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Spanking My Little One

by Naughtyspank

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Spanking my little one


I distinctly remember the proud moment I became a father for the first time. My little boy came into the world with a resounding smack to his little buttocks and a good howl. I knew that there would be plenty more to come for him and I couldn't wait to get started!

Even as a baby I would change his nappy with relish and savour wiping and powdering his little bot. I'd playfully put little baby smacks on his botty as if to prepare him for the many, many spanking sessions I had in store for him in the future. As I patted his baby bot sometimes he'd start crying the way babies often do for no apparent reason. 'You'll soon have something to really cry about, my boy!' I'd say with a twinkle in my eye.

The months of waiting were excruciating I have to say. I couldn't wait to give my baby boy what he needed most...a very soundly smacked bare bottom. The love-pats I gave his chubby little bot got slightly harder and harder as time marched inexorably on. Still not spanking but at least we were moving in the right direction I thought. He would be well used to my hand on his buttocks by the time I gave him his first proper tanning.

And so with the naughty toddler phase of baby life eventually upon us I knew the time was now right to show this little tyke who was the master of the house. One too many thrown plates of dinner was the last straw. This time a very vivid ketchup stain had ruined a new rug and I just thought enough is enough; this brattish behaviour is going to be dealt with in the time honoured fashion! The thought of giving my son his first real smacking filled me with such giddy delight and I held back the anger enough so I could enjoy drawing out his punishment.

'Naughty, naughty boy!!!' I said as I deftly picked up my cute little toddler son and made my way upstairs for some privacy in his nursery. It felt so good to have the wriggling tot held firmly under my arm as I embarked upon this journey towards a very defining moment in our father and son relationship. It felt so right and so filled with love that I felt my emotions rise to one of pure ecstasy. In a few moments I would be pounding some sense into my child's chubby round bottom and I just knew the time was right.

'Dadda...dadda!!' he gurgled enthusiastically as if we were playing a game. I loved the fact he had no idea what was coming his way. That cute little toddler talk would soon be replaced by baby boy boohoos. He'd wriggle and kick but to no avail. My son was going to get a well overdue and very sound bare botty spanking he wouldn't forget. What a thought! I just couldn't wait to get started!!!

When we reached our destination I closed the door behind me and sat down on the bed with my delectably gorgeous infant son. I held him on my thigh and made him face me.

'You've been a very naughty little boy and now you're going to be spanked. Daddy is going to be doing this to you lots and lots of times from now on. I'm going to use my hand to smack all the naughtiness out of you. Then you'll be daddy's little darling boy again. Naughty little boys need lots and lots of botty smacks to make them good. Do you understand?'

Of course he didn't understand but I loved every second of the chastisement and what was soon to follow. The blissfully unaware tot just gurgled and looked at me. How cute and innocent he looked. The poor little tot had no idea that he'd soon be thrust into a world of hot bottom slapping pain that he'd be experiencing for many years to come.

'Bad and naughty boy for throwing food on the floor!! Now I'm going to spank your bot-bot! Naughty Benjamin!!' I said sternly so he would get an idea how annoyed I was.

And with that I swung my little boy under my arm and smoothed my hand across the little shorts he was wearing. I'd take my time getting to bare so I decided to start the session mildly and slowly building up the pace and firmness of my open palm slaps. His nappy was on under his shorts so his bottom was well padded but I was in no hurry and was fully intending to savour the full delights of a nice long father and son 'conference'. There would be many, many conferences like this to come with bare bottom spankings, canings, slipperings, birching sessions, leatherings and any other implement I decided to thrash him with. My son would be a very contrite and obedient boy or learn the consequences! Oh, the joys of fatherhood!!!

I'm sure many a father has a very emotionally charged response to spanking their children. I was no exception. My emotions were going at full throttle and the atmosphere was charged with love and giddy excitement as I held naughty Ben firmly under my arm and started patting his chubby bot. It felt so good and like all good things I wanted it to last forever.

After several minutes of love-pats to my son's bot I decided to forge ahead with the ultimate bonding statement that can happen between man and boy....sound spanking! I raised my hand a little higher than I'd been doing and brought it down smartly on the tyke's bottom. The gentle gurgling and laughing abruptly stopped and my baby boy was just about to learn what spanking was all about. I brought my hand down again and again and again. His bot was well padded with the nappy and shorts but I could tell he was feeling the slight sting on his cute round baby cheeks. Soon I was working up a rhythm of slaps that had the naughty little tot boohooing away.

'This is a spanking and don't you forget it Benjamin Truscott, you naughty boy!'

This was beyond seventh heaven. I was in a state of pure bliss that was even better than the first time I ever fell in love. It was pure romance. A bold and beautiful statement between a father and his son that was erotic, emotional and electric all at once. And it all felt just so right to be tanning my errant son in such a manner.

I was now very soundly larruping the boy's bot and he howled away like the naughty baby he was.

'There you go!! Take that! There's another!! Bad baby Ben!! And another!!! Naughty, naughty!! Bad, bad boy!! I'll give you something to really howl about in a short while!! Bad baby boy!! DO NOT THROW YOUR FOOD!!'

His legs kicked futilely up and down. His feet, firmly ensconced within cute little sandals and white socks, were a gorgeous sight to behold as they flailed the air. God, I so loved this and I'd only just started!

Smack! Smack! Smack! On and on I went. After a good 10 minutes or so I decided to get working on the beautiful chubby cheeks under all the padding.

I carefully lifted my wailing little boy from under my arm and set him on the bed to prepare him. My heart was pounding with the sheer excitement as I unbuttoned his little blue shorts and slid them off his wriggling legs. I went down to his feet and unbuckled his sandals and removed them along with the white socks. Then the proud moment arrived as I undid the fastening pins of his nappy and removed it completely. Amazingly it was dry and unsoiled!! Absolutely perfect beyond belief I thought. I didn't have to clean him up and I could start smacking his bare bottom immediately. I turned the crying tot round and surveyed the slight pinkness on his pert bot cheeks. That bot would be toasted red raw by the time I was finished.

'Daddy's naughty baby's going to get his bare bot-bot smacked now! Naughty boys get sore bots when they get daddies angry. Now let daddy get at your bare botty so he can smack it sore and make Ben a good boy again!'

Without further ado I rose to my feet and lifted my sobbing son with me. I put one foot on the bed and transferred the crying infant over my thigh and held him firmly there with my left hand. This was better than anything I could possibly have imagined! His bare chubby bot cheeks were presented perfectly for me to soundly thrash and thrash them I would with a long hard handspanking. Ben's bottom was a magnificent sight...truly made for spanking, so plump and perfectly rounded.

'Waaaah!! spanks!! Waaaaaaaaahh!! No dadda, no!!' He howled and pleaded. Little did he know that I loved hearing his sobs and pleas to desist. It spurred me on immensely and stirred the most immense emotions of gratification deep within me. With my naughty toddler son held firmly in place on my thigh and his bare chubby boy buttocks jutting provocatively high in the air I raised my arm and started my fatherly duties once again.

On and on I soundly spanked the wailing tot. The pleasure was like nothing I had ever experienced and I could have just kept on smacking him forever and ever I felt. He tried to wriggle away and his legs were going up and down furiously and then in all directions as I brought my open palm down on his plump little bot again and again. Ben's naughty bottom was really turning a beautiful shade of red now. After a good 10 minutes of sound bare botty basting I suddenly felt something trickling on my thigh. The tyke had wet himself!


The only thought in my mind was to strip off my damp trousers so I put the howling brat down on the bed and took off the wet garment along with my shoes and socks. Well I've gone this far so I might as well strip off the rest and clean Ben up. I stripped Ben naked too and then a most exhilarating idea came into my head.

I lifted my sobbing toddler son up under my arm again and made my way to the bathroom. I decided I'd kill two birds with one stone and continue the spanking under a nice warm refreshing shower. Soon I was standing under the cascading jets of hot water, naughty boy held firmly under my arm again as I reignited his cute round bot with more sound spanks. It was a truly magnificent experience! A fully naked steamy spanking that delighted me in the most wonderfully intimate and beguiling manner. So delightful was the experience that I repeated it many times over the years with Ben. A naughty wriggling wet 10 year old is not quite as easy to hold under arm as a toddler but I did manage to soundly handspank his hot pert wet rounded bot cheeks for quite a few minutes in that position before I crouched down and transferred him across my bended knee for the remainder of the session. I'll talk about some of these spankings in another story.

So there I was, finally having the most supreme moment of my life as I soundly tanned my infant son's chubby cute bot rosy red. It was truly a million times better than anything I had imagined and I intended to administer spankings as many times as I possibly could for many years to come. Spanking Ben under the hot stream of water was so utterly divine. I'd take little breaks from the rhythmic bot slapping and soap the tyke all over, paying particular attention to his chubby buttocks and little boy bits. Then I put one foot on the edge of the bath, transferred the naughty boy over my naked thigh and once again began to soundly trounce his bare boy buttocks with many soapy handspanks which really lathered up his bot!! By the time I finished up Ben's naughty botty cheeks were like two rosy apples. So delicious that I almost wanted to eat them!

Then it was off to his bed after a good drying off with a nice big fluffy towel.

'Sleep soundly, my little darling. Daddy loves you and that's why he has to spank you.'

And with that I kissed my beautiful little boy and let him cry himself to sleep. What a great introductory session it was for naughty Ben ...and for me too! I fully intended to keep his bottom well toasted as often as possible!

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