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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 46: Busting Their Butts

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 46: Busting Their Butts

The heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

The villians:
Dr. Howard Grand – Master Manacle
Jeremy McIntosh – Thornscourge
Xian Sheng – Ambush Viper
Maj. Paul Greeley – Holler
Ben “Buddy” Smith – Granite Growl
Roger Collier – Jolt Jammer
Argus Penn – The Corrupter

Another day, another butt-blistering crawl for Jacob Brass. Ever since his argument with Andrew in the Adepts of Discipline's caverns, he has had two tasks: One, Come up with a plan to get the Blister Boyz off Rogue Isles; Two, endure the penny push to end all penny pushes until he finished task one.

The Augurer's paddles had practically beaten a new crack in Jacob's ass while he crawled through the caverns for the past two days. As he came up with a new idea, he was allowed to stop and investigate the viability. But when he came up empty it was back to the crawl.

The blisters on his ass were quite literal. Jacob got his ass beaten all the time. It was mandated in his work contract. But when he needed “real” discipline, all The Augurer needed to do was chant a few words and the runes on his paddles glowed with magic heat, burning sigils into Jacob's bare bottom. Jacob's healing powers (and magic resistance) kept the burns from becoming a danger, but it was one of the few ways to actually “break” him when they truly needed him to set aside his jokester persona and get down to work. It was a punishment system that was reserved entirely for times of crisis to keep Jacob from getting too acclimated to the pain, causing the punishment to lose its impact.

Jacob whimpered and cried as he pushed the penny, the relentless swats and heat from the magic paddles tormenting his exposed backside. The intense pain caused his mind to focus on whatever strategies might help free the Blister Boyz and therefore let him end the punishment.

He hadn't been having much luck. The boys were deep in enemy territory in the heart of Lord Recluse's web-like city of Grandville. Longbow agents would not be able to help them. In fact, they could see in the CD video that had been delivered to Andrew that the Crimson Brotherhood had several Longbow men prisoners alongside the Blister Boyz. No doubt the men were used to test the enslaving technology Master Manacle used to force the boys to do his bidding.

Finding a team of heroes was also a challenge. There was just so much villainy going on in Paragon City, it was hard to find other heroes with the time and willingness to risk potentially getting killed for a group of boys who technically were not danger of getting killed themselves. The Blood Brothers had agreed to help (Jacob had enjoyed a fun fling with their leader, Fuse), but the three of them and Jason would not be enough of an assault force to get into Grandville and get the boys back.

What he thought he needed was a stealth mercenary crew. Putting one of those together, though, would require the assistance of amoral black marketer R.C. Last time Jacob approached the handsome spymaster for help getting a crew together (to free Walt Hemingway and his brothers from the clutches of his evil father, Nemesis), Jacob had to give up his ass to the man for four days first. While it was a hot time for a voracious bottom like Jacob, he couldn't spare the time to pay R.C.'s price. And he always required payment in advance.

So all that left Jacob at square one, crawling around on his knees. He yelped as a particularly hard swat burned a magic sigil into his left cheek. He had to come up with another idea soon, not just to stop the pain. He really, really needed to go to the bathroom, and if he pissed himself, Andrew would make him clean it up. With his tongue. While the paddles continued to beat him.

All around Jacob, the adepts of discipline scurried, consulting scrying crystals throughout their caves, consulting with their leader, The Augurer, and even paddling each other to produce more discipline energy. With the Blister Boyz out of action and suffering abuse at the hands of The Crimson Brotherhood, the magical energy available to the monks was much more limited than they were used to.

The Augurer was watching the video Master Manacle had made showing off the brutal punishment of the Blister Boyz. He had gone through it several times, looking for any information that could help. He understood what the slave manacles on the boys were doing, but had also noticed that Murky Menace and The Humiliator were not wearing them and wondered why.

More than that, he was glaring at Argus, The Corrupter, an enemy he hadn't seen in years. He had a new body, of course. The vain man couldn't age gracefully and kept transferring his soul into hot young jocks once he hit his 30s. Argus was one of the mages Lawrence worried about getting his clutches on Dennis, and sure enough, that's what happened.

Argus had gotten the best of Lawrence a number of times until Jacob Brass came on the scene, resistant to the Corrupter's magic. If the adepts didn't get the Blister Boyz out of his grasp, they could lose what little gains the adepts had made against the Circle of Thorns over the last few years. Discipline was gaining ground against abuse. This could be a devastating setback.

The rest of the adepts worked to try to store enough discipline energy to scry into the Crimson Brotherhood's lair. They were getting brief glimpses of the location because Jorge and Jason were sometimes producing discipline energy during their punishment. Jorge was aroused by his punishment play with Thornscourge, but the villain would ultimately take it too far and the adepts would lose contact. They weren't exactly sure why Granite Growl's heavy hand spankings administered to Jason were sometimes producing discipline energy. They didn't know about Jason's secret fetish of falling on his big bottom and how the rock-handed spankings he was receiving simulated that feeling.

The brief moments of discipline energy were enough to pinpoint a basic location of where the boys were imprisoned on Grandville, but that was about it so far. Jacob Brass would need that information to plan a rescue for the boys. But it was the Augurer's responsibility to get the boys out of the Brotherhood's clutches to be rescued.

Andrew walked through the great underground caves to join Lawrence.

“I'm afraid we've reached the point where I'm going to have to go to the fraternity and at least tell their reserve crew what happened to the team,” Andrew said. “If we don't have an escape plan within the next 24 hours, I'm going to have to pull the trigger and inform the parents as well.” Augurer nodded.

“I am trying to speculate as to why Dennis and Brian aren't wearing the slave manacles,” Augurer said. “I think that's key to freeing the boys. But in order to capitalize on that, we have to break Argus's hold on them and we lack the power for that.”

“Could the manacles interfere with Argus's magic?” Andrew asked.

“Not likely,” Lawrence said. “Pure, cold iron breaks magic enchantments, yes. But you don't use pure iron in technology like this. There's no way that's it.”

“Why doesn't the Circle of Thorns just take the boys and turn them into satyrs?” Andrew asked.

“I'm not sure how involved the Circle of Thorns is on this,” Lawrence said. “But if I were to hazard a guess, these Crimson Brotherhood guys are a strong potential source of abuse energy outside Oranbega. The Circle of Thorns wants to work with them and it's clear these men are enjoying punishing our boys. As long as the Circle gets the magical energy from the treatment, they're content to make these villains happy and encourage them to enslave more heroes and spread more abuse. It extends their reach without having to expend their own efforts.”

“Not unlike how the Blister Boyz help us gather discipline energy.”

“Exactly,” Lawrence said. “I'm wondering if they don't use the manacles on those two because maybe the manacles won't work right on them?”

“How do you mean?” Andrew asked.

“The manacles clearly control their physical bodies. But both Dennis's and Brian's powers originate from their minds, not their bodies. I'm not sure these manacles would have been able to stop Dennis from using his psychic powers or Brian from teleporting.”

“That's an interesting theory. But we still need to figure out how to capitalize on it.”

“I'm working on it. We're storing as much discipline energy as we can. We should have enough to cast a spell to be able to communicate with one of the Blister Boyz within the next couple of hours. But I need to figure out the best target. Right now I'm thinking Jorge because he appears to be suffering the least. Or enjoying the suffering the most, anyway.”

“Okay, keep me up to speed,” Andrew said as he turned to walk away.

“One more thing,” Lawrence said. “I think there's a wrinkle in Jacob's efforts we haven't realized.

“What's that?” Andrew asked.

“Whatever extraction team we come up with, Jacob can't go with them.”

“Why not?”

“What happens if these guys get their hands on Jacob?” The Augurer asked. “This is technology, not magic. Those manacles will work on him. And then I have no doubt the Circle of Thorns will swoop in. They've been trying to take Jacob down ever since he showed up. There isn't a single person on earth who produces as much discipline magic as Jacob. Not even Brian.”

“Shit, that's true. Well, that will probably add another couple of hours to his penny push. I wouldn't want to be his ass right now.”

Andrew headed off to give Jacob the bad news and then head to Paragon University to visit the frat house. In the meantime, Lawrence started watching the video again, looking for clues, waiting for a great enough magical energy to try to arrange the Blister Boyz's escape.

Andrew sighed to himself as he approached the Omega Upsilon Chi frat house at Paragon University. None of this was going well. He definitely was no Professor X. He had hoped to keep the Blister Boyz kind of quiet on the hero scene until some of his discipline-oriented machinations had pushed forward. He had allies on City Council for some legislation that would make Paragon City more spanking friendly. He had almost secured funding for the launch of his satellite-delivered discipline channel.

The Blister Boyz would be exactly what the city needed once its propensity toward corporal punishment became public. But it wasn't quite time. The boys were too aggressive. Andrew knew the boys would be aggressive – they were Omega boys after all – but he had really failed to consider where it could possibly take them. Rogue Isles was not a place he even considered.

Well, they were certainly paying the price for their overreach, and Andrew would have been okay with them having to face some abuse-level pain as an object lesson were it not for the possibility of never getting them back.

And now there was this. He had called ahead and told the frat he would be coming by and to have the newly admitted reserve members of the Blister Boyz prepared for a private discussion. All the frat members except for the pledges knew some of their leaders were now heroes, but they didn't know what happened, other that they had been gone for several days. This was going to be nervewracking for the brothers and also jeopardized Andrew's efforts to turn the rest of the brothers into heroes as well.

He knocked on the front door. Terrell Jackson opened the door almost immediately, his brow furrowed with concern. He was the leader of the small group of reserve Blister Boyz. And given that all the officers of the frat were currently missing, he had essentially taken control of the house as the top jock at the college and earning the most respect from his brothers.
“Good evening, sir,” Terrell said as he escorted Andrew into the house. “We're going to meet in the gym. The pledges are in their basement quarters, but it's very quiet here now and we don't want them eavesdropping.”

“Good idea, son,” Andrew said as he made his way in. The frat was disturbingly silent. As Andrew and Terrell made their way across the frat's courtyard to the gym, Andrew realized that the silence was the sound of nobody being paddled. Usually somebody was getting his ass beat at this time of the day, especially during pledging. The frat was very upset about what had happened.

Terrell and the other reserve members were aware of Andrew and Blitz Media's involvement as benefactors for the Blister Boyz, but they weren't told about Oranbega, the monks or the secret war between the forces of discipline or abuse. Andrew had to navigate carefully what he was going to tell these boys.

The other four reserve Blister Boyz awaited Andrew and Terrell in the gym. They looked nervous, even overconfident, aggressive Henry. Andrew knew they had been training, but they were pure novices. They were still fighting street gangs and hadn't even taken on opponents with powers as yet.

“I've never seen the frat this quiet,” Andrew said. “How is everybody holding up?”

“It's uh ... we're all very worried, sir,” Greg said. “At least the brothers know the secret of our leaders being heroes, but the pledges are in the dark, and remember, Ryan is Jason's brother.”

“Yes,” Andrew nodded. “So I can tell you that the Blister Boyz are all alive and are not in immediate danger.” The five young men all breathed a huge sigh of relief. Eddie was on the verge of tears.

“No immediate danger in your terms, I mean,” Andrew continued. “They have been captured by a team of villains and brought to Rogue Isles, where they are punished quite soundly. They are able to withstand the beatings, but it's much more than you guys are used to at the frat.”

“Is it some sort of retribution?” Terrell asked.

“We're still working out the details about why,” Andrew lied. “Our priority is rescuing them. Jacob Brass is attempting to put together an extraction team and we have other resources of various ability. It is going to be difficult, but I have faith that we will succeed.”

“They're being punished?” Henry asked. “That's kinda weird. Are you sure Brian wants to be rescued?” They laughed a little bit. The stress was lightened a bit just by knowing the Blister Boyz were alive and technically okay.

“The best way to describe it is to imagine if a whole group of guys in the frat had turned into 'bruisers,'” Andrew said. The boys nodded. “Bruisers” was the frat term for members who were unable to accept limits to what was an appropriate level of sadism and overpaddled their victims. They were eventually ejected from the fraternity if they didn't learn moderation. It didn't happen often, maybe once or twice each school year across all their chapters. The Omega trolls the Blister Boyz had befriended were essentially “bruisers” now, but fortunately Brian, Terrell, Henry and Eddie were able to withstand the trolls' rough play and enjoy it.

Andrew explained as much as he could about the Crimson Brotherhood without revealing anything regarding the Adepts of Discipline or Oranbega. He did tell them the Brotherhood was exposed to the same chemical the frat got its powers from, so the conflict made a little more sense to them.

“They want to make our boys fight for them,” Terrell said. Andrew nodded. They got the gist of it without knowing the deeper secret of Oranbega.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Henry asked.

“I know you hate to hear this, but you're too inexperienced to be directly involved,” Andrew said. The boys muttered in frustration but knew it was true. They would just get captured, too. “But it's important for you guys to keep the frat going as smoothly as you can. All of you guys are important. There are 40 more potential heroes sitting around right here and the city needs them.”

Just then, the door to the gym slammed open, and the pledges, led by Ryan Klein, filed in. They were wearing their designated frat attire – a jockstrap, athletic socks and sneakers, and their pledge baseball caps, and nothing else.

“Pledges are supposed to remain in the basement,” Terrell growled at them. “I will light your asses on fire for disobeying.”

“I don't care what you do to my ass as long as somebody tells me what's going on with my brother,” Ryan said.

“We all voted and decided knowing what was going on was more important than avoiding getting our asses hazed,” Kyle said. “Some of our big brothers are missing, too, and we might not have grown up together like Ryan and Jason, but the frat i