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Apple Butt
Part 03: Apple Butt Is Warmed Over By Alex

by Sawyer

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Since witnessing my humilating experience of being spanked that one day after swim practice earlier in the summer, Alex became a regular fixture around the house. We always had a great time playing and goofing off, but deep down I knew that he was there simply to see me get my ass spanked again.

And he was rarely disappointed: at least half of the time that he was over at the house Uncle Rod would find some excuse to tan my bare back side, not concerned that Alex was gawking just feet away. It was so embarrassing! He would sit and watch every whack with a look of pure rapture, knowing full fell that I was in agony. When it was over he always made a bad experience worse by insisting on talking all about it, even teasing me that he was studing:

"I may not know very much," Alex actually told me one day, "but I am becoming an expert in spanking YOU!"

Not only that, but he delighted in reporting back to all the other kids about how "Coach" would punish me good. It was the worst. Only Chipper was on my side, but he tried to stay out of it because - even though Chipper graduated to THE BELT - he didn't want it known to HIS friends that he was still spanked like his little cousin.

"damn it, Tommy!" he would tell me. "You don't have to be friends with such a fucking little prick!" He was right, but I didn't care. Alex was the coolest kid around, and I rationalized that eventually he would be my friend for just being my friend.

I knew I was pushing it when Alex asked if he could spend the night at my house one Friday night. I checked with Rod, and said that would be fine. He liked Alex a lot (maybe more than me), and insisted that my "friend" was always welcome there.

At ten o'clock we were told to stop fooling around and get to bed. There was a big swim meet in the morning, and we were already past our usual bed time.

So, I turned the light off and we laid there talking. While I was exhausted, Alex was wide awake and insited on turning the televsion back on.

"Keep the volume low," I whispered, grabbing the remote. "Uncle Rod will be pissed at..." I didn't even finish the sentence when my Uncle appeared at the door.

"What the hell is going on in here?" he yelled.

"Alex just turned the television on, and..." I stammered, flicking it off.

"Then why are you holding the remote?" he asked, calmly, sitting by my bed.

"He just gave it to me! Honest, Uncle Rod!!" I looked to Alex to back me up, but the little shit had a huge "you're gonna get it" smile." The fucking little shit! THIS is why he had come over in the first place; to study me getting spanked, again!!

"Is that true, Alex?" Uncle Rod, said to my supposed friend.

"I don't want to lie for you, Tommy," Alex pleaded with me in such a tone that I almost believed him.

Before I knew it, there I was over my uncle's knee. I couldn't believe it! I was getting a spanking for something I didn't even do! God, I hated him!!

"Alex," Uncle Rod, said, dropping my white underpants to the floor. "Could you go the basement and fetch me one of the ping pong paddles."

OH shit!

"Of course, Mr. White!" Alex, darted out of bed and sprang down the stairs. Before he had even left the room, the formal hand spanking had begun.

Every inch of my naked bum was covered with Uncle Rod's large hands: he never missed a spot. He was especially fond of slapping the lower parts of my chubby, little cheeks. I was crying like a little baby by the time Alex returned, out of breath, holding the dreaded paddle.

"Thank you Alex," Uncle Rod said, taking that horrible thing and resting it on my already well worked-over rump. "Just in time."


"This is what we do.." my Uncle began, explaining to a very interested Alex.

WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!!!

"When someone lies in this house."

WHACK!!!!!!! WHACK !!!!!!!

"Isn't that right, Tommy?"

WHACK!!!!!!!! WHACK!!!!!!!! WHACK!!!!!!!!!

I was crying so hard as he gave the final three blows, giving me an even ten paddle smacks on my bare butt. I just laid there weeping, as was the usual custom after a session with a paddle.

"Gosh!" I heard Alex sigh. "That looks like it really hurts!"

"Oh, he'll be having a tough time sitting down after this one," Uncle Rod, chuckled.

"Will he be able to swim tomorrow?" Alex asked all concerned. I was slowing my sobs down now. The worst (I thought) was over.

"He better, unless he wants a hot seat in front of the whole team!" Rod laughed, as Alex joined in.

"It sure is red!" Alex said, moving towards me to get a better look at my up turned tanned bottom.

"Red as two, shiney apples," Uncle Rod laughed again, this time patting my heiney. "And warm too! Here...touch it yourself..."

I was stunned! Wasn't he going to leave me with an ounce of dignity! The boy who was to blame for me getting a spanking, was now allowed to pal around with my uncle and even invited to touch my sore ass!

"Gosh, Tommy," my pal said, caressing my ass, "Your bottom sure is hot!" I just wanted them to leave me alone!

"You know something, Alex," Uncle Rod said, coming up with the worst idea of his entire life.


"Why don't you go ahead and give my nephew a few extra slaps," Rod said, obviously amused at the situation I was in.

"Really!" Alex was positvily giddy over that prospect; all the while, there he was, still rubbing my bottom as if a genie was going to pop out of it (it I wasn't so angry, I might have admited that it actually felt good).

"Sure," Rod continued. "Since Tommy lied about YOU, it seems only fair that you give him a little reminder." Then, as those fateful words were being spoken...

SLAP! He came down as hard as he could on my right cheek.

"You hear that, Tommy!" Alex said.

SLAP!! That second one got my left cheek that time.

"I'm spanking you!" Alex continued.

SLAP!!! This was so unfair!

"This is so..."

SLAP!!!! I started up the crying again.

"!!" Alex laughed.

SLAP!!!!! Damn! I was in such intense pain.

"Thank you Coach White!" Alex said.

SLAP!!!!!! Man! How much more...

"This is so much fun!!"

SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!! I really stated up the crying.

"Think I could use the paddle too?!" OH shit!

"No," Uncle Rod laughed, "Just give him one more..."

SLAP!!! Alex wasted no time.

"...and you boys go off to bed." After those ten spanks from Alex, I was finally able to get off Rod's lap. I just curled under the covers naked, pushing that fucking remote control out of the way. I was simply miserable.

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