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Apple Butt
Part 07: Apple Butt's Mighty Hand

by Sawyer

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This was just the best! The sight of my "good friend" and resident cool kid, sitting at my dining room table completly naked, having brunch with me, Uncle Rod, my cousin Chipper and Chipper's friend Brandon. It was the very least that he would have to endure, considering all of the shit he put me through.

Then there was the little matter of the spankings that had just happened. Obviously it was the main topic of conversation around the breakfast table, as Alex's face quickly went as red as his butt. Brandon and Chipper were laughing and carrying on about all of the different noises my uncle was able to get out of a crying Alex. They were amazed at how red his butt was, and thought it was funny how he had a hard time sitting down on his nude butt.

Occasionally, when Uncle Rod wasn't looking, they would poke his bare thigh under the table, or pinch a little bit of his tush or just stare at his hairless crotch. Alex tried to be a good sport (he didn't have much choice), but everytime he covered his lap up with a napkin, Brandon would stretch over and yank it off exposing Alex's penis.

Rod didn't say anything, and let it go on. He knew Alex deserved much worse than what he was getting. I also didn't say anything. I was simply sitting there enjoying each and every blesed second.

After breakfast, Alex still wasn't allowed to but any clothes on as Rod made both of us wash and dry the dishes. I could tell Alex was not only embarrassed at this, but that he was also furious at me for telling on him even when I said I wouldn't. When we were done Alex and I went to my room where Alex was finally allowed to put on his clothes. Once alone he said that I would pay.

"Oh, I don't think so, Alex," I said, trying to maintain eye contact and not glare at his pecker as he slipped his underpants up over it. "You see, I now own you."

"I should tell your uncle what you did!" he snapped.

"Right now, Alex, who do you think he would believe?" I asked, in all the smugness that I could muster. "Besides, I know him. He's just looking for another excuse to spank you again."

"No he's not!" Alex countered.

"Oh yeah!" I countered his counter. "You know Uncle Rod. That was simply a warm up."

Alex sat on the bed, looking very defeated. He knew that I was right, but he didn't want to admit defeat just yet.

"Maybe not now, then..." he said, trying to get that old Alex gleam back in his eye.

"No, Alex," I said cutting him off. "Never again." Then I left him in the room alone. I had to go make a dub of that video tape!

For the next hour, Alex was by himself and feeling very lonely and hurt. Chipper and Brandon were locked away in Chip's room doing lord-knows-what (actually, I had an idea, but I wouldn't find out for sure until later) and I was in the basement joyously dubbing the video of Alex getting spanked by me and Rod to a second video tape, so I could hide the original for safe-keeping.

I watched that tape a few time, viciosuly playing with my boner: this was perhaps the greatest thing I have ever had in my life. I couldn't wait to share with Alex what I had...and what it would cost him for me to keep it private!!

A week slipped on by, and Alex and I were buddies again. There was no more mentioning of the spankings (except, occasionally by my cousin and his friend). I was waiting for my time to present my "all access pass" to his ass!

Finally, we were home alone for about an hour and I brought him down to the basement. I told him I had something to show him on video. For some reason he had assumed it was one of my uncle's xrated movies (you know what happens when you assume), and he plopped right down with an eager look on his face.

Then I pressed play on the remote, the tape started and his face went totally white. He jumped up and turned it off and yanked the tape out of the VCR. Tears were welling up in his eyes, he was so furious. "I am going to kill you!" he screamed.

"Not if you want everyone in the world to see you getting spanked!" I taunted. He then smashed the tape on the ground, and folded his arms. "Oh, please!" I laughed. "That's not the only copy of that tape!"

"You're kidding!" he said, mouth hanging open.

"Nope!" I was no idiot.

He sat down near the ping-pong table, wishing like hell he hadn't come to stay at my place. I let him think about what it meant to be "had," as I silently picked up the pieces of the broken tape.

"How much money do you want?" he asked, taking me completly off guard.

"I don't want any money," I laughed, dumping the plastic in the trash can.

"Comic books?" he asked, as I shook my head. "Baseball cards?" I shook my head again. "My Nintendo?" I thought about that one for a moment, then shook my head once again. As sweet as all of those would have been, there was still something much sweeter I wanted.

"No, Alex. I don't want any of that stuff."

"Then what?" he said, pleading with me to show some mercy.

I sat down across from him, and told him that he owed me bigtime. The way I figured it, I explained, he should let me spank him seven times on the bare butt. The spankings could be anywhere and at anytime. Just whenever I wanted. After the final spanking, he could have all copies of the tape back.

He thought about it, then (like when we trade comic books or baseball cards) he made a counter offer: three spankings, instead of the seven. I countered with "five."

He then quickly said "four, and that one last week already counts as the first one!"

I agreed, but on one final agreement - one of the remaining ones had to be in front of an audience. "That's not fair!" he said. "Your uncle spanked me in front of Chipper and Brandon last week!"

"That doesn't count, because I wasn't the one beating you."

He hated that condition, but he thought about it seriously. Finally he said, "All right, but no paddle." I agreed, and we shook on it: three, bare bottom spankings by me; anytime; anyplace; and one in front of a group of watchers. Sounded perfect.

"Well, lets get this started then," said, as my pants started tightening around the front.

"Right now?" he asked.

"Might as well, since everyone is gone." I got up and moved towards the stairs. "Come on. Let's go up to my room."

Slowly he followed me, I'm sure plotting a way out of this. In the kitchen I stopped and picked up an egg-time. "What's that for?" he asked.

"Hush!" I said, motioning him to continue following me upstairs to my room. Once there, I closed and locked the door. My heart was racing so fast: I could not believe I was going to get away with this. I was actually going to spank Alex!!

"Take them off," I said, as he began to fumble with his britches. "All the way off!"

"You didn't say anything about being completly naked!" Alex whined.

"Tough! That's what I meant," I smiled back. "Now, strip bare naked, or I can start inviting your friends over for some private viewing parties."

Alex looked so defeated. I knew he was hating himself for not having thought of the wonders of video tape before. He sighed, and began the slow process of stripping off all of his clothing, until he was down to his white underwear. My prick was now almost poking out of the top of my pants (it hurt so good!).

He hesitated before taking them off, when I stopped him. "Come here, Alex," I said, motioning him over to me. He took a few steps, then stopped; he wasn't sure what I wanted him to do, so to clear things up I patted my lap.

He layed down over my legs, as I positioned him into the perfect place. Then I grabbed his undershorts and pulled them all the way down in one firm yank, then they were tossed across the room.

And there he was. So smooth, and pale and naked...and waiting to be spanked like the naughty little boy he knew he was. I brought my left arm up his bare side, as he shivered from the touch. At the same time, I rested my small right hand on his perfect ass, caressing his crevis in the most loving way.

"Do you want a pillow for your head?" I asked. He shook his head no.

"Just get it over with," he was barely able to say.

I then leaned over him, and got the timer from the kitchen, and set it on fifteen minutes, and then I started it. "For the next fifteen minutes I am going to spank you," I instructed him. "You will not put your hand in front of your ass and you will not clinch you butt up that. If you do," I said, with the determination of a drill instructer, " I will start the timer over. Understand?"

"Yeah," he said, almost holding his breath.


SPANK! The first one hit with a resounding smack. He exhaled deeply, and buried his head in the sheets of the bed. I waited for a few moments, gently rubbing his butt, then...SPANK!...the second one came down hard, this time followed by a quick serious of searing stings across the top of his buns...SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! It was so wonderful to be able to spank a perfectly unspanked ass. The freedom...SPANK!...of being able to...SPANK!...dive into...SPANK!...uncharted waters...SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Or something like that. All I knew was...SPANK!... that loved being...SPANK! to start a spanking with Alex, instead of inheriting...SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! ass that was already red...SPANK! SPANK!! SPANK!!!

I was really mixing up my techniques by the time I could tell he was crying. He kept his face buried in the sheets, as he gallantly took all of the spanks I had to give him. Fifteen solid minutes of swats on his perfect, round and red butt was my reward for the time I was spending with my family. And I was loving every minute of it.

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!! SPANK!!He butt was fighting not to clinch up, as he finally started pleading with me to stop. He turned his head to the side, as tears were racing down his cheeks (the cheeks on his face that weren't getting spanked). He kept his eyes closed as he wept, pleading with me to go easier on him. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!

Not a chance. Alex got the full fifteen minute treatment, then I let him lay on my lap for a few additional minutes as he cried and cried. I patted his butt, as I got myself so turned on I could barely breathe. Then I got a bright idea! "Get up," I said.

"You didn't say anything about standing in the corner!" Alex blubbered, assuming that's what was next.

"Oh, please," I said, easing him up. "That's not what's going to happen." As he got up I noticed that Alex also had a raging hardon; even bigger than when we had bathed together! Oh my!!

"Get on the bed on your stomach," I ordered. "NOW!" He knew better than to argue, as he and his three inch, quivering cock, layed down on the bed. I then left him for a moment to go get some sun-burn lotion out of the bathroom med cabinate.

"This is something Chipper does with me, sometimes," I whispered to him, as I squirted the lotion all over his red fanny. He reacted to the cold, but then rested back down and let me slowly rub his bottom. I knew he was loving it, because he was hugging one of my pillows, descreatly humping my sheets. I also knew he loved it, because I also loved it whn my cousin would do it to me!

Five minutes later, Alex was fast asleep and I was hornier than ever. I quietly tip-toed to the bathroom and used some of that lotion on my rod of power. This was so intense. I couldn't wait until the next one: this was just the best!

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