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My black babysitter

by Arild Karlsen

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My black babysitter

My mother always went out to the movies once per week and Billy, who lived at the end of the street, was hired to babysit me.

I was 16 years old, Billy was only three years older than me. I protested that at 16 I was too old to be babysat, but my mom disagreed.

It was embarrassing for a 16 year old boy to be baysat by a 19 year old boy. Billy had babysat me for many years and mom had always given himr permission to use spanking as a means of punishment.

At 16, this made me cringe as I knew I was too old to be spanked by my babysitter.

One night, when my mom were getting ready to go out, Billy arrived as expected and mom slapped his little bottom twice and said to him: "Remember, little Billy, you may spank him on his little bottom if necessary, and please feel free to take down his trousers and pants."

Billy always nodded understandingly, but I believed he would never carry out the punishment any more, he spanked me on the seat of my shorts once when I was 13, but I had been fairly naughty many times since and the worst he had done was send me to bed.

That evening he sent me down to my room to put on my pajamas. I always had to wear a pair of tight fitting yellow pajama trousers, which I thought exposed the entire shape of my boyish little bottom a little too well.

I was not allowed by mom to wear underpants underneath, and she had told Billy to check that I didn't. He as usual stood behind me and opened up my pajama trousers, to make sure my little bottom was truly bare undeneath.

At 16, I'd hated him when he did that, but my protests didn't prevent him from keep doing this every time he was my babysitter. This was summer time, it was very hot, and I wasn't wearing anything else than my pajama trousers, also bare feet.

We were in the front room watching television - at least, Billy was watching television. I, on the other hand, was watching him.

He was a very attractive kid - slim waist, narrow hips and the smallest bottom I'd ever seen. I had wanted to see him naked for years.

"What are you looking at, white kid ?" he suddenly snapped. "N-n-nothing," I stammered, not realising just how much I had been staring.

The fright of being confronted made me so nervous I accidentally kicked the coffee table, spilling Billy's drink on the carpet. "That's it! That's the last straw," shouted Billy.

He told me that I had been very naughty this time and was going to receive the punishment I deserved.

At this point I still didn't believe he would spank me - after all, he was only three years older than me. I thought he would just give me the usual scolding and send me to bed.

But Billy grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the high-backed dining chair that stood in the corner of the room and sat down. "This time, my naughty little boy, your cute little bottom will get that spanking that I've threatened you with before," he said.

Then I made the worst reply possible: "you wouldn't dare!" Billy fumed and with surprising strength pulled me over his knee. The fact that I had a green belt in karate didn't seem to help me at all !

As I lay over his knee, he pulled my pajama trousers down to my ankles with one swift motion. He pulled it further down, all the way down to my feet and took it off me and threw it to the floor. I was completely naked !

It was at this point that I realised he had obviously spanked boys my age before and for the first time I was genuinely scared. However, I thought of myself as reasonably brave and tried to convince myself that a spanking couldn't hurt that much . . . could it?

Billy gripped my narrow waist with his left arm to hold me firmly in place, told me to hold my arms away from my bottom, then the spanking began.

Billy didn't say anything - no scolding, no warning, no nothing. The first smack of his hand on my babysmooth, totally hairless, jelly soft and very small bottom was nothing short of agony.

I kicked and bit my lip, my arms dangled helplessly about, but to no avail - I was helpless like a baby !

Billy spanked me with a slow rhythm - the next spank was delivered just before the initial sting of the previous one had subsided.

It was clear that he had spanked 16 year old little boys before and was very good at it. After three unbelievably painful spanks I started to whimper; after 10 I was screaming with each smack; after 15 I was crying like a baby, and after 20 I was spanked into almost silent sobbing.

I thought at that stage that Billy would think I had been punished enough, but no. I must have taken more than 50 smacks. At the end Billy lifted me off his knee, and said: "I hope you have learned your lesson, little white boy - not to take me for granted?"

Still sobbing I said how sorry I was, then Billy took a firm grip of my arm and led me over to a corner of the room and told me to stay there until he told me different.

I stood there for half an hour, with my arms hanging down by my sides, wanting to, but not being allowed to, rub my bottom. I'm sure he watched my well spanked little boyish bottom more than the film on the television.

"OK, kid," Billy said, "bedtime." I walked naked to my room, and looked at my little behind in a full-length mirror. It was bright red and covered with the imprints of Billy's punishing hand.

That night I hardly slept a wink, my sore little bottom still stinging for several hours afterwards. I had definitely learned my lesson though. The next morning at breakfast it was clear that Billy had made no mention of the spanking he had administered to me so effectively to mom. I decided to keep quiet as well

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