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Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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Agreements (Part 2)

As Ned enters the bedroom, his manhood pulsating, after the intense whipping he just gave him. He is going to need to release it and also knows that Carlos is expecting that.

This night has been building up for a few days. Ned really let him have it – Harder than he as whipped anyone in quite a while. It felt good to take control this way again. It has been a while. Other married guys often like it when Ned takes control and fucks them doggy style. Some boys don’t want that though.

Most of them will take a dick in their mouth so Ned decides that is what the two will do. Okay son, your Daddy needs to be taken care of. Roll over on your back, son

Carlos rolls over obediently to showing his face and chest upright.

Ned gets on top of Carlos’s torso. Ned is nude from the waist down.

Your Daddy wants to fuck your face, Son. Can you handle that? Ned’s penis is throbbing.

Carlos meekly said, Yes Sir. His tone is child-like. It excites Ned.

Ned straddles Carlos’s sides and puts is long hard dick in front of the willing mouth.

Ned feels the moistness from the boy’s mouth as Carlos engulfs his dick in his mouth and throat. With a rubbing motion using his slithery tongue, Ned is pleased and begins to ride Carlos’s face, working his dick deep down into his throat. Carlos gags some, but takes it.

You know you still have another spanking before bed yet, as the penis undulates into his inner mouth working its way deep into his throat. Blood in Ned’s dick is aching.

Ned gets an imaging of Carlos’s face to come during his OTK spanking he will give him unrelentingly. He begins to climax as he pulls his penis off Carlos’s mouth.

He stays on top of him grabbing Carlos’s penis firmly from behind in the blind, as Ned’s ejaculation goes all over the boy’s face. As soon as Ned takes hold, Carlos’s penis stiffens. Getting the wad in his face did not detour Carlos’s excitement.

Oh, you’re having naughty thoughts again, are you? You know what that means

Ned moves off of Carlos and sits on the edge on the bed and sits upright. Ned takes a deep breath but pats his own inner thigh.

Let’s go, son.

Carlos gives out a hardy moan. But he dutifully stand ups, move over to the man’s side, and lays across his lap. His penis goes flaccid as he clinches his eyes, waiting for that first Whop.

Ned has spanked him nightly since they have been here at the house. They’re usually short reminder spankings every night as Ned puts it, So you’ll remember to behave the next day.

Carlos is very sore after his whipping that evening. He is not sure how it will be with either his palm or a ping pong paddle.

Ned announces, Carlos? You have been here for a few days now. I think it is time for you to get The Treatment tomorrow all day. You do understand me Son?

Yes Sir.

Ned questions firmly, What does that mean for tomorrow, Son?

I will follow you into the woods. I will pick fresh twigs and show them to you. Once you approve, you will have me cut the switches. Carlos said.

Yes Son. I will choose the switches for you to cut.

With Carlos still dutifully stretched across Ned’s lap, he rubs Carlos’s bottom saying, We will go back into the house. You will give me all of your clothes and ask my permission for everything you do all day.

Yes Sir, Carlos says in a resigned fashion.

Let’s finish this for today. It is going to be a big day tomorrow.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Carlos’s moans flow into a steady cry from the short bare bottom spanking. Ned stops.

Roll over on your belly son

Carlos does as he is told.

It is going to be a big day tomorrow

<End Part 2>

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