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A Collection of Short Stories for 2011
I Need a Spanking

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about the spanking of a youth for the SSC.  The story contains a scene of a consensual teen spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Young McDonald had a problem at the tender age of fifteen.  It seemed like every adult told him what he needed.

His ailing mother wished that his father was still alive to give it to him as she could no long do it.

Several teachers at school wished that they could give him what he sorely needed.  A couple of them even sent him to the VP who genuinely regretted that he could not help him out in his time of need.  "One would do you a world of good, young man!" he added.

At every practice session the choir master at his church told him the same thing along with scriptural reference.

Even his neighbor, kindly old Mr. Niven, had told that him several times.

Master McDonald was certainly in a quandary.  How could he get what they all said he surely needed if none of them would help?  Weren't adults suppose to help kids (even older kids like himself)?  It was most perplexing and irritating.

When he went to the doctor for a vaccination, he spoke of it.  The doctor agreed that he needed one but he could neither give him one nor even write a prescription to take to the pharmacy.

It was a day as gray as McDonald felt and he stood on the crosswalk absentmindedly thinking about his problem when his revery was interrupted by an unsure voice.  "May I help you across the street, Sir?"

He turned and looked.  It was a new tenderfoot boy scout.  "Do I look like an old man in need of help?" he demanded of the lad.

"Well, … you missed three "Walk" cycles and I need to do some good deeds.  Perhaps something else then."

"I've been told what I need but nobody wants to give one to me."

"I wish I had that problem.  Dad gives those to my big brother and me all the time so I know how.  I'll give you one.  We can do it right here in the park.  It will be my special good deed for the day."  The little scout was beaming with a huge smile in anticipation.


"Scout's honor."

"Great.  Now?"

They went to a quiet section of the park and started.  "You have to listen and do exactly as I say or you could get injured.  Now give me your belt and lower your jeans and underwear."  McDonald hesitated and then obeyed.  He bent over and gripped a bench tightly, presenting his naked butt to the helpful scout who energetically and enthusiastically applied the folded belt to the target just like his father did to his brother.  The strapping turned McDonald's bottom a nice crimson red and he was almost sobbing.  "OK, you may get up now."

"That hurt!"

"It's supposed to!"

"I don't feel any different."

The next week when the adults told him that he needed a spanking, he said he had one.  "I don't see what good it did although it sure hurt."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  July 31, 2011

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