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Apple Butt
Part 06: Apple Butt Is Vindicated!

by Sawyer

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The night after my worst beating I actually slept like an angel. I was so emotionally and physically exhausted from the crying and carrying on that I fell right asleep, ignoring the blonde incubus' constant taunts.

I awoke, still naked and bottom still tingling, just as that creature known as ALEX came into the room (eating an apple...the little fucker) and closing the door.

"Good morning, Sunshine!" he said, chomping down on it. "How did you sleep?"

"fuck you!" I said, pulling the covers over my naked, hairless lap.

"Well, I could hardly sleep. What with that bright glow from your butt shining all night."

"I'm warning you!" I grumbled.

"Oh, please," he scoffed. "No you are not!" He finished the apple. "I am dissappointed about one thing, though." He then took a long and dramatic pause. "Don't you want to know what it is?"


"I am so upset that Uncle Rod..."

"He's not YOUR Uncle!" I corrected him, now looking around for something resembling clothes.

"Whatever. I am upset that he didn't let me lend a hand in your punshiment," he chuckled.

"Oh, you did enough."

"Oh, no I didn't!" That's when I noticed the pack of cigarettes he was holding in his hand.

"What are THOSE for?" I said, finally putting on some underpants.

"Oh these?" he said, turning on the surprised angelic performance he had perfected. "Why, I just found them in your dresser."

"No you..."

"I call it my lucky ticket," he grinned, slyly. "An all-access pass to whapping your butt anytime I ever want to!"

"He wouldn't...!" I was in shock.

"And if you don't get over my lap RIGHT NOW, you naughty little boy," he said, patting his legs, "I'm going to tell Uncle Rod on you!"

"You wouldn't!"

"Oh sure!" Alex laughed, "As soon as he gets off the phone with my mother."

I was shaking I was so upset. I knew the creep would do it too, and based on my uncle's previous reactions I had a pretty good feeling of how he would react (Spank First / Questions Later); I had no choice but to believe that Rod would side with Alex yet again. I was doomed either way.

I sighed and draped myself over Alex's legs. The goosebumps sprang up all over my body as I felt the chill from outside of the covers. I tucked my head down, furious that it had not even been 24 hours and here I was again, set to receive another undeserved spanking!

"Now Tommy," Alex said, peeling off the underwear, and tossing them across the room. "This will hurt you so much more than it will ever hurt me!"

"Just be quick!" I said, my voice muffled from the covers.

And with that, Alex started laying down slap after slap after another hard, painful slap across my bare behind. It stung so much, especially with the tingles from the night before. I began bucking and wiggling as I cried into a pillow.


The falls came so quickly I kind of lost count after twelve. Alex was giving me a fast spanking all right, it just wasn't a short one; the only end in sight, was my red, sore one!

"Atta boy, Tom!" Alex said, encouraging my twitching and sobbing. "You go ahead and cry for me!"


At least fifty were given in the first thirty seconds, and he continued on for at least another TWO minutes. All I could do was take it and cry. My ass was burning up...


Not the way you want to wake up first thing in the morning. It was simply the worst experience of my...


OUCH! Damn!!

"Now, Tommy," Alex said, still swatting me. "Whenever, and WHEREVER I feel like it, you will be ready for a spanking. Understand!" He stopped. "Because if you don't, I will just set you up AGAIN, and then sit back and let your Uncle Rod will get the honors." He smacked me one last time. "Understand?!"

"Oh, I understant," came Alex's answer. But not from me. From my Uncle Rod! "I want you both downstairs!" he yelled. "And Tommy, put on some clothes." I was so nervous and achie; what was my Uncle going to do about all of this?

When we got downstairs Alex tried to deny it at first, saying we were just playing a "spanking game," but then rationalized that "what the hay!" Why not confess! So he did, in the cockiest of fashions. He knew there was nothing my uncle could do to him.

"Well, actually, Alex, there is," Rod said leading the boy over to the forbidden lay-z-boy. "I was a little concerned after the bathtub incident last night, so when your Mom called this morning she and I talked, and she agreed..."

OH MY GOD! Could my ears be deceiving me?!!?!?! Was my uncle actually going to say...

"...that I can spank you like I do with my other boys in my care." I wanted to jump in the air and shout, "Yipee!" but decided to remain stoic as possible.

"OH! I'm sorry, Coach White!" Alex said, as he quickly found himelf in the uncomfortable possition of having someone else undo your pants and pull them off. Rod wasted NO time!

"Stowe it, Alex," Rod snapped. "I've been waiting to do this to you for a long, long LONG time!" And with that, off came the Batman under-roos; Alex's small pecker flopped around, free from the constraints of underwear (it would be almost two hours later before Alex would be wearing any clothes again!!)

For a moment Uncle Rod had my nemisis standing there, naked from the waist down, looking so vulnerable and frightened. His butt clinched and unclinched, and then...over Uncle Rod's lap he went. He was crying from the very start; after all of his observing, he knew what to expect!

"Tommy," my Uncle said to me. "Could you go find your friend's paddle. I think his butt may want to play with it after my hand introducing itself!"

"Oh, Uncle Rod!" I complained. "Can't I at least watch this first!" This was better than anything that had ever been on television.

"Oh, all right," he said, repositioning the half-naked child (the best half!) on his lap. "It's only fair."

And then it began. It was like music to my ears. The SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! of Rod's hand on Alex's ass, mixed together with Alex's pleas and crys and begging, was the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It was like angels singing!!

The sight was just as glorious! Alex twisted and turned, and you could tell that he wanted to fight it, but Uncle Rod was just too much. That perfectly round and plump bottom was getting everything it deserved! My compadre's rear turned so damn red, I was tempted to do some running commentary (like he had done with me), but decided against it.


Just keep quiet and enjoy the show!


I had even begun to forget how much my own ass still hurt.


About sixty hand spanks were delivered, free of charge, to Alex's round bottom. He was gasping for air when the first portion was complete.

Without saying a word, I ran upstairs and dug through Alex's stuff, and brought back down to Rod THE paddle. I was so happy to be seeing this blasted thing I actually kissed it on my way down the steps!!

I gave it to Uncle Rod and away he went, not wanting Alex to experience a moment of comfort, WACKING! and WACKING the kid into a new dementia of pain; it was a place I knew very well! His ass was now dark, rich crimson.

After about twenty paddle spanks, Rod stood Alex up and asked him if he learned his lesson. Alex started rubbing his ass, not paying any attention to my uncle; this got Rod pissed off.

"All right, you little shit!" my uncle yelled at Alex, as he tugged off his shirt, making sure Alex was totally nude. "I want you to go stand in that corner and think about what you did! And if you so much as scratch your backside, I'll really blister you, Mister!"

Alex, frightened beyond belief, went and stood naked in the corner, his ass glowing like a fire in a fireplace on a cold winter's night: just the sight of it's warm brilliance made you want to snuggle up around it and roast some marshmellos.

"Now, I need to go pick up Chipper and his friend Brandon from Brandon's house," Uncle Rod said, putting on his coat. "I expect to see you still in that corner. If you doing ANYTHING, Tommy will tell me, right boy?"

"You can count on me, Uncle!" I said with glee. Uncle Road wasn't the sort of man to apologize. I knew this was as close as he'd get to admitting he was wrong for giving me the beating the night before. He tosseled my hair, and off he went.

Now was MY turn with Alex. Without saying a word to my very flushed buddy, I went into Uncle Rod's den and took out his camcorder. With Alex's nude back still shining to me, I quietly set it up in a perfect, hidden corner. And then turned it on.

"What are you doing?" Alex finally asked, sniffing back some more tears, knowing better than to even turn his head around.

"Nothing!" I said, now in the kitchen, where I grabbed an apple and began snacking on it. YUM! YUM! I went back and (knowing this was being recorded) started rubbing Alex's butt to see how warm it was.

"You better leave me alone!" Alex warned, quivering, with his hands itching to rub his butt, at his sides.

"Nah, you see Alex," I said chomping on the apple. "This is what Chipper calls 'payback.' I can do anything I want to you now, and you can't say anything or else I am going to tell Uncle Rod and then..." I slapped Alex's fanny hard. "OUCH! That must hurt!"

"I'm sorry Tommy," Alex said. I almost laughed out lud - sorry wasn't going to cut it this time.

"Just think, Alex," I gloated. "One word from me when Uncle Rod returns, and you will get to give a repeat performance." I pause, rubbing his rear end. "But in front of Chipper, and maybe even Brandon!"

"Please don't..." my friend wimpered. "Don't say anything." He was feeling so vulnerable.

"I don't know," I said, beaming almost as bright as his butt. "If I were you, I'd do just about anything not to be swatted again with your paddle in front of those older boys."

"All right! I'll do anything," Alex blubbered. "Just don't tell your Uncle anything! PLEEEEASE!!"

"Come here," I said, guiding my buddy back over to the forbidden chair. His well beaten, naked ass just pleaded for some more attention!"Over my lap!" I shouted. He did as he was told, and now it was time for some real fun to begin.

Since I had never done this before, it took me a few swats to realize the proper way to spank a naked 10 year old boy - especially one that was already beaten pretty raw.


Ahhh, man! This was the best!! My cock was getting so hard now, it must have gotten to a whole TWO INCHES!


Alex started to cry a little more. Made me feel good. Crummy little shit...


He tried to cover his ass from getting any more, but I reminded him that one word from me, and Uncle Rod was going to paddle him silly with that paddle again.


That threat seemed to work; Alex had finally understood why I hated that paddle so much, and I'm sure he was dreading having brought a replacement over as a "gift" to my uncle in the first place!


Alex was once again crying uncontrollably. I, on the other hand was having the time of my life and could have done THIS all night!!


I smacked him a few more time, giving him a total of twenty. I then let him get back in his corner and rub his butt as long as he wanted until Rod, Chipper and Chipper's friend stopped by. Alex didn't argue as he returned to his standing postion and touched his butt for the first time since I thuroughly assaulted it. He then began rubbing it fiercely, as a look of blessed releif crept over his face.

I, on the other hand, had some other rubbing to do: this time in the bathroom. I was so turned on by what had just happened, I needed time to rub my boner (much like Alex had done in the tub the night before). I didn't know why, it just seemed like the thing to do!

Rod returned shortly after and asked me for the report: how was Alex...did he rub his ass, or was he a good little boy? I thought about it, looked over at my very sorry, very bruised, and very naked friend and thought, well...I could not tell a lie:

Yeah...he had rubbed his ass!

In the midst of protests, Alex still received another fifteen paddle smacks, this time with a happy audiance of three; Chipper, this time, was doing the running commentary. Alex was screaming and crying and bouncing all over the place. His butt could have fried eggs on it, it was so hot!

Alex then had to stand in the corner again, naked until lunch was ready, and when it came time to eat he was ordered by Rod to come and eat at the table totally naked (this was an indignity both Chipper and I had suffered before; Alex was getting the FULL treatment!)

At one point I excuse myself from the table, and snuck into the living room and checked the video tape that had recorded me spanking Alex, followed by another visit from Rod and the paddle.

"PERFECT!" I said.

Now I had MY lucky ticket!!

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