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Apple Butt
Part 01: Apple Butt's Cousin Gets Tanned

by Sawyer

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The name "Apple-Butt" will be clear soon enough. Believe me.

It all goes back years ago, when I had just turned nine. My Mom had been having a tough time raising me alone after Dad died. She had her own problems, and wasn't really able to cope with my demanding needs. Go figure. A demanding nine year old!

So, for two years I went to go live with my father's brother, Uncle Rodney, and his son, my cousin Chipper (he was actually Rodney White Jr., but hated it so they started calling him "Chip," as in "Chip off the old block," then that morphed simply into "Chipper.")

Chipper was three years older than me, thin, wavey brown hair that would turn blonde in the summer, and a great sense of humor. He was swell. I really loved him. Even though I must have been a little pest, he always made time for me in between playing with all his pals. This was good, since I was having a really tough time making friends my own age.

From the first time I moved in, I knew what the score would be: Uncle Rod did NOT spare THE Rod. In other words; he was a spanker of the highest order.

The second night I was there, Chipper and I were watching television when Uncle Rod came in. He looked furious. Gone was his easy go ing nature.

"Chipper, do you have anything you would like to tell me?" his father asked as calmly as an angry man could.

My twelve year old cousin looked at me, then looked up to his father. "No, Daddy. Not that I can think of."

"I just finished speaking with Mrs. Doohan..." my uncle said, sitting in his big Lay-Z-Boy that neither of us were allowed to sit in. The look of horror on Chipper's face said it all. BUSTED!

"I'm sorry, Daddy," he said, standing up. "I was going to..." he was quickly cut off by his father reaching towards him and pulling him close. In moments he had my cousin's shorts down, and before I could fully fathom of what was going to happen, Chipper's underpants were around his ankles and he was bared across Uncle Rod's lap (my little cock took quick notice!!)

I stood up to leave. I really didn't want to. I was kind of excited at the prospect of watching Chipper get a bare naked spanking, but I was also feeling so sorry for his perdicament that I felt I should leave them alone.

"Don't go anywhere," Uncle Rod boomed at me. "We're not modest around here." And with that, he laid down three rapid, bare handed slaps across Chipper's quivering ass. "Besides, it's important..." SPANK!..."...that you see..."...SPANK!..."...what awaits you..."... when you..."...SPANK!..."misbehave." SPANK...SPANK!!

When the tenth spank landed, Chipper really opened up and started crying. There he was, my big cousin, wiggling and pleading like I had never seen before. He was really in pain, as his bottom went from a light pink to a deeper shade of red, as each blow seemed to get worse and worse.


Chipper was really howling by now. I, on the other hand, was thuroghly enjoying the show my relatives were giving me. I never did find out what my couisin had done, but I sure did appeciate its sore consequences.

SPANK!!!! SPANK!!!!! SPANK!!!!!!

In a rapid succession, the blows kept on coming as Chipper began to promis everthing under the sun to stop my Uncle from making his bottom as HOT as the sun!

SPANK!!!!!!! SPANK!!!!!!!! SPANK!!!!!!!!!

After about twenty five, hard, long hand-spanks were delivered, Uncle Rod looked at me and said, "Tommy, go in the basement and bring up a ping-pong paddle!" Immediatly Chipper started screaming: he knew what that meant. So did I!

I quickly ran down to the basement and picked up the first pingpong paddle I saw and examined it: no, this one had a bad crack in it. I picked up another that looked all right, but then I saw one with a perfect handle and nice, big smoothe surface. This one was just right! Poor Chipper, I giggled to myself.

Not wanting to miss any more of the big fun upstairs, I ran back and handed it to my uncle. By this time, Uncle Rod had made my cousin take off all of his clothes, and put him back in postion; this time, however, Chip was locked tight between my uncle's big and powerful legs.

"Thomas," Uncle Rod said, lightly tapping Chipper's blazing rear end, "there is one thing that I will never stand for, and that is lying. Chipper lied to me a few minutes ago when I asked him a direct question." Chipper was looking totally pathetic by this time; I could tell he just wanted this ordeal over with (I, on the other hand, was tickled pink with this additional action!).

"I reserve the paddles for the bottoms of naughty liars, do you understand?" he then asked. I shook my head nervously. My throbbing prick and I wanted him to get on with the show!

And then act two began. Not as long as act one (about fifteen swats), but much more intense. Chipper had all of the fight beaten out of him. He just laid on his Daddy's lap weeping like a four year old when it was over; it was priceless.

Eventually Chipper got up and slowly went upstairs, completely naked. I got to see for the first time that my cousin was well into the throws of puberty. A gulp developed in my throat.

"I will do the same to you, Tom, if I need to," Uncle Rod snapped at me, obviously catching me grinning as my eyes stayed locked on Chip's bruised ass as it left the room.

"Yes sir," I said, almost cooing; finally comprehending why I had been witnessed to this wonderful spectacle. Soon, it would be MY turn!

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