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Spanking The Neighbor Boys
Second Visit

by A Suite Life

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Spanking The Neighbor Boys: Second Visit
A Suite Life

It had been a few days since I was given the job of spanking my two young neighbors, 14 year old Christian and 12 year old Grant, and now they were both standing at my door again! As usual they looked cute, although neither one seemed to have gotten ready for the day. They both had a sweet boyish smell and a head full of messy blonde bed hair. I don't think they were allowed to get dressed either, Grant had on a pampers diaper with dinosaurs on it and Christian was in just a pair of tighty whities.

I didn't pan to embarrass them by leaving them standing i the hallway for everyone to see, so i ushered them into my living room. Christian handed me a letter from their mom, explaining why they were in need of their second spanking from me. Christian had got caught cheating on his history test yesterday. He informed me he had been sent over last night but I wasn't home, so he was confined to their apartment in just his briefs until he was spanked. I have to give him a little credit though, as soon as he got home from school he gave his mom the note from his teacher and changed stripped his school clothes and boxers off and reappeared from his room in just his white briefs. I gathered that part of the story from his mom's note.

Grant earned himself a day of diaper punishment this morning for attacking his brother in order to gain control of the television remote. She was very clear in the note that Christian was innocent today, a nice change of pace. The problem was when she tried to get Grant to strip and lay down so she could diaper him, he threw a fit and refused to collaborate. When she had Christian help hold him down so he could be diapered, Grant kicked his older brother in the face. Luckily Christian was not injured, and Grant earned himself a spot with his brother visiting me, and again he threw a fit.

After reading the letter for myself I asked the cute nervous boys to explain why they deserved a spanking, making things easier for himself Christian spilled his little gut and told me everything the letter had listed, adding that he cussed at his mom yesterday morning and didn't do his chores either. Not taking the wise path his brother did, Grant boldly stated that he didn't deserve a spanking. I arched my eye as I watched him shuffle from foot to foot, finally asking his if his mom was lying about him refusing to be diapered and kicking his brother for trying to help her.

He managed to spit out a soft "no" that was barely audible. All he had to add was that he did what she said, he made sure to point out the obvious, "I'm dressed like a damn baby aren't I? I've got the stupid diaper on." I explained to him that yes he was diapered now, but still was naughty for kicking Christian and putting up a fight, plus in my opinion he earned a spanking by trying to take the remote from him. I sent them both to different corners to stand in while I found some implements to spank them with. For Grant I choose to use my girlfriends wooden hairbrush and a few licks of my black leather belt. I grabbed the wooden spoon out of the drawer to apply for Christians bottom.

I planned on giving Christian a much lighter spanking because he did something absolutely correct, he came clean about his bad behavior right away to his mom and accepted his punishment like a little man. Grant on the other hand was in need of a powerful spanking because he lied to me and didn't accept his original punishment from his mom.

I started with Christian by calling him over to where I was sitting at the kitchen table, which had the various implements spread out on it. I saw him gulp as he saw the painful instruments. I eased his worries by explaining how it was important he admitted that he earned a spanking and didn't hide anything from his mom or me and because of that, he was getting off easy with a warm up hand spanking and a session with the wooden spoon. He looked relieved as I lowered his 110 pound muscular body across my lap and moved him around to get him in the right spot. It didn't take long before I started spanking his cotton covered bottom with my hand.
He jumped around on my lap with the first swat, but didn't cry out, yet! I continued to bring down my firm hand down to his bottom, covering the entire thing with hard swats. Like last time I alternated from the left and right cheeks, where is baby fat was still present. He was a long way from crying, but he did let out the occasional "Ow" or yelp. I wasn't counting the number of spanks, but it was at least fifty or sixty when I stopped. By than he was crying softly, the healthy pink shade of his bubble butt shining through his underwear. I had him lift up his waist and I slipped my fingers in the wristband of his briefs and slid them down to his knees.

After softly pushing him back down on my lap I picked the wooden spoon up and quickly landed it on his butt, making him yell out and a nice red oval formed. I brought it down again to the other side, however I got less emotion that time. I continued spanking him, alternating from side to side covering his entire bottom. I made sure to pay a lot of attention to his sit spots so he wouldn't forget the spanking anytime soon. By the time I applied the 42, three times his age, to his naked bottom he was crying hard and promising to be good. I stood him up and told him to go stand in the corner again. It was Grant's turn over my knee now and I wasted no time calling him over.

He slowly walked over to me, shifting his weight from foot to foot wearing nothing excepts a diaper. He definitely didn't look like like a 12 year old boy and he was still red in the face. I took his diaper off him and pulled him over my lap, I was surprised he didn't try to put up a fight. I started right in with the hairbrush, as soon as I brought it down across his pale white bottom he let out a scream and began kicking his legs. After another crack of the brush he was squirming more and had tears running down his face, not to mention he was kicking really hard. To be honest I think he was putting on a show to get off light, which wasn't about to happen. After all he took his first spanking from me much better, he definitely didn't start crying after the third lick of the brush. I didn't let his show get to me, I kept bringing the brush down hard across his entire bottom, at one point he was kicking and wiggling so much he fell off my lap and on to the floor.
He quickly got up and tried to make a run for the door, but I grabbed a hold of his arm and led him back across my lap, which wasn't an easy task. It was hard to spank him because he was kicking so much and his hands kept flying around to cover his bottom. By this point Christian had himself under control and kept glancing over his shoulder to see his little preteen brother looking like a baby boy. I called him over to me, and he wasted no time bringing his naked teenage self over. I asked him to hold Grant's legs down and he was happy to! After he trapped his legs I took his arms and pinned them behind his back. He was still sobbing, but at least I could get back to business without his arms and legs getting in the way.

I picked the brush back up and started applying it to his lightly red round butt cheeks again. He started screaming again and broke back down to tears right away. I wanted to stop because I knew he was in pain, I had been in his place many times over the years! However I kept spanking him because I knew he needed to learn to behave, and a whipping is the best method to get that across to a boy! After another twenty or so smacks with the brush I sat it down and picked up my belt. It was about an inch and a half wide and made of solid firm leather. Just like my dad used to do I doubled it up and started bringing it down to his bottom. He was now experiencing a pain that was much worse, he was screaming bloody murder. The whipping didn't last long, I only gave him 4 hard strokes.

He stayed over my lap crying hard, and as soon as Christian crawled off his legs and I unpinned his arms he leaped up and hugged me tight. We stayed that way for a long time, he didn't let me go until he was completely composed. He apologized to me for "acting like a bratty little baby." I was touched and hugged again and I told them they better get home and show their butts to their mom soon or she might be unimpressed and send them back. Grant headed for the door, but Christian looked at his briefs he was holding and then at me, I simply nodded and he slipped them on.

Their mom must of approved of my handy work because neither one was sent back. I went on with my day and a few hours later there was a knock at my door. I was a little surprised to see Christian again so soon, I knew he wasn't in trouble again because he shot me a smile as soon as I opened the door. He asked to come in, of course I told him he could. Since it was summertime he wasn't dressed in much, he was shirtless with a pair of blue and white Under Armor shorts. He sure was fit and cute, just like usual.

He was acting shy, which was really unlike him. I tried to figure out what was on his mind, but he couldn't really get it to leave his mouth. He started to say something, and then he would blush and stop. Eventually he just blurted his question out, "How do you jack off?" I wasn't sure that it was my place to teach him these things, I tried to tell him that but he begged me. He didn't want to talk to his mom about it because he was embarrassed and well she was "mom." He was right about that, I never would of asked mine about it! I sat down next to him at the kitchen table and explained it to him, going into all the details. It was a little awkward to be talking to a young teenage boy about masturbation, but my answers seemed to tell him what he wanted to know. Like a normal boy he asked lots of questions, they weren't just about jerking off either, he asked about sex, girls, and even about his own penis. Fortunately I had most of the answers, and he seemed to have gotten over his embarrassment.

We sat there for an hour just talking, than he got up and tugged down his basketball shorts, reveling his briefs. I let out a little chuckle seeing him in tighty whities, once again he blushed and said "What? There more comfortable!" He started to pull them down, but I stopped him, he informed me he wanted to practice and had no privacy at home. I understood what he meant, I grew up with younger sisters and brothers; but I didn't want to watch a little boy jack off either. I sent him to the bathroom and told him to enjoy himself. He was gone for a few minutes before I heard some moaning and then the toilet flushed. He reappeared with a huge satisfied grin on his face.

He stuck around for a little bit longer and talked some more, Before for he left he asked me if he could come over sometimes and "do it" and "maybe with some porn or something." I assured him he could, he cracked out another smile and also assured me he would see me soon than; he added "hopefully not across your lap though, my ass is still sore!" I couldn't resist letting out another laugh as he rubbed the back of his shorts.

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A Suite Life
1 Jan 2012

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