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The Student and the Teacher
Traffic Citation

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about a middle-aged teacher who gets to live out another fantasy of his.  The story contains scenes of spanking with a strap.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., children) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The citation came in the mail.  It said that the automated speed checking system had spotted my car speeding and failing to stop for a stop sign.  I was to report to the court for adjudication.

Of course, it was not a real citation but one from the Club, a.k.a. Sebastian Academy for Boys which had apparently been able to arrange for another one of my fantasies.  I was both thrilled and scared.  This was because this court did not levy monetary fines nor points on the license but dispensed corporal punishment usually with a strap instead.  A thick heavy leather strap designed to cause pain and deter future misbehavior was used.

The court room was actually the same one as the VP’s office was.  The desk had been raised and there were a couple of court officers in the room at the start.  I was one of three defendants.  The bailiff rapped his gavel and we all stood for the judge.  Each of us three defendants were called forward in turn and the charges read.  I was the worst offender with the double charge of speeding and failure to obey a stop sign.  We each pleaded guilty.  I was sentenced to a dozen cuts of the strap while the other two guys were each to get six cuts.

We were herded into the next room and ordered to strip.  We also had to pee into a bucket just in case to prevent any messes.  Part of the punishment was not being allowed to do it in private.  Dire threats were made for anyone failing to drain before punishment and making a mess.  We then had to face the wall and wait for the executioner to arrive.  We had to keep our hands behind our heads like errant little boys.

The first miscreant was called and required to lie over a spanking bench and strapped down.  One jailer read the sentence and the strapping began.  I did not see it but I sure heard the fearful sound of the heavy leather landing on the man’s butt six hard times.  He did not like it at all and screamed.  He yelled for mercy but none was shown.  When it was over they unstrapped him and left him by the wall.  He was whimpering.  I saw him rubbing his red and swollen butt.  He was not interested in anything else certainly for the nonce.  Now I worried even more knowing I was to get double.  The thought of bolting crossed my mind but I could never do that naked and they had my clothes.

The second reprobate was much more stoic.  The procedure was of course the same.  He did not yell nor beg like the first guy.  It sounded just as bad as with the first guy.  He was unstrapped and resumed his place facing the wall also rubbing his painful tail.

Now it was my turn.  I headed for the spanking bench with great trepidation.  I also saw the executioner for the first time.  He was shirtless but wore a hood and black trousers.  He was holding that TERRIBLE STRAP ready to roast my ass good and proper.  He looked most fearsome.  I’m certain that he had a big grin hidden by the hood although I could not see it.  I was hesitating so suddenly they grabbed me and pulled me over the spanking bench.  Leather straps were tightly fastened which held me immobile.  To flee was now absolutely impossible.  My heart was racing and my feet were ice cold.  The harsh sentence was read causing shivers to dance on my spine.

The executioner gave my butt a rub and a hand spank.  Then he bent down and whispered into my ear: This is going to be fun-with-a-capital-F, Tanner.  That sent a whole migrating herd of shivers up my spine.  I felt him checking his position and then the strap seared my tail for the first time.  It hurt a lot and it was just beginning.  The strap was raised and crashed back down on my tail over and over.  The first half dozen always seemed to find fresh butt to land on and then they started to strike a second time in the same place.  I was far from stoic as I was yelling for mercy.

That only got me some laughs.  You’ll get the full dozen, felon. I heard from the strap wielding executioner with another laugh as the strap landed for the tenth time on the seat of agony.  Only two more, mercifully, I though.  Then came the eleventh and twelfth.  Done at last.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

One of the assistants said: That’s twelve.  Blessed agreement, I thought.

One more. said the executioner, The sentence was a dozen and I’m a baker’s son and we always give more than full measure.

The last one was harder than all of them and got me right in the crease.  I’m sure I howled loud enough to wake the dead.  They unstrapped me and I stayed on the bench for I was unable to stand.  The executioner removed his hood and I saw that it was Grayson again.

I guess that you will obey the traffic laws now Mr. Tanner. he said with a shit-eating grin.

Yes, Sir, I will. I managed to say through my pain.

The three of us well-strapped lawbreakers were taken, still naked to the coffee corner where were allowed to recover and talk of the experience with the others.  Grayson paid a lot of attention to me and I was encouraged by a couple of the others to accept his offer of having some soothing cream – with a topical analgesic – rubbed on my aching bottom to relieve the pain a little.  For this he sat in the middle of the couch and I was over his lap as he applied the treatment.  He was surprising gentle but I felt like a little kid over his lap yet that did not seem wrong.  I might have gotten up except for that and that he was making me feel better and kept one hand pressing on the small of my back.  You fit so nicely over my lap, Mr. Tanner.  I’ll bet that you liked it too for you seem so comfortable here.

One thing that I learned was that the members’ preferences were quite unbalanced for adult tops tended to have their subs and thus not so available for activities.  This explained why young Mr. Grayson was not only a member but a very active one.  It is hard for a youth, even one of age, to find partners with the proper submissive traits and the opportunities to explore them.  After a couple of hours, we all went home.  I did remember to thank the others for making this possible.  I slept on my tummy that night and a few more as well.  I also returned the how did we do questionnaire giving the Club very high grades again for their arrangements.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  August 17, 2015

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