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The Leather Shop
Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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The Leather Shop (Part 2)


Jack was very angry with Trevor, and he did not snap out of this state until long after he had ordered Trevor to bed for the night. But the time was late and Jack is tired. He went into the bedroom and lay down next to Trevor.

He caught some flash images in the corner of his eye. His boy is quiet now. Punished, but released from his daily anxiety because he took the punishment like a man.

Jack is getting aroused now. The two have not made it for a few days now. Even Dad’s need affection and comfort now and then. He nestles up to Trevor on his side. He begins spooning Trevor’s back and suckling the edges of his sides with his tongue. Jack’s erection grows solid and hard as granite. While he spoons behind Trevor inching slowly into his hole.

The natural gyrations begin to burgeon. He had felt a minor gasp from Trevor. Jack finds that he needs to connect his mouth to the man-boy’s face. At the same time that his motions began, the blood that flows through his body is on fire! His perspiration seems insignificant right then. He is about to explode!

A mutual moan arises in the bed. All is released and the climax is achieved. Nothing needs to be said. Each had done their duty toward their mutual bond. Jack is taken care of and so is Trevor. Sleep comes to them both. Tomorrow is another day.

The next morning, Jack remembers the events of the night before. He needs to talk to his brother. He calls the Atlanta store and talks to his brother. He explains what had happened and how a mysterious needle got broken off one of his Toro 4000 machines. Then, Jack just listened.

Apparently, there was one of the machines that had a needle break recently. It was probably that same machine. His brother had just solder it back on and it worked okay for awhile. But he was expecting it to break off at some point anyway. He told Jack not to worry about it.

Jack kept this information to himself. He decided that Trevor really needs to learn not to get himself into trouble like he did last night. Though it does not sound like Trevor’s mistake is going to cost any money to fix, Jack figures he’ll tell Trevor...later!

Instead Jack said out loud as he hangs up the telephone, 100 dollars for a needle

Trevor’s face turns sheer white! He butt is burning from the strapping he took last night and having to pay out 100 dollars is going to get him another licking for sure! That is what he is thinking anyway.

Trevor speaks like a sheepish child, trying to avoid another spanking. Oh no, Jack! I’ll pay for it. Please Jack

Jack keeps his eyes sheered at Trevor, almost darting them back and forth from his butt to that strap that is hanging on the wall – subtly. It is not the same strap that Trevor felt last night. but it looks just as fierce to Trevor.

Jack said teasingly, I am sure we can work out a deal, Trevor. A crack a buck, that sounds about right

Jack??? Trevor whines.

Jack rolls his eyes. But he is also thinking maybe he needs a reminder spanking to get right with the day. Besides, he just wants to burn off some energy and a little grimacing kind of turns him on. He opens his legs and pats the inside of his thigh. He motions with his eyes for Trevor to come over here.! Jack slowly and deliberately said, Boy? Bring your bare butt right over here right now!

Trevor starts moving towards Jack, sniffling like the spoiled brat he can be. Jack keeps a steady eye on the boy as he walks towards him. He thinks that the boy really does need another good licking this morning. He is acting like a cocky little spoiled brat.

So as soon as Trevor is at arm’s reach, Jack snatches his forearm and hauls straight across his one thigh. He wallops him hard and fast on his jutting bare bottom.

Whack! Whack! Whap! Whack! Whap! Whap! Whap! ...

A good 10 or 15 minutes and Trevor is worked into a pool of sweat and snot as hardy as he had the night before. And Jack is only using the palm of his hand! True, but Jack is also sweating harder than last night too!

Jack thinks while he wraps this mornings’ spanking up, I wonder if I should tell him? Maybe tomorrow ...

Whack! Whack! Whack!..

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