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A Collection of Short Stories for 2011
Misbehavior in the Museum

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about the spanking of a youth for the SSC.  The story contains a scene of a parental spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The exhibit in the museum was fascinating.  Not only had Bruce enjoyed it a lot but he had also learnt a heap of great stuff in a fun way not like at boring school.  He was truly grateful that Greg, his big brother, had taken him.  He resolved to try not to annoy him as much – at least not intentionally for a while anyway.

As he told his father ALL! about it something extra slipped through along with the narration.  Something that an observant father was able to pick up.  Dad detected the distinct stink of guilt in his son.  Guilt that meant he had done something he should not have.  Something that probably rated a spanking.  Dad shifted into his Sherlock mode and asked deeply probing questions.  The reason for the guilty feelings was quickly exposed.  "You know why you should never touch in the museum, Bruce?"

"Yes, Father, because over time it damages things.  Even stone." Bruce replied softly repeating the lessons he had learnt.

"We have discussed this several times, son.  What did I promise you last time?"

"A spanking, Father."  Then Bruce realized that he had better give a full answer before he was asked again as his dad was already angry.  "A hard spanking on the bare, Sir."

"Yes, indeed."  Dad replied moving the chair into position.  He did not have to tell his son what was expected as he sat down and patted his lap.  Bruce walked over, got into position, opened his belt and jeans, lowered them and got over the parental lap.  Seconds later the spanking commenced.  In a few minutes, Bruce was a well-spanked lad, with a hot red ass and a teary face, shuffling into the corner.

A few minutes later Greg returned home from visiting his friend and was surprised to see that his little brother had been soundly spanked.  He, too, was questioned although about why he had not prevented Bruce from touching the exhibits as he had confessed doing.

"Oh, Father, of course, Bruce touched stuff.  So did I.  Everyone did!  It was an interactive exhibit and lots of stuff was designed to be touched.  It was not the usual look but don't touch exhibit.  Even so, Bruce had trouble touching – trouble pressing buttons that were made to be pressed, trouble turning knobs that were designed to turned, trouble pulling levers that were made to be pulled.  He had conflicts because you taught him unconditionally to never touch in the museum.  Even the docents had difficulty getting him to interact."

"Bruce, pull up your pants and come here." said his embarrassed father.  "I'm sorry Bruce.  I should not have spanked you.  Greg explained how I misinterpreted things.  Please forgive me, son."

Bruce was puzzled as his father hugged him tightly.  "But I feel better now, Father."

The End

Afterwards: I was recently at such an exhibit in the art museum.  It felt deliciously naughty to whack buttons even though they were made to be whacked with all those "Please do not touch" signs nearby.

© Copyright A.I.L.  August 2, 2011

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