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Alan and the Strop

by Bud Johnson

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Alan & the Strop

Robert kept on him. The air between them was non existent. He knew he must whip him and whip him bare ass like a rotten 1950s teenager. True, he is not his father. So what if he is also his lover who happens to be almost 30 some odd years older?

For the 62 year old Robert, his being Alan’s lover, spanker, and mentor, was nothing new. He felt that it was now right then that this was changing. He had Alan start living with him four months ago. The two had discussed in detail just how things were going to be. Robert was the Alpha and Alan the Beta...but equal, as his surrogate son.

Robert started feeling a sort of possessive paternalism towards Alan ever since the younger man lost his real father a month ago. He has spanked him more often, made love with him with a stronger mutual passion, and watched him most carefully all through the day and into the night sometimes. There have been nights lately where he has intention-ally slept out in the family room because he felt restless just being around him! Maybe it wa just the idea of falling in love with the boy.

But tonight, there was a line that has been crossed and there is no turning back. He had fairly warned Alan that he would get a spanking if he disobeyed, and disobey he did! Robert can be easily charmed by the brash and egotistical Alan, but not tonight. Oh, he will likely make love to him before the night is done, but he is going to be very sore boy across on his back side when they are though tonight. When you act like a naughty teenager, you get treated like a naughty teenager! And Robert has years of experience dealing with men that act like rotten teenaged boys!

Robert’s breathing is excited. He grips Alan’s ear. His shoulders tighten up. The adrenalin is pumping. Emotions are teeming over. Anger and the lust have metamorphosed.

Shaking himself into the situation, Robert said, I warned you not to disobey me with the house rules or you’d get a severe spanking and what did you do?

Yes Sir. The boy kept his eyes looking down toward the floor. He knows that his flippant demeanor has landed him in this situation.

Now keep moving to the bedroom mister. You are through for the night! Do you understand? Robert asserts clearly and forcefully.

Alan tries to think of something to say to get out of this. He has felt Robert’s upset combinations before.

Yes Sir, but ...

Anticipating his acting like a whimpering child, Robert cut into his boy’s last word, But nothing mister!

Robert’s hand slides down the boy’s front down to his trousers zipper and clasp, releasing them in one move. In the bedroom, Robert’s foot finds the edge of the bed where it hooks a firm place to prop his knee up. Alan’s pants drop smoothly to the floor as his body stretches over the older man’s propped up knee. The spanking begins.

Whop! Whop! Whop!!! Whop!!! Whop!!!

Robert’s large open palm smacks the boy’s bottom with a fury. You have it coming tonight, but good mister!


He keeps the swats coming in quick succession.

Owwwwwwwwwww...... Alan starts moaning.

Somewhere in-between the frantic furry of Robert’s swats, he removed the boy’s clothes. He draws Alan across the stack of pillows piled on the bed.

Robert gives a final verbal command.

Keep that butt of yours up high until I am through. Do you understand me?

A short pause... A Yes Sir from Alan, in a sigh of submission. He is nervously shaking.

Alan knows to obey him. He lies motionless across the pillows on the bed with his bottom appropriately raised in a submissive posture. Robert moves to the back closet where he opens the door and takes a razor strop off of the hook.

He prepares the strop with a, CRACK . The strop shatters the silent air as Robert readies his stance for the boy’s whipping.

You knew that when you left the kitchen in such a mess just so you could go and smoke your cigarette. That it is not merely disobedient; it is irresponsible and rude!

Yes Sir. Alan knows his fate now.

And this is not the first time either now for this kind of attitude, is it?

No Sir.

He had been a bit flippant all day. IS IT???)))

Robert’s voice echoes against the walls it seems of the whole house, locking them into their respective roles. There were some real feelings too for both of them tonight with all that is about to take place. Robert is confronting a love that he is feeling along with the certain erogenous mind-set he has for the boy. Alan is coming into a point of his own. His fear with respect and admiration are very real.

Then it began.

Alan and his howls were almost like he was in anticipation of the thrashing blows from that strop as it connects with his bare flesh. The strapping went on and on and over again. The windows were shut tight that night all right.

Whipth!!! Crack!!! Whack!!! Whop! Whop!)))

The punishment was real and intense. Alan’s cries were sincere and fearfully felt with his heart and body. The strapping with the strop went on for quite a while before Robert allowed Alan off the stack of pillows. Once the punishment was complete, Robert rubbed lotion generously into the boy’s heated flesh. He wants Alan to feel that he had been severely spanked; not beaten.

Robert stayed with him closely for the entire night. He watched him walk to the bathroom and the kitchen. He had him lie next to him back under the covers on the bed.

Robert held him in his arms. Alan had learned repentance with Robert. And he would learn it time and again, in the time to come...

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