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A Real Spanking

by Bud Johnson

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A Real Bare Bottom Spanking

Chucky is a big guy. At 19 years old, he’d been a good kid basically. Never too rowdy or unpleasant toward his elders and peers.

He had met Matt, a 44 year old heavy-set man, through a newspaper. Matt is a divorced, bi-curious type of man. His sons stay with their mother now that his divorce is final.

Chucky wrote Matt that he has a secret fantasy of getting spanked on his bare bottom by a man such as the middle aged Matt. He has said that this is what he wants, but Matt wasn’t really sure that the boy truly knows what a real bare bottom spanking will feel like.

Earlier that night, Matt had been very theatrical in building up a scene to a spanking. He had given Chucky a few light swats on his butt with his pants up. He and Chucky had gotten naked afterward. Matt had the 19 year old suck his cock, which the nineteen-year-old reluctantly did.

It was when they were getting ready to leave the house that Matt asked Chucky if he had had a good time. Chucky’s response was not enthusiastic nor was it negative or hostile.

Chucky said, Well sure, that was good but...

But what, Chucky? Matt sincerely asked.

I...I just... wanted a real spanking, Sir. This admonishment caught Matt by surprise.

The two sets of eyes locked. Earlier, Chucky wouldn’t look at Matt directly for very long time without nervously looking away.

Matt said, Well do you want me to really spank you right now?

Chucky was dumbfounded. The 19 y. o. big boy has mentally frozen.

B-b-b-u... It came down on his head as a towering awareness. He is right.

Chuck’s face and neck muscles tensed and relaxed at the same time. He couldn’t question it any more.

I guess so... Yes Sir, I do.

A real spanking hurts you know?

Yes, Sir. The boy then lowered his head as he spoke flatly. He was nervous.

It really hurts, son! Matt said in a firm manner. The boy’s larger size didn’t intimidate Matt at all. He had spanked his own boys plus he had been a coach for the little league teams. He is used to being aggressive with boys and men.

Matt said confidently, Even with just a hand, you may cry. That is how much it can hurt. I won’t just stop either if we do this. Can you handle that?

Well... Chucky said.

I mean it Chucky. It will hurt much worse than you could have ever dreamed that it could.

Chuck paused – frozen like a fawn. Finally he broke the awkward pause with a Yes Sir, I understand.

I’ll control everything. Understand?


Matt cuts him off. He has been sizing the boy up all-night by then. He could sense that the boy was finally beginning to give in to him. So, he took control.

Come in front of me son, Matt said firmly.

Chuck moved in front of the 44 year old burly man who has positioned himself by the living room couch. Chucky was a half a foot taller than Matt, but in his mind, Chucky felt two feet he was shrinking!

As the boy moved in front of him, Matt took a firm hold of Chucky’s waist. Guiding him closer, Matt unzipped and drew his pants down. He said, I’m going to treat you like I do my 14 year old at home, like the time I caught him skippin’ school. And just like with him, you are to do exactly as you’re told.

Matt pulled his arm back and aimed squarely at Chucky’s bare butt. Matt held the boy’s wrist firmly and quickly and cracked his bare butt!

Whap! Whap! Whap!

Understand me?

Owww! Yes Sir!

Now lay across my lap.

Matt had landed on Chucky’s naked butt with his pants and underwear lowered below his cheeks. The force of those swats was not like anything he had ever imagined. Matt had Chuck’s attention. Without really knowing how, Chuck seemed to melt into Matt’s locking legs. Chucky’s feet were lifting off the carpet with each succeeding fury of swats.

Matt began talking as he continued with a real barrage of nonstop swats. Chuck’s moans morphed from his words of pleading to sincere whaling of pain.

Now you knew that if I ever caught you skipping school, you’d get a real spanking. Now you’re getting one! Keep still and take it son. There wasn’t any pause from Matt. These swats seemed to get harder and harder as the time went by. When he tried to wriggle his butt away, Matt’s legs would tighten the wrestling scissor lock, and the swats would get even harder!

You wanted to know what a real spanking is, well, now you’re getting one.

Whack Whap Whop Whoop Whoop Smack Whack!!!)))

The spanking went on and on. The two were both drenched in sweat by the time that spanking was finished.

Matt wipes Chucky’s face and then they left the house. Chucky had gotten his first real spanking.


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