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Growing Pains
Episode 2: Marc gets a well-deserved spanking

by Paul Lewis

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Growing Pains Episode 2: Marc gets a well-deserved spanking

This episode expands the original short story of the above title and is in response to several readers’ requests for a narrative of the events leading up to the spanking. The original short story is incorporated herewith but has been slightly edited to join seamlessly with the new narrative.


One fine warm day towards the end of summer, Neil decided that it would be a nice gesture to take his two elderly spinster aunts for a drive out into the country. As Marc’s mother was away from home for a few days, the boy would also have to come along, though his father did not really anticipate any problems with this, as the lad’s usual sunny nature had been very much to the fore just lately.

All went well during the morning, up until lunchtime, when they decided to stop at a country pub. Once seated, they studied the menus and ordered, then waited... and waited... and waited. Whilst the adults made polite conversation, Marc of course began to get bored and, as so many young boys do in that situation, started to misbehave.

First, he dipped his finger in the water glass and flicked droplets surreptitiously at one of his great-aunts. The old lady jerked her head round but was unable to determine the source of the shower, as Marc was now sitting looking innocently out of the window.

Neil frowned at his son. He had not seen him do anything, but suspected that he may well have done and decided to keep a close eye on him. Watching out of the corner of his eye, he was in time to see Marc quietly dip his finger again and take aim at his other great aunt.

Marc! his father’s sharp address cut across the table. For goodness sake! You’re twelve and a half now! Leave that water alone and sit quietly.

I’m bored, grumbled his son. When’s the food coming?

It’ll be here soon enough, just be patient.

As luck would have it, the meals arrived a few minutes later and the rest of the lunch passed off without incident.

Back in the car, Marc got into the back with one of the old ladies and settled down. He got out his phone and, somewhat desultorily, started to play games. After a few minutes he gave a deep, exaggerated sigh. I’m bored! he announced.

His great-aunt looked at him. Well, why don’t we play some games? she suggested. Things like I spy, or add a Word

Marc sniffed derisively. Don’t want that old rubbish, he answered rudely.

Marc! exclaimed his father from the driving seat. That was extremely rude. Apologise to Aunt Maud immediately, then, if you can’t be civil, just keep quiet!

Sorry, Aunt Maud, muttered the boy grudgingly.

For a while they continued in silence then, once again, Marc heaved another huge, exaggerated sigh. How much longer are we doing this? he demanded. It’s a right waste of time!

Neil stopped the car at the side of the country road and got out. He opened the rear passenger door by Marc’s seat.

Get out! he instructed.

Marc climbed out, Neil took him by the shoulder and they walked a few yards away, out of earshot of the car. Neil gave his son a little shake.

I don’t know what’s got into you today, Marc, but you’ve been nothing but rude and objectionable ever since we stopped for lunch. How do you think your aunts are feeling? This was supposed to be a nice day out for them and you’re ruining it. At the moment, you’re going the right way for a good smacked bottom and if your aunts see you getting it, I shalln’t mind too much!

Marc swallowed hard. Sorry Dad, he muttered. I’ll keep quiet. Marc’s resolution lasted for about the next ten miles, until he realised that they were too far from home to get back in time for his favourite TV programme at 5.00 o’clock.

Dad! he called, Can we go back now?

No, replied his father, We’re not finished yet. Why?

We won’t be back in time for TV at 5.00, replied his son. Please let’s go back!

Neil’s aunts by this time, did not know which way to look and both were feeling very embarrassed.

Perhaps we really ought to go back, Neil, said Ruth, in the front passenger seat. Marc obviously isn’t enjoying this outing.

Yes, we should, added Maud from the back. Let’s just make life easier.

Neil glared over his shoulder at his son. OK, he grated, We’ll go back but, when we get home you, Marc, will not be watching TV. You and I will be otherwise occupied!

After dropping his aunts back at their home and apologising profusely for Marc’s rude and highly embarrassing behaviour, Neil drove back in silence. He was very angry with Marc who, by now, at the age of twelve and a half, was more than old enough to behave politely and properly in the company of adults. Before he had driven away from his aunts’ house, he had already decided that, when they got home, Marc was going to get a good, hard and very well-deserved spanking.

Arriving home, Neil opened the door and pushed his son in ahead of him. Go up to your room! he instructed. As Marc stumped disconsolately up the stairs, Neil put away his keys then marched up to his son’s bedroom.

Quickly moving the straight-backed chair to the centre of the room, Neil seated himself firmly upright. He glared at Marc. Come here! he ordered. As Marc shuffled over to him, Neil unzipped his son’s jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, then yanked down his underpants to join them.
Right. Over my knee, he ordered sharply.

Marc leaned forward, and found himself hauled unceremoniously across his father’s knee, his blond hair almost touching the floor, his feet dangling in space and his naked buttocks thrust up in the air. He felt a hand press down on the small of his back, and then the searing shock as, without more ado, his father’s hard palm, once again, began spanking his bare bottom.

All that could be heard in the bedroom, was the loud, steady, slap! slap! slap! slap! of the fast, hard, resounding smacks of his father’s hand against Marc’s firm, smooth cheeks. The boy wasn’t crying yet, and Neil knew, from considerable past experience, that he would have to turn his son’s bottom a good bright shade of red to get some real tears. He spanked him from the peak of the buttocks to the junction of bottom and thighs, alternating from cheek to cheek and then landed some hard slaps full on the centre of the buttocks. Through the repeated sharp smacks, he could hear Marc starting to sniffle.

Daaad, pleeeease! he whined, his voice starting to waver. I’m sorry, I... ahhh, pleeeease, it hurts!

Good, Neil said, as he continued spanking steadily and hard. You’ve had this coming to you all day, my lad, with your continual rudeness and the extreme embarrassment you’ve caused me and your great aunts today, is the last straw.

Marc was now crying properly, as his bottom slowly changed from its original milky white, to a shade of hot, dark pink and he was starting to wriggle violently, his bare legs kicking. Suddenly, his jeans and pants came right off and flew across the room. Released from their confinement, Marc’s legs kicked harder and his thighs parted, presenting his father with what was now becoming a somewhat familiar, full-on view of his tight pink anus and the rear of his firm, hairless balls.

Looking down at Marc’s fully-revealed and most intimate areas, Neil smiled slightly to himself, feeling his palm tingling, and he knew that his son’s arse-cheeks would be feeling far worse. He had to admit, if he was being really honest with himself, that there was a very considerable satisfaction in spanking Marc hard when he had been so rude and naughty and watching the very obvious effects. He continued to bring his hand down sharply, cracking the open palm against the hot, smooth skin over and over again and aiming a few particularly hard smacks at the still un-reddened sides of his son’s lower crack, now exposed by the boy’s parted thighs.

After another two minutes, Marc’s crying turned into full-on sobbing. He went limp over Neil’s knee and just bawled, his wails blending with the rhythmic smack! smack! smack! of his father’s steady hand. Knowing that this was a sure sign he had now fully got through to Marc, Neil spanked his bottom soundly for another full minute before finally stopping and letting him up, pulling him backwards over his knee and onto his feet.

Standing in front of his father and jigging from one foot to the other, Marc rubbed his bare bottom furiously, trying to ease the blazing smarting of his buttocks and Neil was somewhat amused to note that once again, in spite of everything, his son’s penis was standing rigidly to attention at its full four inches. He stood up, drew Marc to him, giving him a hug to show he still loved him despite all his recent bad behaviour, and gently rubbed a hand across his son’s blazing red backside.

Then he turned, left the room and went back downstairs, anticipating that Marc would want to be left alone for a while so that he could deal with the more pleasurable side-effects of his spanking in private.


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