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Apple Butt
Part 04: Apple Butt At The Swim Meet

by Sawyer

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Well, the day of the final swim match and word spread of Alex's active participation in my spanking. He was even bragging about setting me up! I was so pissed at the little shit. He was even telling everyone how I had an "apple-butt" after the work-out with the paddle.

"Ah, come on, Tom!" he kidded me later at the meet. "You have to have a sense of humor about it!"

"No I don't!" I growled.

"It was just in fun! Geez," Alex actually sounded perplexed as to why I might be mad at him!

"It hurt!" I told him, in case he needed to be clued into that little fact.

"Oh grow up!" Alex said, getting serious. "You know you would have done the same thing to me given a chance!"

"No I wouldn't have!" I told him, suddenly catching myself thinking about the delightful prospect of Alex getting HIS butt spanked for a change. Hmmmmm. Now THAT would be kind of...

Quickly I snapped myself out of it: "Friends don't do that to each other, Alex!" I was on my mighty high-horse.

"I am your friend!" he said, acting shocked.

"No you're not!" I yelled, storming away to go sit and fume with Chipper and his friends.

Eventually, however, I was left all alone when the older boys had to go when their age group was called for the latest heat. Finding the perfect time, Alex came over and sat down and handed me a soda.

"Here," he said, giving me the can. "I'm really sorry. I don't know why I was such a shit. You are a great friend, Tommy, and I really..." he was suddenly having trouble finding the words.

"That's okay," I sighed.

"Are we friends then!" he piped up.

"Sure," I smiled back.

"Come on, then! Me and Mel and Frank are playing paddle ball over in the tennis courts," he said, standing up.

"Oh, I don't know."

"It's all right. They'll be cool. Promise!" he said, smiling a killer smile that only a cute green eyed, blonde haired ten year old boy could give; I melted away instantly. "Besides, we can hear them when they call for your next event!"

So, I agreed and I went. I also drank that coke, even though I knew it was forbidden by the coach before swimming. And for a few minutes at least we were having a fun time. Me and these three other guys running and playing, and not once did anyone call me "Apple-Butt," or even mention the word "spank." We were having so much fun I almost missed hearing the second call for the next event.

Uncle Rod didn't look too pleased when he saw me take my place. I wasn't feeling too pleased either, being late and feeling sluggish with that coke in me.

Needless to say, I didn't do very well and after the meet Uncle Rod approached me about it in the dressing room, in front of all the other guys, who were showering and getting dressed.

"What was that pathetic display," he said, in a low whisper.

"I'm sorry White," I stammered.

"One of the boys told me you were actually drinking a coke before swimming, is this true?" he asked directly. I knew better than to lie (I knew my uncle well enough to know I wouldn't get a spanking for drinking a coke and fudging up a race), so I nodded. "Why would you do something as stupid as that?"

"Someone just gave it to me before the race, and I didn't think..." I whined quietly.

"Someone gave it to you?" he was stunned. "Who!? Someone on the other team who wanted you to lose?" The other guys in there started laughing at that one...even Chipper!

"No, it wasn't someone on the other team," I said, getting a quick glimpse of Alex in his swim trunks, hands on his hips, smiling that all-knowing smile of his: I bet it was him who ratted on me in the first place.

"Someone on MY team! That's absurd!" Uncle Rod said.

"Ah, Coach White," Franklin said, raising his hand: maybe HE would be my witness!! Thank goodness!!!

"Yes, Franklin."

"I saw your nephew buy the soda with his own money during the meet," Franklin said, out and out lying - obviously he and Alex had concoted the whole thing. "Mel was with me."

"Is this true, Mel?" Uncle Rod asked, as Mel silently nodded his head. The conspirators! My ass was history. He would never believe me!

"You just wait until we get home tonight, mister!" Rod said, not even bothering to ask me if this was true. "I'm only sorry we have to wait hours before you get your butt painted red by that paddle!" Uncle Rod was a firm believer in dealing with the problem right then and there. He hated waiting around, but fortuantly (for my ass) he would have to since there was an end of season party that was going on all day.

Part of me (my lower part, that was still tingling from the beating the night before) was releaved; maybe with the time, I could convince Rod that I was innocent. Away from this salivating mob, maybe I could even get Chipper involved to help plead my case.

"Ah, coach White," Alex finally spoke up. At last! My friend was going to come through!! He would admit everything, and prove what a great pal he really was!

"Yes, Alex."

"You could always spank Tommy with this," Alex said with a grin, holding up one of the paddles from the paddle ball game. "That way it could be done with!" For a ten year old, he sure was a sneaky little shit!

"Why, thank you Alex," he said, accepting the gift. "I think Tommy and I will take you up on you generous offer!"

"Ah, gee. Alex said modistly. "I'd do anything for Tommy." Everyone in there laughed really hard at that one. There were even a few claps of approval from the mob.

Then, in front of EVERYONE, he sat down on the bench and pulled me up towards him. As he began to undo my string for my Speedos, he said, solumly, "I'm not upset you lost, Tommy, or even how and why you lost." With a quick tug the tight suit slipped down my legs to my feet. "I am upset you lied to me about it."

Then, he lifted me out of the suit, and in front of everyone he put Alex's paddle to work.


That first one is always the worst. I scrunched up my face in the sharp pain, even as I heard some laughter. They were really enjoying this! I was, however, determined that they were not...


"OUCH!" Those next ones really hurt too! There were a few more cheers this time. I am in such pain, but I didn't want my audiance to see me...


CRYYYYYYYYY! Oh jeez! This is really bad. I looked over to Alex. He's actually getting high-fives from all of his friends. Damn! He'd be easier to hate if he wasn't so fucking cute in those...

WHACK!!!!!! WHACK!!!!

"Take it like a man, Tommy!" someone yells out.

WHACK!!!!! I am now weeping uncontrollably.

"Beat him silly, Coach!" someone else shouts.

WHACK!!!!!!! YOW!...damn! I can't take much more...!!!!

"Hey Apple-Butt!" one of the youngest boys screams to a shrill of laughter.

WHACK!!!!! WHACK!!! People are now chanting "Aple-butt" over and over again, also clapping along to each whack. The only good...


...OUCH! Damn!!... the only good thing about the noise was it was drowning our my hollering.


"Where's your video camera coach!" someone yells, to more whoops of laughter.


Before the last of the twenty hard whacks are delivered to my nude butt, I am crying like a little girl; bucking and screaming and doing anything that will stop that fire on my rear. This is so unfair! And all the while everyone was cheering, and laughing and whooping it up...and the head cheerleader was none other than Alex!! They loved each and every second.

When it is all done, I'm sobbing and embarrassed and determined that I never want to have friends ever again! Meanwhile, everyone that gathered around for our little show started clapping harder. A few of the boys continue to remark to Alex that my ass did look like two red apples after all.

Uncle Rod stood me up and told me to go stand in the corner for the next ten minutes without rubbing my bum.

"Hey, Coach White," I heard Alex say.


"Can we see how hot Tommy's buns are?" he asked, as a chorus of agreemend sprang up from the other boys on the team.

"Oh sure," Rod said. "Why not?!" A cheer broke out, as the kids quickly got in two lines behind my sore behind.

For the next ten, horrible minutes each boy came up and palmed, squeezed and touched my warm ass. Some even argued over which cheek was the reddest or which cheek was the hottest. The youngest kids even joined in feeling my bare butt, and giggling riotously. A few fuckers took the opportunity to swat it for good measure.

Amazingly enough, Alex didn't participate. He just stood back, joking with my uncle that this was the perfect END to the swim season. I was so happy the summer was almost over so I would never have to see ANY of these boys ever again!

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