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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 47: The Great Escape

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 47: The Great Escape

The heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

The villians:
Dr. Howard Grand – Master Manacle
Jeremy McIntosh – Thornscourge
Xian Sheng – Ambush Viper
Maj. Paul Greeley – Holler
Ben “Buddy” Smith – Granite Growl
Roger Collier – Jolt Jammer
Argus Penn – The Corrupter

All the Blister Boyz except for The Humiliator were lined up and bent over metal punishment horses, their exposed bottoms in prime position for paddling and other activities. Their asses were all heavily bruised and sore, punished more than any of them had ever experienced before, even Jason and Brian. They were all crying, except for Brian, who still didn't actually feel any of his punishment, thanks to Argus's magic. They were all gagged and unable to communicate. This is the first some of them had seen of each other since they had been captured and isolated.

The Crimson Brotherhood stood behind them, staring at their helpless young prisoners, their groins bulging with lust.

“Report, Gentlmen,” Master Manacle said. As the team leader, he laid claim to his rival leader, Heat Blister, and had been tormenting the blond quarterback with ruthless abandon when he wasn't learning to control the young hero's powers. “I've got Heat Blister well in hand. I know I'll be able to command him in battle.”

“Poison Punisher and I are working together just fine,” Thornscourge said. “His radiation powers make my plants even stronger. And his healing powers let me do whatever I want to that ass of his.”

“Yes, I see,” Manacle said, taking note of the many thorns stuck into Poison Punisher's round bottom. “That ass is swollen quite nicely.”

“Smaqdown and Major Fry are well in hand,” Holler said, pointing at their asses with his riding crop. Viper and I have been having fun pitting them against each other. Loser gets punished by the winner until his powers shut down.“

“You wimps are too hands-off,” Jolt Jammer said. “I've been going at it with The Sticking Point straight on. Want to know how I got his powers worked out?” He turned around to show his teammates his ass was as red as those of the Blister Boyz and stuck with The Sticking Point's spines. “I figured once I can control him enough that he can beat my own ass, he's ready for action.”

“Murky Menace and The Humiliator are both well in hand,” Argus said. “Because they are still in possession of their own bodies, they don't need to be trained to be used. We just need to make sure my enchantments hold, and my thorn paddle has seen to that.” We waved his black wood paddle, a magical creation whose swats caused Brian and Dennis to believe they were in a dream state and allowed Argus to manipulate them.

“Where's The Humiliator?” Master Manacle asked.

“I don't want him to watch too much abuse of the other Blister Boyz,” Argus said. “He might start picking up that something's wrong.

“Well, that just leaves Ice Hazer,” Master Manacle said.

“I did my best boss, I swear. But he's resisting!” Granite Growl whimpered. He smacked Jason's bottom with one hard, rocky hand.

“He can't resist, you dumb brute!” Major Fry snarled at him. “The manacles won't allow it! You're just too stupid to command him.” Granite Growl snarled at the man and raised a fist.

“Stop it, both of you!” Master Manacle said. “Fry, since you've been so successful, help him out and get Ice Hazer under control. I want to be able to make our first move within 24 hours.”

“Who is our target?” Ambush Viper asked.

“The Goldbrickers,” Master Manacle said. “Their technology, not to mention their stolen finances, will help us advance both the paddlebots and my manacles. We can start building our army, and apply some pressure for Andrew to turn over the PSGE formula. He won't like seeing his boys being used as pawns on Rogue Isles.”

“Sounds like a good plan, Doc,” Thornscourge said.

“In the meantime,” The Corrupter said. “We've got all these boys all here, and we're all feeling our oats and there's nothing they can do about it.” He rubbed his crotch and stared at Brian's beautiful bottom. The men all grinned at each other and slowly begin to pull down their pants and approach the heroes. The more Argus convinced the men to rape the heroes, the more they traveled down the road to full corruption, unable to realize they've gone too far over the line to ever come back.

“Jorge can you hear me? Don't try to talk, just think your answers and I'll hear them.”

“Lawrence? Augurer? Is that you?”

“Yes, We're burning up an extensive amount of magic energy communicating with you. We're getting close to an escape plan. What's your situation?”

“Well, I'm currently getting the beejesus fucked out of me by a hot dude who is half-plant, so I'm just fine. Don't worry about me.” Lawrence couldn't help but laugh in his head.

“I know, I picked you first because you and Jason are the only ones still occasionally producing discipline energy. Brian isn't producing anything at all. Is he okay?”

“Yes, he's fine. Oooh. Sorry. Hard to concentrate while Oooh. That was a good one. The boy knows his stuff.” Jorge arched his back as Jeremy fucked him on the punishment bench.

“Please, Jorge. Concentrate”

“Sorry, Brian is in some odd dream state. He thinks he's back at the frat and these are all frat games. He's doing whatever he's told. He's being paddled as hard as the rest of us, but he doesn't seem to be reacting at all.”

“How are the others?”

“Some better than others. Mmmph. Jason seems fine. Walt, David and Troy seem to be getting the worst abuse, but Keith seems really wrecked.” Lawrence nodded to himself back in Oranbega. Keith was producing very high levels of abuse energy, even though he really wasn't being punished more than the others. Non-consensual punishment really did a number on the troubled young man. “Dennis is in a weird dream state like Brian. He thinks this Argus guy is the football coach and is punishing us on his orders.”

“How are they controlling you?”

“These manacles make us do whatever they say. It doesn't control our mind or what we say though. That's why they gag us.”

“Have you had any luck on breaking their control?” The Augurer asked. “We have a plan to get you boys back home, but it won't work with those manacles still active.”

“No go for me,” Jorge said. “They put me with Thornscourge, and he feeds off my powers anyway. All I do is make him stronger, then he has his plants whip my ass and fuck me raw. Which is kind of fun for a while. Never been fucked by tendrils before. I'll miss it a bit when it's over”

“Remind me to have Jacob tell you about the Hydra down in the sewers when all this is over,” The Augurer said. “If that's how you feel, just know this probably won't be the last time.”

“Oooh,” Jorge moaned in response.

“I'm going to check in with Jason now,” The Augurer said. “The two of you are our best hope of getting out, so maybe try using your charm on Thornscourge.”

“I'll try, but they only take the gag off to force feed me,” Jorge said. The Augurer's voice faded from his head.

Jason liked receiving rough sex, but he was not fond of rape. Good, rough, hair-pulling, ass-slapping sex made him nice and hard. He and Troy had had a couple of three-ways with David before they decided to commit to each other sexually, and David had taught Troy the ins and outs of treating Jason rough in bed. But rape was ... boring? At least that was what Jason was discovering from Granite Growl. He raped him several times each day and once he got over the pain of Ben's massive cock it was just uninteresting to the beefy bottom. He eventually realized it was because Granite Growl was extremely selfish and only cared about his own enjoyment, of course. Troy loved Jason's moans and whimpers when he pulled his hair and slapped his ass in bed. They fed off each other. Ben just took. So the rape simply put Jason off. It didn't scare him or thrill him. It was just a tiresome chore.

“Jason can you hear me?” Lawrence said in Jason's head.

“Augurer! Where are you?” Jason tried to say out loud, but ended up just muttering in the gag.

“Yeah, you're my bitch, all right,” Granite Growl snarled. Jason rolled his eyes.

“I'm speaking to you through magic. Just think your answers and I'll hear you.”

“I'm being fucked by an idiot.”

“Yes, I know. I just spoke with Jorge and now you. The two of you are the only ones producing any discipline energy. I have no idea why, but whenever Granite Growl hand spanks you in stone form, your discipline energy goes through the roof.” Jason blushed at the realization his subfetish – his enjoyment of the feeling of falling on his butt on a hard surface – had come into play.

“Er, I know why, but it's a little embarrassing.”

“I just got a visual from your mind,” Lawrence said. Jason's blush deepened. “Don't be embarrassed. A good half of guys into corporal punishment also have an additional fetish of some sort. I can assure you that you are not the only guy turned on by falling on your butt.”

“Are you getting us out of here?”

“I hope to, but we need to get you guys out of those manacles first. Any ideas?”

“Well, they're in complete control of my body. But they haven't had much luck making my powers work right. Seems like all the struggles I've had controlling my powers have paid off. They have no idea how they operate.”

“Wait, so they can't really control your powers?”

“Not really, sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes I'll freeze something or other, but they can't target properly and they really don't know how they work. I think they think I'm just like Troy, but with ice instead of fire.”

“Oh, of course, of course!” Lawrence practically shouting in Jason's head. “You made the same mistake when you were learning. Remember what I told you?”

“My powers are controlled by my mind, just like Dennis's are?”

“Exactly! Do you know what this means?”


“You actually are still in control of your powers. That's why they're struggling so much. It's your mind that controls your powers, not your body, so your manacles can't force it. You're the key to the team's freedom. We just need to figure out how to use you!”

After the gang bang, the Blister Boyz were ordered back to their captors' rooms, leaving Ice Hazer back with Granite Growl. Jason and Lawrence had talked extensively until Lawrence's energy ran out, working out a possible escape plan. There were so many variables, and Ice Hazer was not a strategist. It would have been better if they could have freed Troy, Walt or Dennis, but they had to work with what they had.

The first issue was that Jason needed a lot of discipline to control his powers. With the seat of his uniform torn out, that also removed his “bun warmers,” the bottom-scorching pads Dennis invented that helped Jason keep his powers focused even when he hadn't been paddled recently. While Granite Growl's spankings titillated Jason's fetish, the deep thuds were not good at stimulating Jason's powers in the long-term. He needed more intense punishment. There was a paddlebot in the room, and Master Manacle had ordered Granite Growl to use it whenever Jason failed to use his powers properly. Jason had to goad Granite Growl into using the robot to beat him to really fire his ass up and maximize his powers.

Jason was bent over the back of a sofa in Granite Growl's private quarters, as usual. Growl had a couple of other Longbow slaves, but once he discovered Jason was able to take his dick just fine without too much suffering, the other men had been left to perform menial servant duties (and they were no doubt grateful).

Granite Growl strode back and forth through the room, obviously pissed. His inability to control Ice Hazer's powers had humiliated him in front of the Crimson Brotherhood and he was taking it out on Jason. Jason needed to goad him further until he turned to the paddlebot.

“Stupid punk!” Granite Growl yelled, smacking Jason's ass with his rocky hands every time he passed by him. “You're making a fool out of me!” SMACK! “I bet you're doin' it on purpose somehow to make me look stupid.” SMACK! “I'm not stupid!” SMACK! “Just 'cause I don't have a fancy degree like Master Manacle don't make me dumb!” SMACK! “I don't need Holler's help!” SMACK! The thuds gave Jason an erection, but they didn't help him strengthen his powers to the degree he'd need to escape.

“Okay, you stupid punk, freeze that lamp over there!” Jason realized that while there was a tingle in his body trying to force him, it didn't actually make him to do anything. The manacles were trying to control him but they couldn't. So he responded by freezing the alarm clock next to the lamp, on purpose.

“Goddammit you stupid fuck!” Granite Growl yelled. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He beat Jason's ass a good dozen times. Again he ordered Jason to freeze the lamp. Again Jason deliberately froze something else. Ben beat Jason's ass some more. Then Ben stomped in front of Jason and stood next to the lamp, pointing at it.

“You see this lamp, right here, you dumb fuck?” He snarled. “You freeze that lamp right now.” Jason focused, then deliberately froze the hand Granite Growl was pointing with.

“You goddammed motherfucker!” he yelled. “That is it. Paddlebot, activate.” The robot, a man-shaped creation with metal paddles where the hands should be and steel tentacles attached to the torso to bind its victims, made beeping noises and stood up.

“You!” He told Jason. “Stand up and go to the paddlebot.” This order, Jason couldn't refuse. The manacles made him walk over to the paddlebot. “Paddlebot, beat his ass, maximum intensity.”

“Duration?” the paddlebot chirped as it grabbed Jason in its tentacles and forcibly bent him over with his ass up in the air.

“Until ordered to stop,” Granite Growl snarled. “Take that, you fucker. I'll beat your ass all night long if you don't stop embarrassing me.”

“Beginning punishment” the paddlebot chirped. WHACK! The right paddle struck down full-force across Jason's broad bottom. A second later, WHACK! The left paddle followed suit. Jason moaned in his gag as he started getting some real, hard punishment. It would reduce him to tears eventually, but it would also focus his powers enough that he would be a force to reckon with.

“I need some fucking space,” Granite Growl muttered as he headed over to the elevator. “You think about this beating while I'm gone. I'm not fucking around this time!” He left Jason alone with his punishment and two Longbow slaves as helpless witnesses.

Jason's erection grew as the paddling continued and he suspected he would come in a few minutes. Spanking machines were always a fantasy of his, and being in the clutches of one was a dream come true. If only they were at home and Troy could program it to punish Jason whenever he needed it. Maybe if they were victorious, they could bring one home and Dennis could reprogram it.

But that was not the priority, unfortunately. Jason moaned and his bottom quivered as the relentless paddling continued. He needed to focus on not coming as long as possible, because that would cause the pain to intensify way too quickly. That was part of his paddle machine fantasy – it would continue after Jason's arousal dropped – but it wasn't something he wanted to have to deal with right now. Lawrence said he would get back in touch with him once Jacob's plan was ready to go and he had regained his magic power from the hazing going on at the frat. Jason had no idea how long that could take, so he may end up being paddled for quite a long time. Fortunately, like Keith, his powers had evolved to the point where he could take incredibly long punishment sessions and endure significant amounts of pain without his powers shutting down.

For 20 minutes, the Paddlebot punished Jason and he struggled to keep from jizzing. Eventually, he couldn't hold it in any more and he could feel the warmth as he came into his uniform. Even though the paddling didn't change at all, it suddenly felt more intense and after a couple more minutes, Jason began to cry. Now he had a new struggle. Because he now knew he could use his powers, he had to resist freezing the paddlebot to try to escape. The extraction team was not ready. He was going to have to continue suffering the punishment until Lawrence was ready to go.

Another 20 minutes crawled by as Jason bawled into his gag. He reminded himself that this was one of his ultimate fantasies and managed to temporarily forget about the rest of the problems. He fantasized that Troy had ordered this punishment because Jason lost focus and didn't complete a paper in time for one of his classes. He would take whatever the paddlebot dished out whether he wanted it or not, and it would not stop until the set time had ended, no matter how Jason felt about it. He closed his eyes and just focused on the feeling of raw pain throbbing in his ass and nothing else.

He had no idea how much time went by until he finally heard The Augurer's voice back in his head.

“Jason, boy, are you doing okay? We are ready to get started.”

“Yes, please,” he whimpered in his head. “The timing is good. Granite Growl isn't even here.” They had a plan to deal with him, but his absence was even better.

“Okay, Jacob estimates it will take about 15 minutes for his extraction team to assault the tower. You need to try to free all the Blister Boyz. Remember that our goal is to get you boys out. Don't worry about actually beating the Brotherhood. Just try to get out of there.”

“Okay, here we go,” Jason though. He focused through all the pain and was rewarded when the entire Paddlebot froze solid. It toppled over and cracked into pieces freeing him. He jumped up to his feet, expecting to hear an alarm. Oddly, there was nothing. Were they that arrogant?

He discovered that without anybody around to give him new orders, he was free to move. The manacles did not inhibit him. He yanked off his gag. Then he rushed over to the Longbow agents and pulled off their gags as well.

“The paddlebot didn't set off an alarm, but I'm absolutely sure breaking the manacles will,” Jacob explained.

“Agreed,” one of the agents said. “Unfortunately we have orders to stand here at attention and the manacles aren't letting us out of them.”

“There's an extraction team coming,” Jason told them. “We are going to have to set them off anyway in order to free the others.”

“We'll serve as a distraction,” the second agent said. “The heroes need to take priority. We've all heard the plans. If we get recaptured it's not as big a deal as getting the Blister Boyz out.

“No, they're torturing you guys,” Jason said. “We're built for punishment.”

“We're not concerned over who can take the punishment as we are what the Brotherhood can do with you as slaves. You boys have to get out of here.”

“We'll make it a priority to get you guys out of here, I promise,” Jason said.

“Some of us are Omega boys ourselves,” the second guard said. “We'll tough it out.” Jason looked at him in surprise. “These guys talk like we're not here. We know all about them and you. You've got our support.”

Suddenly they heard the ding of the elevator.

“Oh shit,” Jason muttered. Granite Growl strode out of the elevator. He stopped when he saw Ice Hazer standing free with the two Longbow Agents.

“What the hell?” He asked. Then he looked over and saw the shattered pieces of the paddlebot. “FREEZE!” he shouted to Ice Hazer. The manacles activated, locking him into place. But not for long.

“As you wish,” Jason said. He concentrated and the manacles were coated with ice. They overloaded and shut down. He cracked his wrists together and the manacles broke right off. Now they heard an alarm.

“Subject Ice Hazer is free of manacle control on the fourth floor,” a computerized voice intoned.

“Yeah, you think you're gonna embarrass me even more?” Granite Growl said. “I'm gonna wipe the floor with you before the others even get up here.”

Granite Growl charged. This was exactly what Ice Hazer was prepared for. He focused and coated the floor between him and Granite Growl with ice.

“What the ... ? Shit!” Granite Growl yelled as he immediately lost balance and began to slip as he hurtled Ice Hazer's way. Jason jumped out of the way, then extended the icy path all the way to the outer wall of the room. Granite Growl stumbled and fell. The slick ice and his inertia sent him slamming straight into the wall. Thanks to his rock form, his own weight sent him crashing right through it. He fell four stories, slamming into the ground outside the tower. Ice Hazer ran over to the hole and looked down. Granite Growl seemed stunned from the impact, but not seriously harmed.

Ice Hazer gestured at the two Longbow Agents and froze their manacles.

“Can you freeze the controls of the elevator?” One asked. “That will buy us some time.”

“Done.” Ice Hazer gestured and the control panel for the elevator shorted out as it was frozen. “We need to get everybody and get to the roof somehow.”

“Let us lead the way,” one of the agents said as they rushed over to the emergency fire stairwell. “If they take you out, all is lost, so let us be the sacrifice if need be.”

But as they approached the door, it slammed open of its own volition. The three backed off as The Humiliator levitated through the doorway. Several large wooden paddles levitated in the air around him.

“Uh oh,” one of the agents muttered.

“Jason,” The Humiliator said. “Coach Baldwin told me that you and your teammates have not been performing up to par. He told me I was to come up here and punish you. Don't try to resist. Coach says if you resist your paddling will be doubled.”

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