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The Leather Shop
Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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The Leather Shop

It is early on a Friday evening when they arrive. Jack’s brother is a leather goods dealer in Georgia. Trevor and Jack are to watch the shop for the next few weeks. The shop appearance is cluttered with leather tools, supplies, a leather-yarn snitcher [Toro 4000], sewing machines, and clothing remnants, all strewn about the dusty conclave.

How long have they been gone? Trevor asks as they enter.

Jack answers in an uncertain voice, I thought they left this weekend. It looks like it might have been longer

Jack looks taut. Walking toward the back to the cluttered office area, Trevor follows close behind. Jack examines a pile of papers. Trevor senses his growing anxiousness. Letting out a sigh of relief as he takes one of the scraps of paper into his hand, It reads:

Sorry the place is such a mess. We have an emergency in the Atlanta outlet... There is a sigh of relief from Jack after finding this note. But he is getting increasingly anxious. His voice fades slightly sounding less assertive with a hint of abandon.

Shaking his head with his voice tightening, This is dated two weeks ago

His neck muscles appear to throb. He picks up the telephone and calls the Atlanta shop.

What the hell happened? Jack yells into the receiver.

He and his sister-in-law talk for quite awhile. Trevor gets distracted. He starts to rummage though through an array of Leather goods hanging on a display post nearby.

Trevor figures that he should be doing something. Jack takes notice. Looking in the boy’s direction, with his eyes in a glaring roar, Jack makes it clear that he is annoyed. Trevor puts the garments back on their posts. Their relationship has always been this way.

At age 35, Jack is the boss of the family. It is better not to risk it messing around with store merchandise Trevor thinks. Being playful and curious is part of what Jack likes about Trevor. He is all kid at heart, but this is not the time or the place for his cuteness. It does turn him on though. It seems that Trevor has figured that out. The phone call continues.

Trevor gets an instant boner when he remembers some of the spankings he has gotten from Jack. He usually got them shortly before they sex, but not every time. In fact, it was when he thought about a recent whipping he got for lying that his mood changes.

Jack whipped him good for that. He was sore for a few days. It’s one thing to get a good & hard hand spanking, but something else when he gets a whipping. Those hurt and don’t fade away as quickly. Jack doesn’t appear to be in a playful mood. Trevor’s boner wanes some. It is a tense moment.

Jack directs him to the living room where the T.V. is. He continues the conversation with his sister-in-law. Relieved that Jack’s attention is off him, Trevor decides he had better not mess around any more. He continues to follow Jack’s directions and moves along into the living room.

About 15 minutes later, Jack comes in. He looks at Trevor saying, I am running to the store. Suzy said that the water here is not good for drinking but it is fine for showering and washing clothes

Eyeing the area to the back of the house, Jack said, Go ahead and take a shower while I’m gone. Stay out of the other rooms in the house. I’ll show you the place when I get back

He waits a second, and then looks directly at Trevor.

Do you want anything from the store? Jack was in a serious frame of mind.

Trevor tells him, No, but thank you

Jack affirms with a pleasant head nod as he puts his coat on. After he leaves, curiosity gets the better side of Trevor. He figures that it would be alright for him to look around before he hops into the shower. He just won’t touch anything. Jack doesn’t have to know. He is 19 after all! Trevor moves back over to where the leather goods were where he had been looking before.

The shop is full of leather belts, gun-holsters, saddle straps (for horses or carts), lots of leather yarn, etc. It is a jungle of goodies! Down to the sides of the room were some sewing machines with large needles at the end of the long metallic posts. It was a wannabe candy store to Trevor.

And like a kid, he sits at one of the machines and explores. There are many gadgets, foot peddles, loose leather yarn, and wires on the machine. Out of curiosity, Trevor presses down on the foot assembly.


Dust particles went flying everywhere like something had exploded.

Oh shit!..

Time stops as Trevor tries to figure out just what happened. A slight tremor sets in his body as all the thicker strips of leather seem to glow with a brilliant luminosity in his mind. On a normal day at home, it might be more exciting than this perceived dread he is feeling. It rippled through him. It wasn’t that long ago since that Canadian style hiding he had gotten maybe the month before.

Because the place is in such a cluttered state, Trevor has no clear plan to cover his tracks. He decides not to move a thing at first. He realizes he might make the situation worse if he does. Just then he notices a clock to his right. It says 8:00PM. Panic sets in! Jack had left at 7:30!

He straightens up everything up in the way he imagines it should be and starts the long dreaded wait for Jack to get back. Jack won’t know that he has been messing around with the sewing machine... He watches the T.V.

At 8:05, the sounds of the clock grow louder. By 8:10, his stomach begins churning.

Oh, I can’t hear anything with this T.V. on, he thinks.

Trevor clicks the set off at first. But he turns it back on after a few minutes with the volume set very low. This way he can hear it when the car pulls up.

He goes back over the last two years in his mind. It seems like lately, whenever he finds an excuse to, Jack spanks him. And he accepts it! These are not the light playful spanks like he’d get just before sex, but real swats.

Jack runs the punishments from a hand spanking before bed to a formal strapping across the bed first thing in the morning! These have happened more frequently over the last 6 months or so.

Sex isn’t always the reason either. After one of his more recent whippings, Jack didn’t talk to him the rest of that day, and he was sore for three! He had screwed up though. Trevor hopes Jack doesn’t notice anything tonight because he really doesn’t want a strapping.

Jack takes good care of him. Most of the time, life is good. He respects Jack and is in awe of him. He is Trevor’s fantasy Dad. And Trevor truly respects and cares about Jack. Jack is not a cruel man; just a little quirky. It turns them both on. There is nothing arbitrary about this man.

At 8:45, Trevor hears the side door rattle. Jack is back from the store. Trevor remembers that he was going to take a shower but didn’t.

Entering through the kitchen, Jack said, Sorry it took so long, Trev. The local store was closed already. I had to drive to Wall-mart and it was 20 miles from here

Jack laid the grocery bags on the kitchen table.

It’s okay. True Grit is on T.V.. Trevor nervously bellows out.

Oh, yeah? I’ll be right in. Jack happily bellows back. He loves old John Wayne movies.

Did he switch Kim Darby yet? Jack asks, having seen the movie dozens of times. The switching happens pretty early in the show. They continue with the movie.

Jack notices that Trevor did not shower while he was gone. He said, I thought I asked you to take your shower while I was out? Looks like a bit of a spanking is in order for you tonight

He firmly pats Trevor’s thigh. Just the flash image of the 19 year old bearing is flesh and obediently laying across his lap for a formal spanking, gives Jack an erection.

Usually, Trevor protests some but not tonight. He obediently stood in front of Jack and lowered his trousers to his knees. Watching the boy go through the formal procedure makes Jack’s erection stronger still!

Trevor said, I am sorry, Sir. I forgot. I won’t do it again, like an obedient teen that his is. He lays his bare bottom across the man’s laps and even juts his bottom up some.

Jack said, After this spanking you are to go into the bedroom and stay until I say that you can come out. Do you understand?

Trevor obediently agrees and the spanking hardily begins. Hand spankings are almost a daily occurrence for the couple. Trevor tries not to moan or cry out. But Jack is pretty strong and lays the swats on hard and steady.

Trevor can not restrain himself. He begins to yell and moan but Jack keeps the swats coming. The boy is also very aware that this could be much worse especially if Jack find s out that he messed with the equipment.

Finally, Jack stops the spanking and orders Trevor off to bed. He watches the movie.

Towards the end of the show, Jack heads back to the office area. He notices a glittery piece of metal on top of one of the piles of material on the floor. He thinks, What is that

He goes to it to investigate. A long piece of a needle head is there about 10 feet from the main sewing machine. It wasn’t there before he left.

Jack takes a minute to make a deduction. He holds the 1 ½ inch piece of the sewing needle up in front towards Trevor’s direction.

Jack had noticed how Trevor has been fidgety all through the evening. They have been to his brother’s store many times before. Jack & John are very close in life. John always looked out for Jack as an older brother should do.

Jack was really mad about finding a leather machine needle broken off the machine. He wonders if Trevor knows anything about it but hasn’t said anything. He is determined to find out.

Jack calls out to the bedroom in a nice tone, Trevor? You can come out now

The boy now freshly showered comes back into the living room. I’m sorry Jack. I am all showered now

I can see that Trevor. Thank you. Hey I found something in the work area of the shop. It looks like there was a needle break. Do you know what might have happen

He was playing to see if the boy knew anything. If he did not know anything, Jack would be able to tell the difference. But Trevor stammered in his reply. I wonder how that happened

Jack gave him the evil eye. Trevor you didn’t get into the leather good machines did you?

The boy was silent.

Did you???

I’m sorry Jack. I did not mean to ...

The gig was up! He grabbed the boy by his upper arm and hoisted him up at the same time that he stood up. He turned Trevor to face him. He said very loudly in his face, That earns you a strapping young man. You stand right here until I get back

Jack storms out and back in with a long, thick piece of Leather.

Drop your pants and bend over the back of that coach

Trevor begs, Oh no, Sir??? I didn’t mean it!!!

That is twice tonight that you have disobeyed me. You broke my brother’s equipment! Now bend over that couch!!!

Trevor shakily drops his pants and bends over the back of the couch – leaving his underwear on.

No there will be none of that! He yanks Trevor’s underwear down to his knees. Jack is mad and he lays into Trevor with a biting sear and just lays it on thick.

Whipth!!! Whipth!!! Crack!!! Crack!!! Swishsch!!!)))

A steady strapping came down over and over for a long time. The boy’s hollers and moans changes to a steady cry, accepting the strapping and adapting as best as he could. He is truly sorry. He will be feeling this for a few days for sure!


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