without the phrase “proud bottom” springing to mind. Now when Uncle William was abroad he had a bit of a reputation. When people saw him coming it was not their daughters but their sons that they locked up. Since the reputation had not followed him back to England, Quintin had not been locked up.

As Quintin was his nephew Uncle William (who was not quite as bad as his reputation) resolved that it would be quite improper to engage in anything improper, but perfectly proper to engage in activity that was proper but satisfying. Since spanking was in those days considered perfectly proper, Uncle William, who was certain that spanking Quintin would prove to be more than satisfying, began to consider how he could arrange it.

As matters turned out he had no need to devise a cunning plan. Uncle William also had a reputation for being lucky and fortune smiled on him. He was invited to dinner. Now Quintin's father, Uncle William's brother-in-law, had had the misfortune to sprain his wrist and the pain was enough to make him irascible. At dinner his irritation was directed at Quintin and Quintin, whose hormones were in full surge, began to take exception to being the subject of what he considered unfair treatment. As often happens matters went from bad to worse and then to very bad. In the end Quintin's father lost his temper completely.

“Once this hand's back to normal I'll give you a hiding you won't forget.”

Quintin's mother stepped in. “It's unfair to make the boy wait. The doctor said you needed to rest your arm for a week. William'll see to it, won't you William?”

Uncle William was naturally keen, but unwilling to show just how keen he was. He made suitable I'm-not-sure-about-that noises.

Quintin's father had no special wish to see to it himself and was persuaded that summary punishment was indeed to be preferred. “Julia's right. The boy needs a good hiding and the sooner he gets it the better. I'd be obliged if you saw to it.”

Uncle William was delighted to oblige, but gave every appearance of agreeing with the utmost reluctance.

Once it was settled Quintin's father offered his advice. “When you get him upstairs see his backside and use a slipper on it. One of his should do. If not get him to fetch one of mine. Give him what for! Finish your pudding. We'll serve coffee when you come back down.” He addressed Quintin. “You young man will stay upstairs until breakfast.”

Everyone finished their pudding, though Quintin did not enjoy his.

Quintin led the way upstairs to his bedroom. Uncle William contemplated his proud bottom as it moved from side to side. Once in Quintin's room Uncle William sat on the bed feigning embarrassment with the whole business. Quintin stood in front of him looking a little forlorn.

“Shall we get it over with?” asked Uncle William.

Standing on one leg Quintin took a slipper off and handed it to Uncle William.

“I think that should do,” said Uncle William.

Quintin kicked his other slipper off, unzipped his jeans, slipped them down and stepped out of them. He undid the bottom buttons of his shirt and tied it above his waist.

“Obviously an established procedure,” thought Uncle William.

Quintin stood with his hands by his side, apparently awaiting instructions.

“Pants?” enquired Uncle William.

“You pull them down when I'm over your knee,” explained Quintin.

“Right. Am I supposed to take them off or just down?”

“Down to my knees.”

“Got it. Now, your father said I was to give you what for, but I think we'll make it what three. Shall we say a few hearty whacks until you redden up a bit?”

“All right,” said Quintin smiling.

Uncle William patted his lap and Quintin climbed over it. Uncle William pulled Quintin's pants down to his knees and revealed his proud bottom. He raised the slipper and brought it down hard.

“Ow!” cried Quintin putting a hand back to cover his bottom.

“Oh dear!” said Uncle William. “I hope we're not going to get our hands in the way like a naughty eight year old.”

“I always do,” said Quintin. “You'll have to hold them out of the way.”

Quintin obligingly put both hands on the small of his back. Uncle William took hold of both wrists. He continued to slipper Quintin hard. Quintin's proud bottom rose and fell and swayed from side to side quite delightfully. Quintin's bottom started to redden. Uncle William kept to his word and stopped. He released Quintin's hands which immediately went down to rub his bottom.

“Is rubbing allowed?” asked Uncle William.


“Shall I pull your pants up?”

“Yes please.”

Uncle William pulled Quintin's pants up covering his now flushed proud bottom.

“Not as bad as one of dad's.”

“You should try not to annoy him you know.”

“He always annoys me first.”

“Just try not to annoy him back.”

“I'll see what I can do.”

Quintin untied his shirt, undid the remaining buttons and took it off. He reached under his pillow for his pyjamas and put the jacket on. Turning away he slipped his pants down and off. He picked up his pyjama trousers but dropped them on the floor. As he bent to pick them up he revealed his bottom – well spanked but still proud.

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