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Summer Adjustments
Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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Summer Adjustments Part 1 by Bud Johnson

Years ago in the early 1980s, Luke met Chuck at the local chapter of the 4-H club in Northern Michigan. Working with farm animals is hard work. It was something Chuck wanted to learn about. Chuck is a hardy kid. Even with his contemptuous façade as the city kid, he had a desire to learn about farm life. Luke was a counselor there.

At the time, Luke has been going through a messy divorce. His patience with the boys in the 4-H sometimes wares thin. He respects the kids, and Chuck was just another one. So, in their first few discussions on animals, he assumed that Chuck understood the things he was telling him. The 39 year old man thought that the 17 year old boy understood his expectations.

There were a couple of times when Chuck really did some flat out stupid and irresponsible things. He left the gates wide open when he left for the night, forgetting before he went to his dormitory at the end of the day. One is expected to be responsible with their given assignments. These were probably his biggest blunders of the summer. Double checking the gates were one of his few assigned duties.

The first time this happened, no animals had roamed off so he just had a long talk with the boy on the club’s expectations that he keep track of his responsibilities. But a few weeks later, it happened again.

Again, no animals had roamed. Chuck had been lucky. The ranch had been lucky in that nothing had stirred up the animals over night. But enough of luck Luke thought. He had another talk with Chuck; a long talk. He laid down some hard rules and consequences with the big boy if these rules were broke one more time. Chuck seems truly apologetic. It seemed to Luke that he was going to learn to be responsible. So when it happened a third time and several animals did roam off, Luke felt he had no option. Chuck knew the choices. Either he could face some bare butt discipline or he would be sent home. It was his choice.

With fear and trepidation, Chuck got his butt burned good that day. He would not go home. That isn’t Chuck. He accepted the assured paddling from Luke; something he had never accepted from anybody in his life before. At 17, maybe this would steer his course and get himself together.

After that summer, Luke and Chuck became fast friends. Chuck had accepted that punishment from him and, though he wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, he began to flourish in ways that no one could have imagined. He paid attention to his responsibilities on the farm the rest of the summer, A’s more of his classes the following school year, and became a model kid at school his Senior year. Luke stayed on his mind.

It has been five years now. Luke was a mentor to the boy who now, is technically a 22 year old man. Both men really did admire each other.

Chuck has just finished a trade school program in auto mechanics. He would be looking for a job the following fall. With 5 years having passed, they decided to spend some time together over the summer. Chuck was uncertain about the next course of his life and felt he needed guidance. Luke has always felt a deep seeded desire to help young men chase a good direction in life. He feels particularly close to Chuck. Even the haughty Chuck admits that he thinks he could use some guidance and discipline like we had gotten the summer. He hoped that it would help him in this new positive direction in his life.

They agreed that the visit this summer will live under Luke’s rules at his home. Chuck agrees to abide to this in hopes of achieving a new independence. Even though Chuck was a great deal larger (over 6 feet), Luke carries himself with a confidence that Chuck could only dream of.

The deal had been struck. The 44 year old Luke would call the shots completely for the rest of this summer and Chuck will accept the consequences. The man is taking on the responsibility of molding a younger man.

Chuck can clear his mind of things that really don’t matter in life and get his priorities straight. Things in life like honesty, integrity, fairness, and hard work that are obvious to Luke.

Hey sport! Smiling, Luke teases Chuck with the cheerful salutation at the airport. Chuck begins to snap out of an uncertain, mental fog that had been hurdling to him on the plane ride. Could he handle it? Did he really want to go through with this?

How’ve you been, Luke? Chuck asks with his head starring down at the floor.

They head to the Baggage area. Collecting the luggage before heading to the parking lot, they stop so Chuck can get a much-needed pit stop. The climate up North during the month of June feels great to both of them. There is freshness and a simmering mystery in the air. Neither of them quite knows where things are headed.

A man in a shuttle cart is near by when they exit the airport. Luke flags the driver over to them, tips the man. They needed a ride to the far end of the lot. Come on in boys

The deep, gruff voice of the shuttle driver was the basis in a change for Chuck into nervousness again. Luke helps Chuck getting the luggage on the cart and they headed to the car. In the cart, Luke sits close to Chuck. Chuck is anxious as he is completely out of his element. Luke puts his arm across his shoulder, nudging him even closer to him, speaking in a low voice to reassure him.

The attendant starts the cart and they head off toward Luke’s van. During the ride, Chuck’s thoughts are running wild. A silent tension tethers the two in a sort of clumsy stranglehold.

Fear is in command of Chuck now. It has been a long time since they actually have seen each other. He wonders how soon it will be before Luke paddles his bare ass. And now, with Chuck having come of age, there is a subtle, adult friction between the two men.

Finally, Chuck looks over at Luke. The meek thought of a Yes Sir, echoes in his mind as his silent mouth quivers. Chuck thinks, Boy! What have I gotten into now? It was overwhelming.

Luke starts the car. The van heads for the horizon. There is a rush of energy through the body. Luke always had a way of putting people at ease. This was natural for him.

Chuck feels like he was wanted there up north staying with Luke for the summer, but another part of him is scared to death! The last time anyone paid him any good attention was probably when he was in the 4H club. City life is busy, but anonymous. Luke breaks the tension by patting Chuck on the shoulder in a reassuring way.

It’s good to see you again. The atmosphere breathes.

Luke is aware that Chuck is acting much like he used to act when his Dad was about to whoop him. Luke is puzzled now, because he has tried everything to bring out the opposite. Why is the big & burly, earthy kid so nervous? He thinks of this as a Woodshed moment from the emotional roller-coaster ride that goes on in a young man. Fear is eating Chuck alive. And worry can lock a man’s feet.

Luke is used to being alone. He never did remarry. Distracted by the thoughts of the discipline throughout his own life, Luke remembers the cathartic moments when a guy first faces he own fears. Luke would get stimulated and withdraw when ever he hears a father & son spanking in the neighborhood. He took his fair share of the paddle from his own Dad.

He hated it then, but he would also feel a certain security knowing that his Dad cared about him too. In those days, you were expected to take it once an elder decided you were going to be punished.

When Luke got older, the feelings crossed over within himself. It was both a sexual desire and an emotional need. He got turned on by the thought of it. It was more often that he saw himself as the giver. Luke found in his own life, once he accepted that he was going to get paddled, it was easier when the time finally came. Chuck wasn’t there yet. He is frightened. If he can help Chuck, he needs to bring him out of that mind set right away.

There is a compelling lure in his feelings toward Chuck. You see after Luke left his family, the thoughts, memories, images and sensations turreted his psyche most of the time. He decided long before Chuck arrived for the summer that he was going to be the mentor he wished that he had found in his own life. Right now, he needs to be his pillar of strength. It’s a large part of the logic in why he enjoys mentoring. After all, discipline is a necessary part of life.

When they get into Luke’s car, Luke feels the wonder, the excitement, the anticipation and even trepidation that they are both are experiencing. Luke knows what he must do.

He starts the car.

You seem a little nervous, Chuck. Want to talk about it? Luke said.

Chuck is thinking that he is right. He is nervous. What is going to happen while he is here? But he tells Luke, I am tired from the ride here, Sir.

Oh, I see. Luke also realizes that Chuck is lying to save face.

The two remain quiet. It feels clammy in the car so he rolls down the windows. Relax Son, and enjoy the air.

He turns the radio on. They ride in a bridled silence for almost an hour. The roads are lined with thick pines that seem to go on forever. Dusk is an hour or two off even at 8pm up north. Still the longer they drive the more anxious Chuck is getting. Luke turns off the main road, onto a bridleway. The time has come. They bump along the dirt road, curving into an area away from everything. It appears to be desolate. Luke makes his move.

He backs his van into a natural cove. Luke pops it into park and lets out a deep sigh.

Chuck, we are friends right? We have also talked about that summer when you were 17 too, right?

In acknowledgement, Chuck nods back to Luke. Luke takes his arm and puts it across his shoulder. As he pulls next to him he says, You have come a long way from when you were in High School. But I can see you have many hurdles to cross yet. I am going to help to get to them this summer. But only you can hop the barrier, cross the creek, and to have it all make sense.

Chuck reopens himself to Luke. He quietly agrees with him while at the same time, he fears just about everything at this moment. There is an ominous atmosphere, hanging like a pall.

Luke says to Chuck, Let’s get it over with. You know what to expect from me when you screwed up. I have accepted that duty – and it is a duty, Chuck. It’s time to break the ice, son.

Luke reaches over to the glove box. It opens, and Luke grabs a Ping-Pong paddle from it. At the same time he unlocks Chuck’s seatbelt, unbuttons his blue jeans and said, I think you need a bare-bottom paddling before he get home.


This is for your own good Chuck. You’ll know what to expect.

Luke unlocks his seat belt and shifts his body toward Chuck. The front seat is one of those long connected seats.

Get up on your knees, son. Almost in shock, Chuck does as he is told. It is awkward though as he has to duck his head and chest over Luke and much closer than he is comfortable with.

Luke takes both sides of his pants and draws them down to expose his underwear over his butt. He shifts his body closer into where Chuck is. With his left arm now across the small of his back, they are in the classic position. He adds pressure to secure him tightly into place.

Chuck felt the wood running down the side of his leg and a fear shot up through him liked the torrents of a big river. He has a semi hard on hiding under his underwear too so he is embarrassed.

Luke said, Excited huh?

He draws down his underwear and pulls the paddle back at a 45 degree angle. Chuck’s paddling begins.

Being in the van, Luke’s range of motion is hindered some, but he still let go into a rapid fire paddling. Luke is a strong man. He is still much stronger than the bigger city boy. Spanking boys large or small is almost a natural thing for Luke.

Chuck was moaning loudly from the start. In the van, even with the windows down, the sound was amplified. The whacking continued for several minutes. Luke stopped for a moment to say, This will happen whenever it needs to happen, understood?

Yes Sir.

And it will be much harder than what you’re getting now. The paddling continues...

Crack! Whap! Whoop! Whoop! Crack! Whoop!!!)))

Owwwwwwwww, Chuck moans.

Luke lifts Chuck up and tells him to pull his pants back up. The first spanking of the summer is over. They finish the drive to Luke’s house.

<End Part 1>

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