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Apprentice Barber Is A Master
Part 1

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about a man and a masterful apprentice barber.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I was unemployed once again.  I was thirty-five-years-old and for half my life I’ve been working shitty jobs that never allowed me to save very much nor get a better position.  They often just vanish leaving me to try to survive on unemployment benefits until I find the next equally shitty job.  It could have been worse for I had managed to graduate from high school so that helped in that I didn’t get the absolutely crappiest jobs.  Then there was the accident and I had a double funeral to arrange.  The folks had been deep in debt and I ended up with zilch.  It’s been a rough slog.

I know that appearance is important when going to a job interview so it is essential to be well groomed.  I can save my best shirt and slacks as well as keeping my shoes shined for those important interviews so I can shower and dress sharply on short notice.  Likewise it is necessary to always have my hair properly trimmed not needing a haircut all the time.  Unfortunately, that requires expenditures for which I don’t have the funds.  I spoke to my barber about my plight hoping to come to some understanding – like a reduced rate.  The barber was sympathetic to my situation and made an offer.  His son was also a barber but was still an apprentice because he was only seventeen and could not yet get a full licence but he could do the job.  I would have come at off hours when things were slow and his son was not at a boarding school taking care of the boys.  I accepted the conditions and made an appointment for later in the week.

The young barber was a handsome dude.  He was tall and well built and was delighted to have a regular client beside his school boys.  I understand your objective is to look sharp as you apply for a new job.  I’ll be delighted to keep you looking good. he said carefully studying my head and hair.  I know just the perfect style for you.

I was delighted how enthusiastic he was.  He carefully studied my head some more once the hair cloth was covering me.  I could feel how powerful he was as he positioned my head with his hand using a masterful grip.  Just sit up straight and don’t fugit, boy. he ordered.  I guess that he was used to telling his usual school boy clients that so I let it pass and straightened up a bit.

He was fast!  He used the clippers even more than the scissors and in a couple of minutes my luxurious hair was reduced to a covering.  He never told me to move but just twisted my head into whatever position he wished it to be in.  It seems like he had just started when he was already working with the razor cleaning up the hair line around my ears and neck.  I had a new look without having asked for it – a very young look.  Without my mustache, I probably could have passed for a college kid.

He brushed me off and then offered me a lollipop.  Actually, he said: Have two since this is your first haircut from me.  I paid him and then got another surprise.  Shave off that silly mustache.  It doesn’t look right at all on you, lad. he ordered.

I have to admit that the new style of my hair worked well.  It looked good and stayed neat through the entire day.  The only thing that bothered me was that he told, er, actually ordered me to shave off my mustache.  I studied it every time I shaved my face but never touched it.  Over the years I had grown accustomed to it.  Beside, who was he to tell me what to do!  I remember resisting the same instruction from my father when I was a teenager and very much in the rebellious stage.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was two weeks later that I returned for my second haircut.  When I entered the shop, he gave me one look and he was not pleased with what he saw.  I still have trouble comprehending what happened and how.  I told you to get rid of that stupid mess on your lip and you haven’t.  Get your nose into that corner and your hands on your head until I’m ready for you.  I tried to say something but he commanded me to be quiet and I obeyed him as he propelled me into the corner.

I did not know what was going on but somehow I knew that I should, er, must obey this dominant young man as he parked me in the corner.  He wasn’t even born the last time my parents gave me corner time yet I docilely did as he ordered vaguely glad that I wasn’t red-butt naked like I was after one of Dad’s spankings.  I couldn’t imagine what the man in the chair thought of me although he said: Another naughty school boy.  Sorry I don’t have the time to see how you’ll deal with him. he said as he left.

I, on the other hand, would find out all too soon how he would deal with me for I was immediately summoned from the corner.  He was sitting on the bench for waiting customers with a big hairbrush in his hand.  COME HERE, BOY! he barked and I again obeyed.  He did not waste any time but quickly opened my pants and yanked them down.  My underpants followed immediately and I was pulled over his lap like I was a little boy.  I had two conflicting thoughts clashing in my head.  The first was that this was all wrong and I should flee and the second which was exactly the opposite – that I was just a naughty little boy about to get his well-deserved punishment.

That conflict immediately was aborted as his heavy hairbrush connected violently with my bare butt for the first time.  I gave a howl and was rewarded with a barrage of hard spanks on my bottom.  I was crying by the time he stopped just like I did when my father had spanked me.  He stood me up and got me into the chair with my pants still wrapped about my ankles.  Sit still, boy. he ordered as he put the hair cloth over me.  With my tail freshly roasted it was difficult but he gave me a good incentive to be still.  I’m glad to say that this time the haircut was even faster than the first one.  There was one quick extra – He pulled back my head and held it in place as he used his clipper to remove my offending mustache.  He even removed the stubble with the razor he had just used to clean up the hair line on my neck.

I probably should have run from the barbershop as soon as the young barber started to put me in the corner and certainly when he started to spank me.  But not only didn’t I flee, I totally acquiesced to his treating me like a child and he was an adult.  His masterful use of his hand to control me in the chair maintained my submissive feelings so when he removed my mustache I did not say a word.

He had one more horror for me.  He had lowered the chair back so I was horizontal when he shaved my upper lip and now he quickly flipped the hair cloth up so it covered my head.  Because I hadn’t pulled up my pants after the spanking I was still naked below the waist.  A heavy hand on my midsection held me down while he used his clippers without asking and buzzed off my pubes.  By the time I realized what was happening he had covered my pubis with shaving cream.  I did not dare to move for fear of what he might cut as he shaved me there.

As I dressed, he told me that I would not be permitted pubes until I showed that I was mature enough to have them.  I was reminded that I must stay clean shaven as well.  I paid him and left somewhat confused about everything.

As I made my way home one thing was crystal clear to me and that was that he was the alpha male.  Ever since I entered the shop I could feel his potent sexuality.  I know it affected me because my junk felt small and was certainly flaccid.  Neither was I just imagining it all, for a few times while he was working on me his crotch bumped up against my arm and I could feel his potent hard cock through his pants.  Certainly being spanked like a little boy and losing my man-fur both top and bottom made me feel just like a boy.  I had very mixed emotions about for it was both very exciting yet extremely humiliating and shameful.

* * * * * * * * * *

My confusion remained even as I returned for the third haircut.  I made sure that I carefully shaved my upper lip the day I returned for my third haircut.  He looked at me and smiled as he was working on another customer.  I thought I would be called but another gentleman who had come in after me was taken.  That was the down side of the reduced rate I was paying.

Right after he started on me, he stopped to lock the door and pull down the shades as it was closing time.  He was more talkative this time and asked about my job hunting results (nothing good) although I was plugging away.  He was pleased that I had shaved properly.  Well, that was until he asked about down below.  He said that I showed poor judgement not shaving there as he had not given me permission to have hair there.

I was worried about having displeased him but there was nothing to do about it except say I was sorry and promise to take care of it every week.  He did not seem impressed.  When he was finished with my head, he removed the hair cloth and ordered me to remove my pants and undies.  Of course I obeyed him.  Then it was back in the chair and once again he shaved my crotch so I looked and felt like a boy.

I though that would be the end but it wasn’t.  He made me bend over and leaning on the waiting bench.  The old razor strop that suddenly materialized in his hands had served his grandfather many years in his shop and now served another purpose.  I yelled for each hard WHACK.  By the fourth I had broken and was crying.  The next and last two kept me going.  I did not realized what else he had in mind because I was in so much pain.  His hands were all over my fiery butt and I could not tell what he was doing.  I could hardly tell he had pushed a finger or two into me but when I realized something was in me while his hands were holding my waist I knew he had exercised his alpha male rights and taken me.  He felt ever so good inside of me.  When he was satisfied, he withdrew and had me dress.

As I went home, I knew I would be looking forward to my next visit with the apprentice barber who was so masterful.

The End

© CopyrightA.I.L.  January 23, 2015

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