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Ball Boy's Solution

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about an athlete getting what he needs from the ball boy.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Newnan was exhausted.  The match had gone on and on with several tie breakers required.  It was a hot, sweaty and exhausting effort.  At this level it is all about winning and no longer the fun of the game.  Years ago, after a hard fought match like this the players would have hugged each other and headed to the bar to share a pint (or two) and some great time together with each other – buddies and kindred spirits.  It did not matter that they stank for everyone understood that they had dueled in the hot sun.  Their showers would wait for camaraderie was the important thing.

It was different this day.  It was like zillions around the world had watched on live TV and thousands in the stands although that was a great exaggeration.  The last point scored and the crowd roared.  Regardless of whom they had favored, everyone cheered for the winner so as to share (however undeservedly) in the laurels that were all about.  Unfortunately for Newnan it was his opponent who had triumphed this day.  It was his opponent for whom all the cheers were for.

Brokenhearted Newnan picked up his gear and headed to the locker room.  The hordes that were trampling the field of battle did not want to see him.  He was ignored as they jostled each other to get to the champ while he fought way to the exit ramp.  The space was empty for the hero of the day was elsewhere.  This was the place for the loser.  This was the place for him.

Then without warning there were arms about him.  He was being hugged.  Someone cared about HIM!  He who was the loser and the fuckup.  Yet someone cared about the LOSER!  It was a long hug and from a stranger.  Well, not exactly a stranger for he was a ball boy although just a junior one.  But his heart was not junior size but huge.  And he spoke soothing words (just like his mommy had ever so many years ago when he was but a little boy).

Newnan was now crying.  The ball boy, gently led Newnan to the locker room and tried to comfort him.  No one knew him anymore – not family, not coach, not friends – only Arney, the ball boy.  You did your best, Newnan.  No one else came close like you did. he expounded with an upbeat tone.

Newnan was not easily comforted.  His mistakes and errors loomed large in his mind although few in the world could have done as well.  He kept talking of the biggest one.  The one in the last moments of play that sealed his doom.  The one that he would regret for years to come.  He kept speaking of his faults.

Arney knew what had to be done.  Newnan needed to release his guilt.  There was one simple way to do so.  He stopped the hug and sat down on the nearby bench with the distraught player in front of him.  A quick tug at the shorts and the button and zipper yielded.  The shorts fell to the floor.  Arney hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the player’s jock and yanked it down.  Then faster than Newnan could realize what was happening he pulled him over his lap.

Arney grabbed the flip-flop that was on the bench and began to spank Newnan with it.  He was not gentle.  Although he was but in high school, he was a full grown youth with strong muscles and he spanked hard.  With every few spanks he mentioned a mistake or an error.  Every fault that Newnan thought he had was being paid for with this hard spanking.

The word and the spanks combined let Newnan promise to be good, i.e., not make those errors ever again.  His sobs became proper crying and his heart was freed. It was a while after the spanking was finished that they went to the showers.  Newnan no longer felt like a loser but now he was now the proud number two and his accounts were now balanced.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  July 9, 2015

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