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Chores Not Done and My Dad Uses the Hairbrush on Me

by Bouncing Boy

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I had just turned 13 and was on Chritmas Vacation from the 7th grade. My friend Paul same age and his brother Todd 10 years old were staying with us for a couple of days while their parents were gone and there younger brother Darrin was staying with someone else.

Since I had started 7th grade, I had really been getting spanked a lot. I wasn't performing very well in school and my mom had used the hairbrush on me several times. My dad had also applied the hairbrush to my bare bottom too as well as the belt. My brother Jeff a year younger got the same treatment,but lately I was getting it more often.

Anyway my brother Jeff and I stayed in the same room,but since Paul and Todd were staying with us,Todd and Jeff were staying in another room together. Paul's parents told mine that if they misbehaved to spank them,just like they spanked Jeff and I.Paul was no stranger to bare bottom spankings either. He got plenty of them. We had been spanked together a few times and as it turned out,over the years we got saveral spankings together from his parents and mine.Also I had been at Paul's house when Todd got spanked.Little did I know that I would be the one getting a spanking.

So Jeff and Paul are in the family room watvhing teevision late one Saturday afternoon and Paul and I were in my room playing some board game. My dad came home and came in the bedroom and confronted me about not having taken the garbage out that morning like I was supposed to. We had missed the garbage pick up,because I forgot.

My dad said,"Didn't I tell you that if you forgot the garbage pick up again,you would get a spanking?" "Yes sir",I replied.Then my dad said, "Paul, do you get spanked for not doing your chores?""Yes sir', said Paul.

Then my dad said," Get your pajamas on, John, I will be back." Then he left the room.Paul said,"Are you get a spanking?" "Probably", I said."What with hairbrush or belt?", said Paul. "I don't know,but it will hurt,I know that," I said.

Then as Paul watched I took off all my clothes and got my pajamas on.There I sat barefoot and in pajamas waiting to get my punishment. I knew that Paul was excited that I was going to spanked,can't blame him, I would have felt the same way if our roles were reversed.
Then I heard my mom and dad talking in the kitchen. My dad told my mom what had happened and that he was going to spank me. My mom asked him if he wanted the hairbrush. I heard him say yes,so I know that it would be the hairbrush not the belt. I now what I was going to be spanked with and that I was going to get a spanking for sure,if I had any doubt.

Then my dad came in. He had the hsirbrush with him, he got the "spanking chair" out and sat down.
He told me to come over and stand in front of him. Then he pulled down my pajama pants and told me to step out of them. I stood in front of him while he lectured me about neglecting my chore and that I was going to learn to do as I was told.

Paul is sitting on the bed watching my lecture and staring at my bare white bottom. It won't be white when we are finished,he knows that and so do I. Then my dad pulls me over his lap and gets me positioned. He then tells Paul,"Paul, why don't you go out and watch television,you can come back in when we are finished?" "Yes sir", replied Paul.

Paul left the room and left the door half way open. Then my dad started,first severl hard cracks across my butt crack,then back and forth cheek to chhek. I bounced and screeched. My butt was on fire! I kind os slid forward a little,my dad stopped and repositioned me. I kept my hands braced on the floor as I was told as he continued to blister my butt. Finally it was over, my dad stood me up then ,he cracked my butt a few times while he held onto my arm. Then he just left.

Then I laid down on my bed to cry it out. After about ten minutes Paul came in. "Wow, that was some spanking he said,it sounded like about 50 swats,boy your butt must be sore." "It is,it is!!,I said.Later that night when we had supper evrything was ok ,although I had a sore butt. Paul said that Todd and Jeff were laughing when I was getting my spanking,but not too loud so that my mom would hear them,or they would get the same thing.I was allowed to watch television with the other boys.That night in bed Paul and I had a lot of teenage boy fun.

The next morning when were supposed to get ready for church,Jeff got disagreeable about something. Our mom took down his pajama pants right in the family room and tanned his hide good with the hairbrush while Paul,Todd and I watched . Immediately afterward he started getting ready.

When Paul's parents picked up Paul and Todd, they asked how they behaved. My mom said just fine,but their were two hairbrush spankings and John and Jeff got them. The hairbrush had a busy weekend and was resting up for the next time ,which wouldn't be too long!

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