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Spanking At Tommy's

by Kenb884516

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I've been wandering around here for a couple of weeks enjoying the stories, so I thought it was time that I contribute. This story is fiction. Although I have some RL's of my own, I thought I'd start out with something more creative.

WARNING! If spanking of teens offends, don't read any further.


Billy was 14 and had just moved to the area. He met Tommy at school and the two became good friends. Tommy was the youngest of two boys and his older brother was away at school. Billy was an only child, but lacked most of the characteristics of onlychildren. Except one -- he was extremely modest, having never had to share a room.

Shortly after school started, Billy's parents had to return to their old city for a week to finanlize the sale of the house and other things. Not wanting Billy to miss and entire week of school, Tommy's parents offered to let him stay at their house. Billy's parents dropped him off on Sunday. As his parents were leaving, his father pulled him aside and told him that he was to behave and do whatever he was told by Tommy's parents. Additionally, his father told him that he had given Tommy's father permission to punish him as he saw fit for any misbehavior. This worried Billy a little as he had not often been punished at home. Being an only child, their wasn't much trouble to be gotten into, but soon he put this out of his mind.

Tommy's parents were older and had very difinte ideas about raising sons. That fist night Billy discovered that he wasn't to be treated as a guest but rather as one of their own. At about 8:30, Tommy's mom offered the boys ice cream. Both boys jumped at the offer. "Wait a minute," she said, "both of you get ready for bed first, then you can have the ice cream." Billy wasn't used to getting ready for this bed this early, but not wanting to cause any problems he rose and went upstairs to Tommy's room and began to get the pajamas his mother had sent out of his suitcase.

As he was removing his shoes, socks, and shirt, Tommy and his father came intothe room. Eyeing the pajamas on the bed, Tommy's father told Billy that in their house teenaged boys were expected to sleep in just their briefs, but as this was his first night in their house, he would allow Billy to keep his undershirt on as well, but just for tonight. Tomorrow, it would be briefs only! Billy was accustomed to sleeping in his underwear at home, so he shrugged as he saw Tommy's dad pick up the pj's and place them on a shelf in the closet, and he headed for the bathroom to wash up. "Wait a minute young man," said Tommy's dad, "did you hear what I just told you?" Billy was confused, he assumed that he was to wash up, go downstairs for ice cream and then undress prior to getting into bed. It was then that he noticed that his friend Tommy had undressed and was standing in just his white cotton briefs, hands held low, looking at Billy somewhat embarassed.

Suddenly, Billy got a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. Surely he didn't expect him to stip now and then go back downstairs in front of Tommy's mom in just his briefs and undershirt. "That's right young man," said Tommy's dad as if he had read his mind, "get those trousers off. In this house when you're told to get ready for bed it means just the underwear. Billy couldn't believe this. He asked Tommy's dad to reconsiderstating that he would be too embarassed, but it was to no avail. Slowly, Billy dropped his jeans, leaving himself in just his undershirt and briefs.

After washing up, the boys headed downstairs. Billy's dad had told him not to worry, that boys in their underwear were nothing new around this house, but it didn't help. Billy had been mortified at stripping before Tommy and his dad, now Tommy's mom was going to see him too. He could feel lthe blush in his face. Moreover, his embarassment had caused him to get the beginnings of an erection. He tried to pull his undershirt down over his groin, but the hem reached only to the waistband of the briefs. As he entered the kitchen, his erection was clearly visible to everyone. He had not felt such embarassment in his life. The next morning was no better. He found out that breakfast was served immediately upon waking. He again found himself in the kitchen with everyone in just his underwear and again with an erection. He was so thankful when he was finally dressed, he couldn't imagine what that night would bring when he was allowed only the briefs and no shirt.

The boys headed off to school. At lunch, they decided to ditch their last class and sneak over to the all girls school across town and spy on the girls gym class. As attendance at been turned in, they thought their absence would go unnoticed. How wrong they were. It seems someone pulled the fire alarm as a prank. During the evacuation and subsequent roll call, their absence was discovered. The freshman class snitch told the dean she had seen the boys sneaking off. The dean of course phone Tommy's dad.

The boys arrived home on time, unaware that they had been discovered. Tommy's parents were waiting for them. At first the boys tried denying the accusation, but it soon became evident that the truth would be far better. Tommy's parents were furious. The boys were told they would be severly punished later and were sent to separate rooms and told to get all of their homework done. Billy was really nervous, he had never been in this much trouble in his life. He had no idea how he was to be punished, and as he and Tommy had been separated, he couldn't ask him what to expect.

Two hours later the boys were called for dinner. They were given a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk, while Tommy's parents at roast. After dinner the boys were told they were going to be spanked severely. Both boys pleaded that some other punishment be used, especially Billy who had never been spanked. Tommy's father would not be swayed. The boys were told to go upstairs and take a warm shower -- together. Billy and Tommy pleaded that they not be made to shower together like little boys, but Tommy's dad told them they had behaved like little boys and that's how they were to be punished. Furthermore, they were to leave the bathroom door opened and were to use the toilet prior to their shower.

Pale and unbelieving the boys headed to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom they stared at each other in disbelief and then began to disrobe. When they got to their briefs Tommy's father appeared in the open doorway, "Let's go, get them off, I'll not have any dawdling." The boys slowly dropped their briefs and under his watchful eye each took his turn on the toilet. Billy was mortified, as an only child he had never had his privacy invaded in the bathroom. To make matters worse both boys again had erections.

As they were about to enter the shower stall, Tommy's dad stopped them. He told them that he knew their erections were uncontrollable and were the result of being embarassed, but that this was punishment and was not to be enjoyed in any way. As such, both boys were to told to get into the shower stall and masturbate before turning the on the water to begin their shower. He handed both boys a paper cup and told them to ejaculate into the cup and he would check it prior to their punishment to insure they had done as instructed.

The boys were too shocked for words. Neither had engaged in any kind of sex play, not even the infamous locker room circle jerk. But, not wanting to anger Tommy's dad, they entered the shower stall and each began to masturbate himself, being careful to ejaculate into the little cup. Under the cover of the water, Billy asked Tommy is he was always punished this way. Tommy said he had been spanked bare bottom before, but nothing like this. However, he had never angered his father this much before. His older brother had told him punishments would get worse as he got older, but never gave him any details. Now he knew why. Tommy was just as embarassed as Billy, although he had often been naked in front of his parents and brother growing up, this was different, Billy was a friend not family.

When the boys had finished showereing, they stepped out the stall and discoverd that their clothes had been taken away and they had been left with two small hand towels with which to dry themselves. Tommy's dad had told them that after their shower, they were to report to his bedroom for their spanking. Taking their own cup, the boys covered their genitals as best the could with their hands and streaked down the hall. Billy was relieved to hear noise from the kitchen, that meant Billy's mom was not upstairs to see him completely nude.

Tommy's dad took the cups from the boys and found, to their embarassment, that each had done as instructed. He could have just checked their anatomy, neither boy was erect any longer. "Get those hands on your heads and spread your legs. There'll be no modesty now," said Tommy's dad. Both boys did as they were told, blushing from head to toe. "You should have considered how embarassing punishment can be before you decided to skip class today." In their spread-eagle positions the boys were lectured about why it was wrong to skip school. This lecture seemed to them to go on for hours, inreality it was than ten minutes.

"Alright Tommy, you'll be first, come lay across my lap." Whimpering Tommy positioned himself as instructed. Tommy's father began to spank his son's bottom with his bare hand. Each spank seemed harder than the previous. By the time the fifth swat had hit Tommy had begun to moan, by ten he was begging his father to stop, and be twenty tears were forming, although he fought to keep from crying. Then it was Billy's turn.

As Billy positioned himslef he began to get really afraid. He had never had a bare bottom spanking in his life. He felt Tommy's father place hishand on his buttocks and he instinctively lurched. "Keep still young man, or you'll get it worse yet. I know your father doesn't punish you like this, but it'll teach you a good lesson." With that the spanking began. By the times the twenty swats had landed, Billy was sure his bottom was on fire. He returned to his position next to Tommy, hands on head legs spread. Both boys thought they were through.

"Alright, both of you lay down next to each other on the bed and reach your hands out in front of you. You'll take twenty with the belt, then we'll be through." The boys then began to plead in earnest, "Please dad," said Tommy,"don't use the belt, it will hurt too much." "Yeah, " said Billy, "besides I've never had it with the belt, I don't think I can stand it." But there was no getting out of it and both boys soon found themselves stretched out on the bed.

Tommy and Billy are being spanked by Tommy's dad for ditching class. At the end of part one both boys had just been placed on the bed to get the belt.

Tommy's dad positioned the boys so they were lying so close their sides were touching. He then reached underneath each boy, and much to their consternation, adjusted their scrotums to be sure they were well under them so there was no chance of the belt hitting there should they jump. Then he began. He brought the belt down in such a way that it hit both boys simultaneously. By the third hit both boys were crying in earnest. By the fifth they were pleading for mercy. At ten, their crys had become loud. Neither boy could remember crying this hard ever. After the tenth, Tommy's father offered them the chance to avoid the remaining ten strokes. The boys were ready to agree to almost anything.

Tommy's father really didn't want to hurt them any more, and he knew the value of prolonging their embarassment. He told them they would have to do the following to avoid the remaining ten strokes.

1. The boys would be required to spend the rest of the night completely naked, downstairs. This made Billy cringe. After all, he was sure Tommy had been nude before him mom, but him. He had worried about being seen in just his briefs, now this. However, it was better than ten more hits with the belt.

2. The boys would be required to shower together for the remainder of the week, and would be allowed only cold showers. The boys groaned at this. They had found it embarassing already to have to shower together in the confined space, but again it spared their bottoms. They knew a cold shower would feel good now, but not in the morning. But the agreed.

3. The boys would be grounded, other than school, for the remainder of the week, and as such would be expected to get ready for bed as soon as they came home from school. In other words, the boys would in briefs only whenever at home. After tonight, neither had anything to hide, so they agreed.

4. Finally, both boys would have to report to the dean the next morning and apologize for ditching class. Additionally, they would have to offer to show him thier bottoms as evidence that they had been punished, before asking not to be suspended.

It was clear to both boys that Tommy's dad was not going to let them forget that they had screwed up in a big way. The rest of the evening was miserable. Their bottoms were so sore they couldn't sit down, and being naked in front of both of Tommy's parents was so embarassing, especially since they had been forbidden to cover themselves. Lying in Tommy's bed that night on their stomachs, their bare bottoms still stinging, both boys hoped out loud that the dean would be more understanding than Tommy's dad had been.

The next morning, the boys, after breakfast in the buff, and shivering through a long, cold shower, headed off to school. Unknown to them, Tommy's dad a called the dean to discuss the boys punishment. The dean agreed not to suspend them, but assured Tommy's father that he would inspect their bottoms so they didn't get off to easy. When the boys arrived in his office, he bade them sit down. Hesitantly the boys sat, knowing how uncomfortable this was going to be. He asked them exactly what kind of punishment they had received that made the suspension unnecessary. Ashamedly, the boys told of their spanking and the four conditions for the rest of the week. At the end of their telling the boys looked at each other, finally Tommy said, "My father said that we were to show you our backsides as proof if you require." The boys held their breath, hoping to not have to drop their jeans in the dean's office. "Alright, said the dean, let's have a look. Oh no you dont', face me while you get the trousers and shorts off. Take them all the way to your ankles and pull your shirts up under your arms. Yes, that's fine, now turn around and bend all the way over. Well, it looks as if you two have learned your lesson." He told them they could redress. With red faces, the boys put their clothes back in place.

The dean told them he would not suspend them this time, but that next time they could look forward not only to punishment at home, but to a suspension as well. Relieved, both boys stood to leave. "It's really to bad that soon everyone will know about your spankings," said the dean with a smirk on his face. The boys looked at him in horror, surely he wasn't going to tell anyone. "Oh, don't worry," said the dean, "I'm not going to say a word, but today is the first day of swimming for freshman boys gym. As you know, your swimming class is taken in the nude. I'm afraid when you two strip, all the boys will see your bottoms, along with the teacher, and, well, you know how quickly news spreads. Now you two run along to the locker room and get stripped for class. And don't think of ditching again, I'll be stopping by to make sure you're there."

As they boys headed for the locker room, they wondered if this punishment was ever going to end. The knew for certain they would never again think of skipping school.

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