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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 48: Not the Briar Patch!

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 48: Not the Briar Patch!

The heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

The villians:
Dr. Howard Grand – Master Manacle
Jeremy McIntosh – Thornscourge
Xian Sheng – Ambush Viper
Maj. Paul Greeley – Holler
Ben “Buddy” Smith – Granite Growl
Roger Collier – Jolt Jammer
Argus Penn – The Corrupter

Ice Hazer and the two Longbow agents who had been enslaved into serving Granite Growl's every whim where hunched over side-by-side in three-point stance as though they were at the line of scrimmage. Their bared bottoms were raised high up in the air, and three large levitating paddles were punishing each of them, hard. Jason's ass was already extremely blistered from his previous beating by the paddlebot, but there was nothing he could do to stop his additional torment. He could not move and could not resist.

The three were at the mercy of Jason's teammate, the Humiliator, a powerful telepath and telekinetic. He had been magically brainwashed into thinking he was serving as punishment enforcer for Jason's own football coach and he believed the three men he was paddling had earned the discipline for misbehavior.

“I can feel you guys resisting, Jason,” the Humiliator said. “You need to stop and accept your punishment. You're just buying yourselves more swats this way.”

Jason had tried to convince Dennis verbally that he had been brainwashed to no avail. Dennis responded that the coach told him his players would say whatever they could to get out of their punishment, and not to let it influence him.

“You boys have to learn to obey,” Dennis said as the swats rained down on their muscular bottoms.

Jason called out to The Augurer in his mind. He didn't know whether Lawrence could hear him or if his magic was spent, or worse, if Dennis knew about Jason's mind link and was blocking it. The intense pain Jason was under meant he was more focused than ever and he was working out his possibilities. As he crouched in position, he concentrated. He felt ice gather on his free hand. So it turned out Dennis didn't quite know how Jason's ice powers worked either, and like the Crimson Brotherhood, thought controlling his body would control them.

Jason realized he was in a tough strategic position. Dennis was very vulnerable right now and didn't realize it. Jason's powers were strong enough to freeze Dennis instantly if he chose to. The problem with that tactic was that Dennis was such a powerful team member, he didn't see how they could escape this mess without his help. He needed to free Dennis. He needed to get to Argus, the Corrupter, the mage who had turned Dennis against his teammates.

“Oh shit,” Jason thought to himself suddenly. Dennis can read minds. Was he reading his? Did he give his plan away?

“Don't worry,” The Augurer's voice intoned inside Jason's mind. “I'm back, and I've done a little magic trick that sends Dennis fake thoughts. You're thinking 'Ow, fuck! Jesus Christ, this hurts so much! Please stop! I'm sorry, coach!' and other similar things a football player would think while being paddled.”

“Well it matches my cries of pain here,” Jason said. Even though his mind was working overtime thanks to the pain, he was bawling and crying out loud just like the other two victims.

“I agree with you that we need to free Dennis if you're to escape,” The Augurer said. “I was checking in with Poison Punisher. Argus is downstairs with him and Thornscourge. They're using your escape as a test of control over Dennis, so none of the other Brotherhood members are rushing to your floor. That's good at least. And the discipline energy you've been producing has helped me stay in contact.”

“I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up,” Jason thought. “My ass is tough, but I do have a breaking point, you know.”

A few floors down, Argus congregated with Thornscourge while the Humiliator allowed the mage to see through his eyes as he punished Ice Hazer. Master Manacle contacted him through the building's intercom system.

“A report, please, Argus.” Master Manacle said. “Your sure you don't need assistance?”

“We needed this test, sir,” Argus said. “If we can get The Humiliator to punish one of his own teammates to the level of abuse, even as he tries to convince him to stop, we know our control is complete.”

“What happened to Granite Growl?” Manacle asked.

“He's down in small crater in the street,” Argus said. “He's uninjured but unconscious.”

“Leave the idiot there for now,” Manacle said. “He has obviously failed to control the boy.”

“With your permission, sir, I'd like to use the same technique we're using on Murky Menace and The Humiliator to control Ice Hazer. There may be something in the way his powers work that your slave manacles aren't able to control.”

“Are you saying I don't know what I'm doing?” Master Manacle said, his voice deepening in warning.

“No, of course not, sir,” Argus corrected. It was so important for Manacle to believe he was in charge here. He couldn't continue corrupting the man if he realized Argus was being manipulative. “But these are prototypes. The whole point of this exercise was to figure out any potential weaknesses and correct them, right?”

“Yes, of course. You're right. I'm sorry. I'm just feeling impatient. I want this to work. Do what you need to do to Ice Hazer. We can delay our first mission a week if need be.”

Master Manacle ended his communication. Across the room in his lab, Heat Blister overheard the whole conversation while being relentlessly punished by Manacle's latest paddlebot upgrade (now capable of withstanding super-strength punches from heroes like Smaqdown). His boyfriend had managed a temporary escape. A good sign, but Heat Blister was in no position to take advantage of it. On the other hand, because Master Manacle had arrogantly assumed his control over the Blister Boyz was complete, he had not bothered to hide his goals, tactics, or even the Crimson Brotherhood's real names in conversations in Troy's presence. If they managed to escape, Troy had plenty of information he would be able to share with both Longbow and the Adepts of Discipline.

“I've told the coach that you're resisting your punishment,” The Humiliator told Ice Hazer. “He wants to see you himself, but he wants me to make sure your ass is so sore that you're not even thinking of any sort of rebellious behavior once I take you downstairs to him, if you get what I mean.”

“Shit, he's going to paddle me until my powers shut down before taking me to Argus,” Jason thought. “What can we do?”

“He said downstairs, correct?” The Augurer thought back in Jason's head. “I have an idea if you'll trust me. But involves finding out how much of your other fantasy you can withstand.” Jason frowned.

“The falling on my ass thing?” He thought.

“If your fetish is more than just a fantasy, you will end up downstairs with your powers fully intact. If we're wrong, it may backfire and you will end up with a black-and-blue bottom.”

“It can't get any worse,” Jason thought. “Do it.”

For a moment nothing happened. Then Jason's paddling stopped (the two Longbow agents weren't so lucky – their beatings continued).

“The stairs?” The Humiliator asked. “What about the stairs. You're afraid I'm going to do something with the stairs.”

“What?” Jason asked. It took only seconds to realize what the Augurer was planning. It was going to be a painful, bouncy trip to Argus, but he had to play along if it was going to work. “Nothing! I wasn't thinking anything about the stairs.”

“Liar,” Dennis purred. “So you don't like falling on that massive ass of yours, huh? Argus is three whole flights down. Hmm ... .”

“Oh no, don't!” Jason yelled. “I mean, I don't have. ... I mean ... oh, god! Pease don't! I'll be good!”

“Ah it's too late for that,” Dennis said, levitating Ice Hazer into the air and directing him to the stairwell. “Boys always say they'll change before they get the punishment, but there's only one way to make sure.”

Dennis walked behind him as Jason levitated into the stairwell. The stairs were hard concrete. He whimpered and cried and did the best to act that this was his worst fear and not his secret fantasy. Not the briar patch!

“On the way down you just think about how you've disappointed Coach Baldwin,” Dennis said. “And you be ready to apologize as soon as your ass bounces in front of him, understood?”

“Please don't!” Ice Hazer whimpered. Dennis gestured behind him; Jason's ass rose up and then slammed at high speed down, connecting solidly with the first step: WHUMP! Jason yelped out loud, but immediately felt his dick starting to get hard.

WHUMP! WHOMP! WHUMP! Dennis used his telekinesis to bounce Ice Hazer down the stairwell, landing on each and every step on his large bottom. Jason's yelps of pain were mixed with moans of desire and he hoped Dennis didn't notice, but he didn't seem to. Jason had long-fantasized about a lengthy ass-thumping experience like this, but he worried something serious might happen, like bruising his tail bone, so he let his natural clumsiness satisfy his subfetish. But as the painful, bruising journey down the stairs continued, he realized his massive, muscular bottom absorbed the repeating slams just fine, and the regenerative nature of all the Blister Boyz' powers was allowing him to withstand the bruising. He started worrying about having another orgasm and giving away his secret.

But Dennis was too entranced with his own power. He loved punishing the big boys. Sending Jason slamming into stair after stair was giving him an erection of his own. He started imagining giving David similar treatment and completely failed to monitor to see if the pain of the experience was causing Jason's powers to shut down.

The trip didn't take long, particularly compared to Jason's lengthy paddling sessions, but the intensity of the ass slams made it a memorable journey. As Ice Hazer reached the bottom of the stairwell, he saw The Corruptor and Thornscourge standing on the landing, laughing at the boy's pain and humiliation. He landed with one final WHOMP! right on his ass directly in front of the duo. He moaned in pain and reached around to clutch his sore bottom. He could feel the deep bruising all over his massive buttocks. He could also feel his ice powers churning within him. The gamble worked out perfectly.

“I hope you're sorry, boy,” Argus said in Coach Baldwin's voice.

“Not as sorry as you're about to be,” Ice Hazer said, his reddened, tear-streaked face breaking out into a big grin. Argus had time to furrow his brow, then Ice Hazer winked at him, and the mage was instantly encased in ice.

It took a second for Thornscourge to realize what had happened, as Ice Hazer clambered to his feet. Then he shouted “Full Security breach! Level One stairwell!” and shot an armful of thorns at Ice Hazer as alarms began to go off. Ice Hazer gestured and the thorns froze in the air and fell to the ground in chunks of ice. Jason had never felt so much control of his abilities. Thornscourge retreated, no doubt heading to his lair where his plants could protect him.

“What happened?” Dennis muttered, clutching his head. “This isn't the locker room.”

“I need you with us right now,” Jason said. “We need to get the team to the roof.”

“I need info,” Dennis said. “I have no idea what has been happening. It's all hidden from me.”

“Read my mind, quickly,” Ice Hazer ordered. “Follow me. I think Jorge's on this level and then we need to head upward.”

They strode down the hall together, quickly reaching Thornscourge's lair. The handsome young villain had released Poison Punisher from the bondage and abuse of his plants he controlled. Poison Punisher stood in the middle of the room, pulsing with green light as he emitted radiation. The two heroes immediately felt weaker while the plants and Thornscourge seemed to drink in the power. Jorge was still gagged and looked at them with guilt in his eyes. He was still under the Brotherhood's control.

Ice Hazer still had enough power to freeze any thorny vines heading their way. Dennis was still recovering from his mental slavery and could barely put up a shield to protect them.

“Nice try, boys,” Thornscourge said, “But your escape ends here.” He didn't notice a growing shadow appearing behind him. As the two heroes tried to fight Thornscourge's vine minions off, Murky Menace appeared behind the villain out of nowhere.

“Hi guys!” Murky Menace said. “You're not having fun without me!” Thornscourge spun around startled, and Brian punched him right in the face, his shadowy powers active. His powers blinded Thornscourge, and he fell to the dirt, clutching his face. Taking out Argus had also freed Brian. Once Dennis had realized what had happened to the two of them, he telepathically contacted Brian to join them.

“That boy needs his ass beat up one side of this room and down the other, but we have to get out of here,” Ice Hazer said. Dennis concentrated for a moment as the boys headed back to the stairwell. A computerized voice announced, “Alert! All slave manacles have been released. Repeat: All slave manacles have been released.”

They stampeded up to the Jolt Jammer's floor. Jammer and The Sticking Point were engaged in a no-holds-barred wrestling match. Jammer's body was decorated with Keith's spines (especially his ass) but Jammer's electrical field burned Keith and the two appeared to be in a very painful stalemate. The Longbow agents on the floor were doing their best to keep Master Manacle's paddlebots occupied. Poison Punisher focused a beam of radiation at Jolt Jammer, weakening him instantly. The Sticking Point managed to get the upper hand in seconds. It turned out to be a mistake for Jolt Jammer to learn Keith's powers by fighting him directly. Now Keith knew all of Roger's techniques and it wasn't long before he forced the villain over his knee and turned his ass into a forest of painful spines.

“No time for play,” Dennis yelled at Keith. “Up we go!” The Sticking Point fluttered behind them up to the next floor, where it turned out Smaqdown and Major Fry already had things in hand.

“Turns out Holler's powers aren't so effective with his face smashed into the floor,” Smaqdown said. He had a squirming Holler pushed into the floor with his knee. He had yanked the violent ex-Marine's pants down and was beating his exposed backside with his glowing hands. Smaqdown's powers stunned the men he hit, so Holler's efforts to escape were in vain.

In the meantime, Major Fry had quickly gotten the best of Ambush Viper with spray of electric fury that jolted the young man, keeping him from turning invisible and escaping. He had the villain over his knee as well.

“Where is Troy,” Jason asked.

“One more floor up,” Dennis said. “He says he can't escape. Manacle's got him in a paddlebot and his fire doesn't do anything.” They gathered their other two teammates and headed up to the top floor, Master Manacle's laboratory.

There, Master Manacle was awaiting them with a good dozen paddlebots. One of them was punishing a still-captured Heat Blister.

“It's over,” Ice Hazer said. “Those paddlebots can't take us without the help of your buddies.” And at the same time, the freed Longbow agents were coming up to join them, including the one with mind-muddling powers that Argus had enslaved weeks ago.

“You'll never make it off this island,” Master Manacle snarled. “Every villain on Rogue Isles wants to get their hands on your asses. I'm already arranging for significant bounties for your return. You are not nearly powerful enough to take them on.”

That was apparently the cue for the entire building to shake from a heavy blow.

“What the hell is that?” Master Manacle said, looking up.

“Our extraction team,” Ice Hazer said. He knew what was about to happen, but he didn't have a chance to fill in the rest of the team. Another solid boom sounded as the lights flickered. Suddenly a massive hammer slammed through the side of the wall. A few more slams and Master Manacle and the heroes watched as a large hole was torn out of the side of the building.

On the other side of the whole levitated two dozen men in punk attire, crackling with electricity. They appeared to have wiring attached to their bodies and a couple of them had replaced a hand with a large metal mallet.