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Apple Butt
Part 02: Apple Butt Meets Alex

by Sawyer

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It didn't take very long for me to become a veteran of Uncle Rod's lap. By the week's end both Chipper and I were naked and prone over each knee of Uncle Rod, and were having our sassy bottoms spanked simoltaniously for some mischief we had gotten into; when it had become MY turn to get whacked, the fun quickly stopped.

Time moved on, and I grew to accept my plight there with them. It wasn't that bad, actually, and most of the time my Uncle was a kind, and generous man, who would thrill me with stories of when he and my father were children. While I would have preferred to have been with my mother, being with Uncle Rod and Chipper was proving to be an all right arrangement - spankings and all.

The only tough time I was having was making friends on my own. Chipper was nice, but I could tell he really didn't want me around when he was out hanging with his pals. When summer came I did decide to join the same swim team that both Chipper swam on and Uncle Rod coached, and considering that I was getting a late start I actually took to the water like, well, a fish!

There was a couple of kids on swim team I became friends with that summer. In particular there was an adorable blonde cherub of a moster named Alex.

Alex was a few months older (he was already 10!) when we met. He was the kid all the other boys wanted to hang around. Chipper thought he was a spoiled little snob, and couldn't understand why I would want to be friends with a self absorbed little jerk.

Then, one fateful day, after swim practice, Alex agreed to finally come over and play at my house. This was great! My very own friend! I was so happy.

For awhile we actually had a blast, playing video games, wrestling in the back yard and being two goofy little boys. I was in Heaven.

Then Uncle Rod came in and he had THAT look on his face, and I knew I was going to make a brief side trip into Hell.

"Thomas, didn't I tell you to put the garbage in the cans BEFORE we left for swim practice?" Uncle Rod said. I nervously looked over to Alex, who was suddenly very interested in this conversation.

"Yes. I'm sorry Uncle Rod."

"Do you know a neighbor dog just tore through it?" He was pissed.

"I'll go clean it up," I said leaping to my feet. "Come on, Alex!"

"Not so fast," he said, picking me up by the back of my trunks and placing me across his lap as he quickly sat down in his chair.

"No! I have company!" I screamed, as I could feel Uncle Rod slowly tug the wet Speedo's I still had on down my legs; this was so retchid! And what made it unbareable was I actually heard Alex let out a chuckle as he took a step forward to look at my bare bottom!

"Yes you do, so I'll make this quick," he said, taking the swim suit all the way off. "Here, Alex. Could you hold these," Uncle Rod said, handing my new friend the Speedos!

"Sure," Alex said with a grin, snatching the only piece of clothing I was wearing just moments earlier.

And then one of the fastest, and (up until the) most embarrassing spanking I had ever received. There I was, completely naked, draped over my uncle's knees, getting my wet fanny smacked over and over and over again in front of the coolest kid in the world. I was in agony.

At some point Chipper came home with his buddy, Brandon! Oh PLEASE! I was hoping Rod was going - OUCH! - to be - OWH! - quick...

"Hey, Chipper!" Alex said, waving my Speedos. "Look, Tom is gettign his butt spanked!" He was so thrilled, the little turd.

Chipper didn't say anything, as he and Brandon went on up to his room. Thank god! I thought. The last thing I wanted was more of an audience for this performance.

When it was over, Uncle Rod stood me up. "Normally, you know I'd make you have corner time, but since you have company," Rod said, looking over to Alex, then tossling his hair, "I'll let you off. This time!"

After he left the room I sheepishly reached out To Alex for my swim trunks. For a few moments Alex was being cute (or THOUGHT he was) and played "keep away" with them, but he finally let me have them back. I had never seen ANYONE with such a grin before.

"Gosh, Tommy, that was pretty cool!" he said, slapping my reddened rear, as I struggled to pull the suit back up.

"You wouldn't think so if it was YOU!" I snapped back.

"Of course not! DUH!" he laughed, then he collapsed on the couch and, sticking his butt up, started mocking me, and then started howling with laughter again.

"Shut up, ok?!" I said, finally getting the damn suit on.

We went outside as he watched me pick up the trash. I was still feeling pretty flushed by the whole experience, and was now kind of hoping Alex would ride his bike back home.

"Man, your uncle sure did that like a pro!" Alex said, tugging at the front of his own Speedos; I hadn't noticed until then, but he had a hard on.

"I'm just glad he didn't use the paddle," I said, looking away from his crotch. There was trash that needed to be picked up.

"The paddle!" Alex squealed.

"He only uses it when we lie," I said, non-chalantly. I desperatly wanted him to think that none of this bothered me as much as it did.

"That is so cool, Tommy!" he said, eyes twinkling. "Wow!"

"Oh, shut up!" I snapped.

"Does your Uncle spank you often?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," I grumbled.

"Always naked?"

"So far." I didn't like these questions.

"And he doesn't have any problem smacking you in front of people?" he asked, matter-of-factly. I didn't answer that one, since he was a first HAND witness to my recent ordeal.

"So, how often?"

"How often what?" I asked back.

"How often are you spanked?"

"I don't know," I said, putting the last of the trash away. "A few times a week. Sometimes none at all, and sometimes every day." I shrugged.

Alex got up, looked at the clean-up job I had done and nodded his head. "Cool," he said, getting on his bike. "Do you mind if I come back by tomorrow after practice?" he asked before he left. "It's been a lot of fun!"

"Sure!" I said, excited at first, until I realized what was really behind that shit-eating grin.

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