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Aurelio and the Three Bears

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 31 Jan 2015

The following story is fiction about a boy getting spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking, paddling and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story is another parody of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairy tail.  Something that I have not done for some time.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Aurelio Pilus was fourteen and quarter years old and thought that he was going on twenty-five rather than having more than eight months until he was fifteen.  Perhaps if he was even half as grown up as he thought himself to be he would have managed to stay out of trouble.

In school it was a rare week that at least one of his teachers wasn’t reminded that he was a disruptive problem child.  The result was that almost every week he spent time in detention.  About once a month, his antics were sufficiently serious and he was sent to have a talking to by Principal Bären.

Aurelio had mixed feelings about these talks.  On the positive side, they were short, however, the downside was that they were painful.  After several minutes of talk, Principal Bären would extract the paddle he affectionately called Meine Bärenjunge  from his desk.  Even the big seniors did not think it was so little as it was a regular fraternity size paddle made from solid oak.  Aurelio would then have to drop his jeans and underpants and assume the position for anywhere from six to ten pops.  The Principal’s swing was sufficiently forceful that had the door been open the cracks would have been heard throughout the school.  Unfortunately, they did not deter Aurelio’s misconduct for with misplaced pride he exhibited his bright red butt to his classmates to admire.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mall Manager Bjørn also knew Aurelio and wished that he would never come to his mall but that was not the case.  It seemed to Mr. Bjørn that when security reported that there was teen trouble  almost half the time Aurelio was involved either actively or as a background instigator.  The troubles could range from lifting girls’ skirts to getting kids to fall into the fountain to stopping the escalators.  There were times (all too frequent) when he would have enjoyed the unlawful drawing and quartering the troublesome youth in the main court of the mall as an example.  Unfortunately that extreme punishment was impossible for it was unlawful and would be a horrendous mess to clean up.

Mr. Bjørn had to content himself with a leathering with a heavy belt in the security office.  It usually took two officers to hold the objecting brat so that his jeans could be opened and yanked down.  They were required to also hold the obnoxious troublesome brat in position over the table so that the punishing strap could do its job.  Other youths would accept their leatherings while learning to avoid them in the future.  Aurelio did not even though his strappings were longer and harder than the others received.  Mr. Bjørn got some solace from watching the actual strappings rather than reading the reports or even watching the videos of them.

One weekend Aurelio found himself in a new and unpleasant situation.  He had joined a group of older teens who went the forest on the outskirts of the town.  He had lured a girl away from the group and was making unwelcome advances when she started to scream.  As others rushed to her rescue Aurelio fled into the forest.  The group forgot him by the time they returned to town.

Aurelio first achievement running about the forest was to get himself quite lost although perhaps disoriented might be more accurate since he really didn’t know where he had started from when he bolted from the group.  Now, exhausted, hungry, dirty as well lost he continued to wander in the forest.  After a bit he saw a house and headed for it.  Although the door was locked and there wasn’t anybody about the place was occupied for he could see the table was set and stuff was on the stove.  He found a window which he broke and forced open and climbed inside.

Ravenous, he got himself some food and drink.  He then collapsed on the couch and promptly fell asleep.  He did not hear the owners return.  They quickly saw the perpetrator of various misdemeanors was now on the couch.  That they were not pleased at all would be the understatement of the week.  Mr. Beckingsale, the man of the house, was a huge and hairy fellow who was called Oso by one and all.  He did not have any trouble grabbing Aurelio by his shirt front with one hand and holding him up.  That was sufficient to wake him.  It was a long lecture that Aurelio had to endure for he could not get free.

James Beckingsale was watching with great interest and anticipation.  He had never seen his father so angry and was most glad that he was not the object of his father’s wrath.  He could not help but to rub his own behind in remembrance of times past when it was he who had transgressed.  The lecture was much more tolerable than when he was the intended object and was anticipating the end for what would surely follow for a change.

... and now it is time for your well deserved spanking. concluded Oso.

James was so anxious that he got one of the study kitchen chairs for his father even before his father could ask.  Aurelio was set down and was totally petrified so he did not move as he was divested of his pants and undies.  When those were pulled those off, he also lost his sneakers before he was placed securely over Oso’s large lap.  A heavy hand (paw) in the middle of his back held him in place.  The other hand was raised and brought crashing down on his bare butt.  Aurelio howled for the blow hurt more than the paddle and strap he was used to.  Each spank seem worse than the previous one and in a few short minutes Aurelio was an out of control blubbering mess.  He was left to cry on the floor.

Aurelio was still there curled up in a fetal position when the sheriff showed up a couple of hours later to take him into custody and he was still naked.  By the time he was willing and able to say who he was the court was closed and he had to spend the night as a guest of the sheriff – in a cell with iron bars.  The judge released him into the custody of his parents the next day although he would face charges and payment was required for damages.

Aurelio was a changed boy after that and his rules were far more restrictive.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  January 30, 2015

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