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"Ginger Pudding" Challenge
Red Hair, Redder Bottom

by Big Kid Now

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Thermionic issued a challenge in the MMSA forum to write a story based on a picture of a shirtless, overweight, red-headed boy sitting in front of a computer.

13-year-old Kelvin was STILL on the computer surfing pointless sites like long after his mom told him to get his fat butt in the tub. His shirt was already off, which means he must've made some effort to get ready for his bath, but he was still lounging around in his jean shorts. His sister Stacey was beyond frustrated. When Kelvin dawdled, the task of getting him ready for bed fell to her, and she wasn't in the mood for games or delays tonight.

“Moooommmm!!!” she yelled out.

“No, don't!” the chubby red-haired teenager whispered fearfully.

“What is it, honey?” their mother shouted back from downstairs.

“Sorry, nothing,” Stacey said.

Her immature brother breathed a sigh of relief. He was grateful that his sister had shown him some mercy and covered for him.

“Get up!” she hissed. Before waiting for a response, she dragged her lazy “baby” brother out of his chair and began unzipping his jean shorts. With one quick tug, his pants and briefs were down to his ankles, revealing his tiny, hairless equipment. It was nothing Stacey hadn't seen many times before. Kelvin was way too used to this routine by now, but it still embarrassed him to the core.

And yet he had only himself to blame. If he had gotten up from the computer earlier like a big boy, he wouldn't he suffering this indignity right now. He knew that.

Tonight, because he procrastinated, he was going to be given a bath by his 11-year-old sister...again.

Yes, Stacey was younger than Kelvin by a full two years – but despite their age difference, she was more mature than him both physically and emotionally. It was easy for her to take the lead over her older brother, and their mother allowed it. The prepubescent teen hated the way he was treated by his family – like a baby – but he usually brought it on himself.

With blushing red cheeks and his hands covering his penis, Kelvin was led to the tub by his sister. She wasted no time, almost forcing him to step in.

“But...” he protested.

“Just get in!” she ordered.

Defeated, the 13-year-old slowly, reluctantly stepped into the tub, and then he quickly crouched down, now eager to cover his miniscule boyhood from his sister's eyes. He sighed, because he knew she'd see everything soon enough. She always did.

With a washcloth and soap, Stacey began washing her bigger brother's baby smooth body. He thought about the other teenagers in his eighth grade class with great shame because he knew none of them were being bathed by their baby sisters right now, or ever.

After having his neck, shoulders, back, legs, and toes scrubbed, Kelvin was dragged up by his arm, which he knew was his sister's signal for him to stand. He kept his front side covered as Stacey began cleaning his bottom with the wash cloth.

“I can't believe this,” she criticized as she pulled the wash cloth out of her brother's butt and observed tell-tale brown stains on the fabric. “You're 13 years old and you still can't wipe yourself properly, no matter how many times me or Mom have to teach you!”

The chubby redheaded teen just wanted to fall into the drain and disappear.

With a fresh cloth, his sister proceeded to wash his little penis.

Then it happened...

Kelvin had an accident in the tub.

He was trying to tell his sister before that he needed to pee, but she wasn't listening. She was in such a rush to get him bathed!

“You big baby!” she screamed with disgust. And true to her word, he began crying like one. There he stood, a 13-year-old baby who just tee-teed himself like a toddler.

Stacey dragged him out of the water and ordered him to stand in the corner. Soaked and shivering, he did what he was told. After she drained, cleaned, and re-filled the tub, she had him step back in and quickly finished bathing him.

Kelvin was teary-eyed and humiliated as his sister dried off his naked body and wrapped him in a towel. He knew he needed to regain control and assert his independence, but how could he?

Stacey laid the towel on Kelvin's bed and he knew the drill. Lying back nakedly, he waited for her. As she raised his legs up and rubbed baby oil into his bottom, something snapped inside of him and he rebelled. He wildly thrashed his legs and almost knocked her back.

It didn't take long for Stacey to regain her bearings and she was now fuming mad. Before Kelvin could escape, Stacey shoved him back down and raised legs back up in the diapering position. The 13-year-old toddler knew what was coming next, and his little sister wasn't one to disappoint. With the speed of an expert marathon runner, she smacked her hands repeatedly against his white, oily buttocks until it was deep red – bouncing like jello – and he was reduced to heavy sobbing, persistent pleading, and a chronic coughing fit.

Despite their ages, Stacey was definitely the big sister now.

After Kelvin calmed down, she finished oiling his bottom and crotch and then applied a heavy dose of baby powder to the same areas, making sure to rub a lot of both between his legs and buttcheeks.

With his legs and bottom still raised, she slipped a Goodnites diaper down his legs. Even though he was 13, he still wet the bed every night and required a diaper for his babyish problem. Stacey helped him off the bed and stood him up with his bedwetting briefs dangling above his knees. He grabbed onto her shoulders for support as she pulled his Goodnites up to his stomach. Then he was laid back down, with his legs raised again, so his sister could finish diapering him. After Stacey snapped his diaper panty cover on over his Goodnite, she sat him up and dressed him in his jammie top. Now the chubby, red-haired, red-bottomed, prepubescent teen was officially ready for bed.

Being spanked and diapered made Kelvin meek and contrite. He apologized to Stacey, kissed her on the cheek, and promised he'd try harder next time to be a good boy for her.


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