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Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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It was during that first week. Carlos accepted the general rules that Ned has laid down for the house. The two guys were treating each other like equals, knowing that Ned has the unspoken edge. It was his rules for the house. He was just like an old school Dad. On this point, they agreed.

Did I tell you about, Diaper Boy? Ned spoke with a laugh.

It was another one of those guys I knew in New York. He was something else! Took a good whipping though. Ned said with satisfaction.

Carlos and Ned were both older now. Ned was old enough to be Carlos’s real father. He was bringing up experiences he had in the old days to Carlos, now that they were at the house. It was foreign territory for Carlos.

Diaper boy? Carlos said with a tetchy, teasing voice. He wasn’t a baby Huey, was he? referring to the old cartoon character.

With a smile, Ned said, No, but he was a big boy all right. The guy was okay – really. Once I got over the shock of him wearing diapers... That was a little fre...unsettling.

With cunning, Ned said, He probably got a harder strappin’ because he forgot to tell me about it! He was only 28.

Ned continued, At the time, I never thought about a guy that young having those kind of health problems. He told me the whole story after his whipping. You live and learn, right?

With complete sincerity Ned said to Carlos, Carlos, I strapped him good that first night. Boy, he was howlin’...louder than you!

I don’t yell too I? Carlos asked in a waned confidence. Ned has only spanked him bare bottom a couple of times this last week.

Ned said, You were pretty loud when I took that bath brush to your bare bottom last year.

Carlos hesitated. Oops! I forgot about that.

He hadn’t forgotten.

Huh-uh Ned said under his breath. Realizing that Carlos has probably never heard of the diaper thing before, he did not speak further on it.

Carlos’s eyes had opened widely during Ned’s little reminder though. He had gotten a bath brush whoopin the first time they ever met. He wouldn’t do that again...Ned looks at his wrist watch. The evening news was about to start.

Hey, Carlos? Turn on the T.V. ’n’ don’t change the channels like yesterday. I want to watch the news. Ned said in a moderate tone.

Do we have to watch that channel 50 again? Carlos said with haughty distemper.

Ned’s mood changed. It was loud, decisive, and he spoke clearly. Ned’s shoulders tightened. He leaned forward. Yes, we are going to watch MY news channel and if you don’t want a bare ass strappin’, I suggest that you be quiet about it!

He had a fiery look to his eye.

Carlos was also pushing Ned’s buttons. He knows that the man is an old fashion rifle man. Friendly, but set in his ways of my way, or the highway. He likes that about Ned. It reminds him of how his own real father was. Carlos keeps this to himself.

Carlos was excited but he also doesn’t really want to take the kind of strapping that Ned would likely put him through. He stops goading him and behaves appropriately.

They watch the news.

At the end of the news, Ned heads into the kitchen. He pours himself a glass of wine sprinter. Speaking from the kitchen, while looking at some dishes in the sink, he said, Carlos? You left the dishes in the sink again tonight. What did I tell you last night?

Huh? Okay, okay! I’m coming. Carlos quickly moves into the kitchen. He washes the few dishes that he left in the sink after dinner. Ned stands beside him as he does so saying, I warned you yesterday that you’d get a bare ass spanking if you didn’t get the dishes done and put away like you’re supposed to today, didn’t I?

Carlos obediently says, Yes Sir. I am sorry Sir. It won’t happen again, Sir.

Ned stands in the kitchen with a crossed arm to his side. The back light glimmers off of his wrist watch and belt buckle. Carlos finishes up. Ned moves his arm and hooks his thumb on his belt buckle. A sinking feeling rips down into Carlos’s groin knowing he may just get it good tonight.

Ned holds his stance long and hard with Carlos, nervously moving about in the kitchen. The tension in the room is very thick. Carlos starts sweating. Finally, Ned breaks the nervous silence and moves back into the living room.

Whew, Carlos ponders as he recomposes himself. He finishes tiding up and hangs the dishtowel back on the post. He heads back to the living room.

Ned is just standing in front of the couch – tersely With his hand clasped over his belt buckle, he stands silently poised with a physically wider gate. When they to get close to each other, Ned looks directly into Carlos’s face as he begins to speak. He unhooks his belt.

I have decided we need to have a little old fashioned talk, you and me. You were warned yesterday that this would happen, but you chose not to do the right thing.

The blood rushed out of Carlos’s face. Ned reaches across his waist to loosen his wide belt. Carlos’s knees weaken. He had been bucking for a spanking or OTK paddling. He did not want the strap!

I want you to bend over the back of that couch. You’re gonna get a good whippin’ son

Carlos protests, But I got the dishes down and put away! He hopes to get out of it.

Are you arguing with me?

No Sir. He wasn’t arguing any more. Carlos knows he screwed up. He is trying to avoid this fate, but his goose in cooked. A spanking is one thing but he is about to get the strap. He didn’t know just how bad it was going to be.

You were warned that this could happen. I don’t want to hear any more whining about it. Unbuckle your jeans and bend over the back of that couch. Ned is in full control. Carlos is the disobedient teenager.

Carlos may be a man with a family of his own, but right now, he is just like a disobedient kid in Ned’s mind. Carlos gives in to Ned’s control. He bends over the back of the couch with a mumbled sound.

Ned comes up close behind him and yanks his pants and underwear down to his knees. Then, all stops.

The big guy’s legs are beginning to buckle. Steady yourself, Son. You’ve earned this. Ned speaks firmly to Carlos. He walks behind him back and forth, snapping the belt a few times.

Ned asks him, When was the last time you got a belt whipping, son?

Carlos said in a meek voice, I was in Junior High school, Sir.

Then you might remember how much these hurt. Ned breathing was also getting quick.

That first crack seemed to take for ever. Finally, with the swooshing sound of the strap coming roughly through the air, the sharpened sting of the belt connects with Carlos’s bare flesh.

Crack! Crack! Smack! Whack!! Smack!!!

The flood of rapid stokes collide with Carlos’s shuddering bottom. At one point, he thinks he will jump out of his skin! But he is also reminded by the man’s firm, deep voice that he is getting his just deserts.

Whipth!!!))) Whack!!!))) Smack!!!)))

Carlos begs Ned to stop the strapping. This only gets Ned going harder and faster, up and down the back of Carlos’s bottom and thighs. Ned is now completely engrossed in a sublime. The strapping is steady, strong, and constant.

Carlos words flow into the cries of the bawling boy. Just like the teenager who is being punished by Daddy. Ned reaches a pitched crescendo.

Ned finally ends the whipping and sends Carlos off to bed like a bad little boy.

There is no comment or objection. He is still breathing rapidly and sucking back some tears in a very real way. That hurt. That really hurt badly. Carlos has been licked and he can feel it through his mind and his body.

Once alone in the bedroom, Carlos lies in the bed. He turns his backside outward above the covers to give them air. After about 10 minutes, Ned enters the room. He is not through with Carlos yet...

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