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Ass Torture in The Third World

by anonymous

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It wouldn't be a simple caning or even a flogging . The hairy young American would receive a punishment he'd never forget. It started with two enemas, administered under the watchful gaze of a guard with a long bamboo cane in hand. The slightest hesitation was rewarded with a sharp blow to the thighs and shoulders. The buttocks were off limits-they were the special preserve of the torture squad. Utterly empty after this phase, the guy was allowed to clean himself up. A doctor-if that's what he was-examined the American paying special attention to his rectum and genitals. He patted our hero's hairy butt and said something to one of guards in their native tongue. The natives laughed.

The young man was pulled between two guards into a sound-proofed room. There stood an oil drum on legs. A hole cut in the middle received the victims' genitals. A port in the drum allowed the penis and scrotum to be fully observed during the treatment A sturdy platform had been built just above and behind the drum. The prisoner wondered what that was for-he'd soon find out. He was tied over the drum's bare metal surface. His legs were spread so widely that he felt like a wishbone. Another broad strap covered his lower back and secured his torso to the drum. All he could see was the concrete floor which looked brand new. "They custom made this just for whippin" he thought. He heard feet shuffling behind him. Then he felt a cool sensation on his butt. He suddenly realized that his ass-cheeks were being shaved of all the coarse black hair that flowed out of his crack like a fountain and spilled over the rump. "Hope that's all they shave' he thought, fearing for the rug on his torso and the dense growth around his pubes. The shaving was very thorough and included all of his crack. The finished job made a stark contrast to the hair peeking out from the restraint on his back and his furry thighs. The guards murmured appreciatively with the Oriental eye for serendipitous beauty.

Suddenly he felt a red-hot band of sensation across his butt and he jerked against his bonds. Another, and another. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of screaming, not if he could help it. The guard was wielding a heavy plastic strap about 4 inches wide and four feet long, with slots cut into it to keep it level as it crashed into a guy's butt. Each stroke made the shaved ass redder and redder. The disciplinarian was an expert and moved the impact up and down the buttocks, from the top to the sensitive underside. Gritting his teeth, the guy hoped that his ass would get numb from the repetition. It wasn't to be; his butt got hotter and hotter, becoming the center of his whole world. After twenty lashes he lost count as sweat poured off him, dropping before his eyes to pool on the floor. Finally it was over. The lashes ceased and he relaxed a bit. Maybe they'd be satisfied. Maybe he'd be freed. He felt like what ever lesson he was supposed to learn, he certainly had learned it.

He heard somebody moving to the platform above him and saw shadows, including a long thin one, on the floor. There was a guttural command in their language and he heard a sharp swoosh and then his anus was on fire. Another guard had moved to the platform and had brought a bamboo cane right down into the guy's helpless wide-open crack. " AAAAGHHH!" the American groaned, not caring about being tough anymore. Another stroke hit the far left of his butt, and a chorus of them methodically marched across his ass, striking deep again into his crack. Each was delivered at right angles to the previous lashes. Soon the ass looked like a bright red quilt with strong vertical lines from the cane and broad deep reddish-purple horizontal bars that melded into each other. The caning stopped and the American gasped for breath-he felt like he'd been holding it the entire time. His chest hurt from straining against the drum. He felt the ankle restraints being loosened. "Please let it be over" he implored in his mind. But his legs were being pulled even more widely apart! Simultaneously, something hard and mechanical grabbed his throbbing ass cheeks and like giant hands pulled them even further apart. "NOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled, provoking only laughter from the torturers. He felt cool air on his naked anus. Something wet was being applied to his entire buttocks. It ran deeply into the anus to his tightly-clenched spinchter and began to sting, first subtly and then like liquid fire. It was disinfectant, chosen for its irritating properties as well as its medicinal . "AAAAH, AAAAH!" he shrieked. After a few minutes it evaporated and the cheek-spreader was removed. He was untied and helped to a standing position-he was very wobbly and two guards had to almost carry him. He was shuffled down a hallway to a cell where he was allowed to flop face down on a cot and try to recover himself.

The next day the doctor came by and examined him, once again very interested in his rectum.. There was some murmuring and a guard left, returning with what looked like a saddle on an A-frame. The American shrank in fear. Another whipping, so soon? He was roughly showed over the saddle and tied down. He felt a probing at his anus and cringed. Something sleek, metallic and cold was being shoved up his rectum, and felt big indeed. In that position he was left alone for an hour, with guards occasionally stopping by to look through the cell bars and laugh. At the end of the hour the guards removed the butt-plug and untied him, leaving him alone to contemplate his abused ass and the hell it had been through. This treatment was repeated three days in a row. The fourth day, as he tried to relax to admit the plug, a TV monitor was brought in and put on the floor where he could see it. The plug seemed bigger this time; the guards were cranking it to expand larger and larger. The American gasped and then yelled as it stretched him way out of shape. Mercifully, they stopped and secured the plug with a cord wrapped around the A-frame. The stubble on his cheeks was shaved again to reignite some stinging. As he was tied down, ass up in the air and painfully plugged, the monitor started showing the room where he'd been whipped. A naked Occidental man was being led in and strapped down. With horror he realized he was watching a tape of himself being punished. Reliving the experience he felt his penis get erect as his butt was shaved and then beaten by a burly bare-chested guard. As he watched the caner mount the platform above him, his cock got harder and harder. Watching the cane fly down onto his ass and hearing himself scream on the tape, he started squirming in his bonds. He found he could get one hand close enough to his dick to stroke it and suddenly he spurted come all over the floor and monitor. He gasped as if he'd been whipped again . The guards came in and were laughing uproariously. The American couldn't helped but smile too, although he feared the consequences. The plug was removed from his butt, he was untied and allowed to take a shower. He was given his clothes back and driven to the airport where a military plane flew him out of the country and away from the most intense experience of his life.

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