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"Ginger Pudding" Challenge
Red and Bare Writes Again

by David M. Katz

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Ginger Pudding Challenge – Red and Bare Writes Again

Thirteen year old Caleb Bryant rushed home from school. He had to get it down; he had to let his brain empty onto the keyboard. It was supposed to be punishment and, in many aspects, it was but, more than that, it was inspiration – a real life occurrence to draw from. He had ran – well, he had tried to run but his overweight frame could barely muster a fast walk. Nonetheless, Caleb was burning up and, despite his bulky appearance, he had shed his shirt halfway home.

Caleb hit the door and deposited his principal's note on top of the day's mail where his father would be sure to find it. He was not going to hide the note. He was not exactly sure how his father would react to the incident but Caleb could only hope for yet another inspirational event. Caleb was so full of words and passion that he skipped his usual after-school snack of Twinkies and chips.

He turned on the computer and let the words flow – words that were this time not fiction, well, sort of; a story that was not just a fantasy in his mind. Caleb had quite a following. All of his works had solid red and gold stars and several even bore site recommendation shields. Caleb laughed to himself that he, a thirteen year old kid, was appealing to the fantasies of readers world-wide. He had lied and led all to believe he was someone different – it was easy enough, he just used his own father's identity. He called himself "Red and Bare." The "Red" part was a double take on both the nature of his writings and the color of his hair.

Caleb realized as he sat in the chair that he was still sore – his principal had done a good job. As good a job as Mr. Jenkins had done, by the time Caleb finished his story it would become one of the greatest paddlings in all of school history.

Caleb noticed early on that he was different. Maybe it was due to his lack of activity or interest in sports but he was fascinated with spankings. He had spent many an hour trolling the internet soaking in pictures and stories and accounts of spanking. That is how he had stumbled upon that site – a wonderful collection of nothing but stories about spankings – spankings of all types and every sort. His favorite writer was Thermionic – Caleb was somewhat of a history buff himself and those stories just really worked for him. With a few crafty white lies and a free Hotmail account, Caleb was soon writing his own fantasies.

Four licks seemed extreme to Caleb but that was alright. It just gave him more to embellish and more to pleasure himself with later on. Caleb felt it was actually self defense. He was tired of the names and of the taunts in PE class; he was tired of being picked last for every activity. When Freddie Johnson started laughing at him in the shower after PE – it was too much. Caleb does not know where he got the strength or, for that matter, the courage, but Freddie soon found himself on his ass on the floor of the shower. Of course old Coach Ingalls would hear no part of his story nor would Principal Jenkins.

Caleb writes his account into his latest story. He used his own name as the recurring character – he felt that was rather clever.

"Caleb, assume the position over my desk," he wrote. It had actually been a chair.

"Young man you will be receiving ten licks." In reality, it was only four.

Read and Bare wrote, "Please lower your shorts and boxers." Caleb's school could not paddle on the bare.

"The paddle was huge – at least three feet long and eight inches wide and was covered with several strategically placed holes." The actual paddle was barely twelve inches in length and about four inches wide. Paddles with holes were prohibited in Caleb's school.

"Caleb was brave and took all ten licks without shedding a tear." Caleb was bawling like a baby after the first lick.

Caleb further wrote, "The brave boy embraced his principal and thanked him for the discipline." Well, Caleb did shake the principal's hand – but all kids do that – it is Mr. Jenkins' rule.

"Caleb found that there was no lingering pain," Red and Bare wrote as he shifted in his seat to alleviate the lingering soreness.

Just as he hit submit, he heard his father yelling. "Caleb Bryant, get your ass down here now!"

Caleb met his father in the den. His father was holding the note from Principal Jenkins in one hand and his belt in the other. Very few words were needed for Caleb to ascertain just exactly how his father felt about these things.

"Get 'em down and get over the back of the chair!"

Thirteen licks and some recovery time later and Caleb is thinking about what a good time he will have with himself in his bed tonight.

He also fires up the computer one more time.

"Caleb Bryant's father whipped him non-stop for fifteen minutes. Caleb lost count of the number of strokes but it must have been at least fifty . . . . . . "

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