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Lifeguard Spanking

by Dennis

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Lifeguard Spanking


I really did find a swimsuit like I described in this story in a little store near where I lived in the 60’s. They were just as I describe and I almost bought them but realized I’d never have the guts to wear them. When I first saw them I giggled at them but I kept coming back to them I was intrigued by the idea of wearing them. I did buy something just as tight.


So I was about 11 and thought like most 11-year-olds that nothing could happen to me, except get a spanking when I was naughty, but nothing else. You know your parents tell you not to play in the house that is being built down the block cause ya might get hurt or dont run on wet cement cause ya might get hurt. You know all that stuff but well that stuff wont happen to me right?

Yea I know how to do stuff and not get hurt man I’m 11! So my dad took me and my little brother to the beach but first we had to stop and get the both of us new swimsuits cause ours were too small since we hadnt worn them since last summer. We stopped at a department store on the way and went in search of new swimming trunks. That was what we called them in the 60’s. We found a pair to fit my brother Donnie right away, he was 8 by the way, but in my size there was only one left. You see summer was already several weeks old and they had sold out of almost all the kids’ sizes. The pair of trunks that fit me was like most of the ones boys wore then stretchy tight fitting just a little bigger than Speedos are. We didn’t seem to be embarrassed in those days with swimsuits that were so tight our little private parts showed clearly under them and we didn’t seem to care how tight they were on our bottoms. But this pair had something I’d never seen before clear see through round holes placed so you’d see some butt and side leg close to the crotch, nothing naughty showed but it was weird knowing people could see some of you butt and stuff. I had tried them on and said to my dad, Dad I can’t wear them on the beach people will see. I whined to my dad.

Well son it’s this or you underwear and you know when they get wet everything shows. So just leave them on and quit complaining.


Now understand I was standing there in the see through swimsuit at the time, in the very thin and tight fitting material swimsuit.

SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK four hard swats on my butt from my dad and then he said, Don’t you raise you voice to me young man! The sales man grinned and my brother laughed at my short spanking.

He did not let me put my jeans on over them like my brother he just paid for them and we walked out with my red bottom showing through two of the see through portholes.


I sat in the back of the car with a stinging bottom not looking forward to being on the beach with everyone seeing I’d been spanked but I did want to play in the ocean so I just sat quietly and hoped for the best. All the time my brother was grinning at me.


We arrived at the beach and carried our stuff out to the sand and soon I was playing and having fun and sort of forgot about why I didn’t like my suit. I started to swim and got a little past the breakers then came in and as I was walking up to my towel a lifeguard walked by and said, Son I don’t want you swimming any further than you just did understand? It gets deep real fast out past there.

Yea? Okay sure. Then I ran to my towel and lay on my stomach forgetting the portholes on my bottom.

What did the lifeguard say to you? My dad asked.


Then I felt him spank my butt hard and say, I asked you a question, do you want me to pull you suit down and put you over my knee here on the beach?

No Sir, he told me not to swim out too far.

So why didn’t you just say that, your attitude needs some adjustment young man and when we get home you just might get it adjusted if your not careful.

I’m sorry dad.

Well you better be.


I just sun bathed reading and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. When I woke up I felt heat in my butt and realized I had gotten sunburned on my butt where the portholes were. I could feel these round circles of sunburned butt skin. I decided to go for a swim to cool it off. I really like swimming and I think I’m pretty good at it so soon I was swimming and just having fun. I saw a buoy in the water a little ways off and decided to swim to it. I never even thought about how far out it was until I saw a lifeguard paddling towards me on a surfboard. He came right up to me and said.

Didn’t I tell you not to swim out past the breakers son?

Yea but I swim good this was no big deal.

Is that right? Well a boy your age almost drowned doing the same thing last week, now get on to my surfboard.

So I reluctantly got onto the board and lay on my tummy.

Are those holes in your suit? The lifeguard asked.

Yea weird aren’t they? They were all that was left at the store. I was embarrassed he could see my red butt.

Looks like your butt’s sunburned.

Yea I fell asleep, the area right there stings

Don’t worry about it son when we get to shore I will make sure you whole bottom stings.


Well I think I will use a paddle so really I will be paddling you, your dad is going to spank you first.

I didn’t say another word all I could think about was the whole beach seeing me get a spanking and a paddling.


When we got to shore he took me by the hand and marched me to the lifeguard stand where my dad and brother were already waiting, my dad looked pissed and my brother was giggling. The lifeguard walked me up the ramp to the hut and my dad followed us up.

The hut was open on all sides no glass so any sounds would be heard by anyone near it and there were a lot of people near it. Mostly kids and they all seemed to know I was about to get spanked.


My dad sat down on the bench in the hut and stood me in front of him, as he undid the string and pulled my swimsuit down he said as he pulled them off, You won’t need this for awhile. What were you thinking young man?! You were told to not go beyond the breakers but you did it anyway and because of you this lifeguard had to go and get you. What have you got to say for yourself?

I’m sorry, I promise I will never do it again please don’t spank me dad?

Well it’s too late for that!

Then he pulled me over his lap and started to spank me harder than I think he ever did before with his hand. Each spank felt like the small paddle he sometimes used on me over his knee but this was his hand! I tried to take it like a man and not cry because I knew a lot of people were listening but finally I just couldn’t keep it in and I started to really cry hard.


But he just kept on spanking me hard. He did stop of course because the lifeguard still had to give me the paddle so at last I was let up and I went right into the spanking dance holding my bottom and bouncing around the hut crying. Then I saw the paddle in the lifeguards’ hand and I panic. Forgetting I was naked I ran out of the hut and down the ramp and out onto the beach running holding my butt and crying. I could hear the laughing and cat calls from all the people on the beach and I realized I was naked so I headed for the water. But just as I got in the water up to my belly the lifeguard caught me and carried me up the beach over his shoulder spanking my sore bottom as we went. When we got to the guard tower he didn’t take me up to the hut, my dad was there holding the paddle.

I guess you don’t care if everyone sees you naked young man so I will just paddle you here, said the guard.

He put me over his left knee and after my dad handed him the paddle he began to paddle me. Oh man! Damn I never felt such pain!. My butt was sore form the spanking and wet from the water I had just been in so the paddle stung even more. I tried so hard to get away but he had a good hold of me and the paddling went on for a real long time until I was crying so hard I didn’t even fight it any more. Then he let me go and my dad came over and picked me up in his arms and held me while I cried.

We went back to the towels and when I had calmed down my dad handed me my swimsuit given me a talking to about how naughty I’d been and how much I deserved what I got.

After awhile I was allowed to go play in the surf and cool my butt down and before long even though my bottom hurt like hell I still had fun the rest of the day. But the porthole swimsuit let anyone who hadn’t been there see just how well spanked my bottom was. My dad made me wear them swimming until I grew out of them at twelve and a half. And very often people at the high school pool could tell if I had been spanked that day.

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