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Apple Butt
Part 05: Apple Butt's Worst Spanking

by Sawyer

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Time marched on, and before I knew it the school year was upon us. I tried to make some new friends, while avoiding Alex and his buddies. My tenth birthday came and went, as did Chipper's thirteenth (and, no, neither of us got birthday spankings!)

The best part was that I got to see Mom, who assured me we would be together soon. The second best part was that I was getting fewer and fewer spankings than I once had. In the span of a year I had gone from one a day to maybe one a week or one every other week. It may not seem like much, but to me it was glorious!

I don't know if it was because I was becoming a better kid, or if Rod was beginning to ease up on me. Either way, a lot of it was helped because Alex wasn't in my life anymore.

However, that would change on a field trip in the late winter that Alex and I were both on. We struck up a conversation and by the end of the trip we were back to being friends again. And imagine my shock when, after asking if he wanted to stop by my house after school, he declined!!

He still loved me telling him the various spanking stories, even though it wasn't that often anymore. I told him that I ALWAYS told the truth, but to be on the safe side I did throw away all the paddles to the ping-pong table: we don't use it anyway.

"What about Chipper?" Alex asked. "Doesn't he also get the paddle?"

"Not so much since he hit puberty," I said, matter-of-factly. "If he needs to, Uncle Rod pretty much just uses the belt on Chip now."

About a week after this exchange Alex's mother called uncle rod and asked if it would be all right for her son to stay with us for a week or so: there was a family emergency out of town, so big that Alex didn't even want to talk about it with me.

Uncle Rod asked me if it would be all right, since he knew Alex and I had had a falling out of sorts. I took a big sigh, and actually sat my uncle down to talk with him man to man about my problems with the little, blonde Satan.

I told him about all the teasing Alex had instigated, how he would tell everyone on the team, how he bragged about getting me in trouble. Rod listened to everything I had to say and nodded his head. Finally, I exhaled and I asked my uncle that if I HAD to get spanked during Alex's visit, if I could get it private... not in front of Alex. I then exhaled again: months of pent of frustration finally released. Now I would wait and see what my uncle said.

He thought about it, and agreed that for THIS STAY ONLY, all spankings would be done in private. I was so releaved! Not only would I have Alex at my house for a couple of weeks, but I didn't have to worry about getting smacked in front of the little voyeur! Besides, I was hoping that after all these months he had changed.

Well, sometime into the first night I learned that my guest had not changed in the months since summer.

Since the shower nozzle in the bathroom was broken, we were told to just take a bath. It was actually quite exciting; the two of us, completly naked, wet and soapie and basically as silly as two ten year olds could be!

Alex had an awesome body, and (even at ten) he knew it. He had no problems strutting around in the buff in front of me. His blonde hair had grown out quite a bit since the summer. His entire body was still pretty tan, with the exception of the ivory flesh at his bathing suit area. His naked ass was so full and round, and (when viewed from the side) looked like you could actually balance a drink on it like it was a shelf. He still had that delightfully relentless habit of touching himself; slowly fondling his small, hairless dick and testicles as if his mind was someplace else.

"So, when do you think the real fun is going to be?" Alex asked.

"What do you mean?" I was thinking he was referring to playing with Chipper, who was over at his friend's house for the night.

"You know," Alex continued, in a soft tone. "When is your Uncle going to spank you?"

"He's not," I said, almost laughing.

"Oh, really," Alex laughed back, tickling my naked flesh under the water. "I bet he will."

"He won't, though!" I tickled him back, pinching his soft butt.

"Wanna bet!" he began to wrestle in the tub.

"No!" I said, getting annoyed at him, even if he was trying to be funny. "I don't wanna bet on THAT!"

"Think he'll let me spank you again?" Alex said, lifting his leg up, and resting it against the tub's wall so he can clean the inside of his thighs.

"Shut up, fart knocker!" I splashed some water on his exposed nuts.

"damn, Tommy! Spanking you was so much fun!" I tried not to stare, as his dick started to grow.

"Not for me! It should have been you!!" It was getting bigger and bigger...

"But it wasn't!" Alex said, soaping up his boner. "It was your butt that got so red it looked like apples! My butt stayed nice and white!!"

"Because you set me up!" He continued to soap up his little, hard dick.

"Well, DUH!" He laughed, scrubbing himself harder. "And if you don't do something soon to entertain me, I may have to again!"

"You wouldn't!" I snapped back. Damn! How clean did that thing need to be...

"Sure I would, Tommy! Coming over here last summer was the most fun I have ever had in my life." He looked like he was having a pretty good time NOW!

"You need to get out more," I said, suddenly aware of my own boner.

"Maybe," he puffed, closing his eyes, as he washed his small engorgment faster and faster.

"You just liked watching me get spanked!" I turned my head from him; I couldn't take watching him any more.

"And spanking you! Don't forget that I got to spank you!" Alex had begun to arch his back up, as he then slid further under the water, all the while his dick was becoming cleaner and cleaner...

"How can I?!" I looked once more at his little cock: it was red, and throbbing and it looked to me that Alex was in great pain.

"damn, that was so cool!" he said, huffing. "I still think about that night all the time." Obviously!

"Well, I hope you have a good memory," I said, getting out of the tub, " 'cuz you ain't seeing a sequel!"

"We'll see about that!!" He then let go of his dick and stared at me with such lechery! Then he did it...the little crumb started splashing water all over the place, and began screaming, "NO TOMMY!! DON'T!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" And before I knew it, he dumped about a gallon of water all over the bathroom floor.

"What are you doing?!" I screamed, as I went to try and stop him. In mere moments Uncle Rod burst through the door, and (in another mere moment) had us both in my room (still naked) lecturing us on how that water could ruin the ceiling in the kitchen.

"Now, before I take you aside to spank you, Tommy..." Uncle began.

"But he was involved too!" I whined.

"Yes, but I don't have permission to spank his bottom," he said, matter of factly. "I do want to know who started the splashing!"

I looked at Alex, and could tell he wasn't going to fess up. But I sure as hell wasn't going to take the blame, so I told Uncle Rod exactly what happened; it may not prevent me from getting spanked, but it might let him know what kind of creep Alex could be.

"I swear to you, Mr. White," Alex did in his best Eddie Haskell tone. "I would never do such a thing." Once again, I would have believe him, as he stood there unashamedly naked, looking like a little, blond cupid without wings. Fucking little creep!!

"All right, buster," Rod said to me. "Let's go to my room." I sighed some relief: at least this will be in private.

"Ah, Mr. White," Alex said, putting his underpants on, "In case you were looking to use one of the paddles on Tommy, I think you may be disappointed."

Uncle Rod stopped, looked at me, then looked at Alex. I felt as if I had just been sucker-punched in the nuts! I looked at him, helplessly pleading with my eyes NOT to do this!

"What do you mean?" Rod asked Alex.

"I really didn't want to say anything," Alex said, pulling on his night-shirt, "but Tommy told me he threw away the paddles."

"He what!" Rod screamed. "Is this true?"

Now being the only bare child in the room, I was feeling over powered by it all. I started to cry, really wishing Alex would drop dead.

"I...I'm sorry Uncle Rod," I wimpered. "I wa...was upset and threw them...them out."

He turned and sat down on my bed and lifted my nude little body over his knees. "Thank you, Alex," he said to my bogus friend. "I guess I'll just have to give him double with the hand..." and then he began to raise his right hand high in the air over my quivering buttocks.

"But what about our deal!" I cried out.

"Deals are made to be broken, boy!" Rod sneared.

"Wait!" Alex cried out. Oh my! Was my rump saved?! Was Alex going to turn out to be a friend afterall!!"

"What?" Uncle Rod said, befuddled.

"I brought this just in case of an emergency!" Alex then brought out his hard paddle ball paddle that had tasted my bum months earlier with a gang of guys cheering it on.

"Why, thank you Alex," Rod said. "As always, that was very considerate of you." He put it aside. "We'll deal with the lying later." And then he began a searing hand spanking.


Uncle Rod was pissed, and he was showing it in the ferocity of the hand spanks this time. All the while, he continued on with a chirpy little conversation with Alex:


"You are really good at spanking, Mr. White," Alex said, as I began to cry. He settled on the bed next to us, to get a closer look. "Tommy sure is lucky to have such a caring Uncle."


"Bet he doesn't think so right about now, huh?" Uncle Rod chuckled.


"Nope!" Alex agreed.


I was now heaving my body up and down, crying like it was my first time in this rotten situation. "There he goes!" Alex said, referring with glee to my weeping.


"Yeah, he's a crier." Rod was now going after that sweet spot at the base of by bottom; the part he really enjoyed saving until I started the crying.


"And a wiggler too! Look at him go!!" Through it all, I kept thinking how he should be the one to wiggle on Uncle Rod's lap.


"Tom's not going anywhere!!" Rod said, taking a tighter hold of me.


"Man, this is your best spanking yet, Coach!" Alex said, now a complete expert.


"Thanks, Alex!" Rod said. "With Chipper I've had loads of practice," Rod said, as his palm continued dancing over every part of my rear end.


"But with Tommy," he continued, "I've really been able to perfect it."


"Man, I'm glad that's not me!" Alex exclaimed, knowing full well it should have been him!


"You should be, Alex." Rod was now hitting harder than before. His hand must have been made of iron!


Rod began concentraiting on my right cheek, smacking it over and over and over again...


"Tommy is going to have to sleep on his tummy!" Alex pointed out.


"Oh, trust me," my uncle laughed, really getting into his rythum, now on the left cheek, "Tom is going to have a tough time sitting down for breakfast tomorrow."


"What is for breakfast?" Alex decided to ask, out of the blue.


"Eggs, and bacon, and..."


"...cinemon buns." Rod paused for a moment, and they both laughed. Then he returned his attention to me:


"Time for the paddle?" Alex sounded practically giddy.


"Almost." I was now simply heaving, my cries were so intense.

"Hey, you missed a spot!" Alex pointed out, to my utter horror.


"Where?" Rod was befuddled.


"Just teasing!" He laughed, rolling on his back on the bed chuckling.


"Very funny," Rod said, enjoying a good joke as well as anyone else.


"Man, Tommy! You sure are red!!"


"Yeah, this is a big one. For splashing..."


"...for fighting..."


"...for lying and..."


"...for throwing away the ping pong paddles." I started screaming again, this time praying that the end was near.


"Doesn't that hurt your hand after awhile?" Alex asked my uncle


"Sometimes. That's why I like the paddle."


Uncle Rod stopped the hand spanks, shaking his tired hand in the air (SEVENTY HAND SMACKS!!), and then picked up Alex's gift. "Now it's time for the paddle!" I felt it caress my war-torn butt, rise and then fall...


"Yeah, the paddle is pretty cool!" Alex was really digging this.


"You can get more of an area, faster," Rod explained.


"Man, Tommy, you really are crying!!"


"Yeah, you earned each of these." I couldn't believe I was getting a...


...OUCH! Lecture from these two sadists!


"He sure did!" Alex was so pleased with himself.


"Gotta always tell the truth!"


"I bet he pays attention now, huh, Mr. White!" Alex said, as he reached over and started rubbing the flaming inferno that was once my ass. It had NEVER been beaten like that before. I just wanted to curl up and die. Instead I was left with Alex alone in the room, where I curled up and cried myself to sleep. And this had been only the first night with him as a house guest!

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