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Growing Pains
Episode 1: Thou Shalt Not Steal

by Paul Lewis

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Growing Pains Episode 1: Thou shalt not steal!

One Friday afternoon just before Marc was due home from school, his mother received a highly irate telephone call from the local news-agent’s shop, about five minutes drive from the house. It transpired that Marc, in company with one of his school-mates, had been apprehended in the shop, each in the act of taking a packet of sweets from the shelf and slipping them into their pockets, with the evident intention of leaving without paying. The proprietor had spotted the boys, closed and locked the door and had called the police.

Both lads were now held in the shop, in the company of a local policeman. Marc’s mother was aghast. She was well aware that her son was a lively, active, sometimes mischievous boy, but she had never believed he would attempt to steal.

May I collect him and bring him home? She asked.

There was a brief pause, whilst the shop-owner consulted with the policeman, then he replied, Yes, provided the boy is kept available for further questioning. His friend’s mother is also coming to collect her son.

Before leaving the house, Marc’s mother made a telephone call to her husband’s office, giving him a brief resume of the situation. Being Friday afternoon, he was fortunately in a position to leave early and, when she had finished the story, he just said briefly, OK, I’ll be home in 30 minutes.

Neil tidied his desk, stood up and left the office, going directly to the car-park. Whilst driving home he was thinking hard. There was no doubt at all in his mind that, this time, Marc had really overstepped the line and badly needed to be spanked. Briefly, he considered using a cane on his son’s bare bottom but almost immediately rejected the idea. Despite his boy’s recent inexcusable behaviour, Neil loved Marc very much and he was not prepared to risk real bruising or breaking the skin. No, he would turn the lad, bare-arsed, over his knee and hand-spank him very hard indeed until he was crying properly. He would not be counting the smacks and would continue slapping hard and fast for as long as it took to get the message through.

When Neil got home he gave his wife a brief smile, shaking his head in resignation. OK, Where is he?

Up in his room, she replied. He’s been there since we got back.

Neil nodded. OK, I’ll go up and deal with him. It will probably be quite noisy, so don’t get alarmed.

She nodded, smiling sadly. Yes, do what’s necessary. I can’t believe he’s done this though.

Neil shrugged He won’t be doing it again, that I guarantee!

Turning on his heel, he left the room and marched up the stairs. Entering Marc’s bedroom, he closed the door firmly and faced his son. Marc was sitting on the bed, still in his full school uniform and looked up as his father came in, but said nothing.

Neil regarded him. Well, anything to say for yourself? Marc gave a brief shake of the head but remained silent. With great deliberation, Neil took the upright chair from beside the door and placed it in the centre of the room, then sat down, facing his son.

Right. Well, you realise you’ve disgraced yourself and us, don’t you? he continued coldly. You are going to be 12 years old the week after next and it’s high time you started behaving as such. Right now, I’m going to give you a good smacked bottom, so you can start by taking off your blazer and shoes and come over here.

Marc’s face dropped and he protested, Oh Dad, please, no! I’m really sorry for what I did and I swear I’ll never do it again. Please don’t spank me, please!

Marc, you are going to be spanked and you are going to be spanked very hard. You can think yourself lucky, that I’m not going to tan your bare backside with a cane! Now, do as you’re told!

Finally resigned to his fate, Marc obeyed, shucking his blazer and dropping it on the bed, then bent to unlace and remove his black school shoes. The he walked over to face his father. Without another word, Neil undid the belt of the grey flannel school trousers and loosed off the clip, then unzipped the fly. Pulling them down to his son’s ankles, he ordered, Step out! Marc did so and dropped the trousers with his blazer on the bed.

Neil seized the waist-band of his son’s underpants and, in one movement, jerked them down and off. Apart from his grey socks, Marc was now bare from the waist down and, without more ado, his father pulled him unceremoniously across his knee. Marc’s school tie dangled on the floor just in front of his face and Neil pushed his shirt up to the back of his neck, leaving his son naked from shoulders to ankles. Marc’s hands were flat on the floor, holding him up and his pert white bottom stuck straight up in the air.

Neil placed his left hand on Marc’s back, holding him firmly in place as he anticipated that, before very long, his son would be kicking and bucking in all directions, as his bottom rapidly became increasingly hot and sore.

Neil drew a deep breath, then raised his right hand high in the air, bringing it down as hard as could across the centre of the white buttocks. SMAAACK!!! Marc gasped audibly and tried to raise a hand to protect his vulnerable bottom. However, as far over his father’s knee as he was, there was no way he could reach back and still support his own weight.

Then he started spanking in earnest. Not interested in counting the smacks, he simply slapped as hard and fast as he could, over the entire surface of Marc’s buttocks from the smooth firm crown to the tops of the boy’s legs and his thighs.

In contrast to the boy’s previous trips across his father’s knee, it was a very short time before the gasps became wails and he soon began to buck and kick strongly. His legs were kicking in all directions, giving a unobstructed view of his balls and tight, puckered hole and Neil smiled slightly to himself as he had learned from previous experience, that this sight was a good indication that the smacking was having an effect.

As his son’s thighs spread, Neil methodically slapped the sides of his lower crack, rapidly reddening the skin almost down to the boy’s small pink anus. Marc was now wailing continuously, competing with the rapid staccato smacks that continued their relentless assault on his bare bottom. With the combination of hard smacks and Marc’s plaintive wails, Neil knew that, despite the closed door, his wife would be in no doubt whatsoever as to the well-deserved discipline their son was receiving.

The boy was now bucking strongly, lifting himself slightly off his father’s lap as he did so. His wailing was starting to change to a deep sobbing as his father continued relentlessly to slap his boy’s firm buttocks, now a blazing hot, bright scarlet from peak right down his upper thighs and well into the curve of his crack.

At last, exhausted, Marc simply collapsed across his father’s knee, breathing heavily and sobbing deeply. Neil nodded to himself in satisfaction, spanked for another few seconds then slowly drew to a close. He could feel the heat radiating from his son’s bottom and laid a hand, lightly this time, on the sore, red buttocks, giving them a gentle rub. He was amazed when he found that Marc’s bottom was, almost imperceptibly, moving to and fro as the boy lay, otherwise inert, across his lap and at the same time becoming aware of a hardening pressure against his leg. He glanced down at the lad’s still-spread legs and saw that the small, firm balls had tightened and realised that Marc was actually becoming aroused.

Neil gave a very quiet chuckle. He himself, had vague recollections of similar occurrences when he was around Marc’s age and being spanked for some misdemeanour. Puberty definitely has interesting effects on boys!

Marc’s sobs had now subsided to sniffles and he was beginning to come back to life, so Neil lifted his son gently back onto his feet and stood him in front of him, holding him by both arms. He carefully pretended not to see the boy’s three-quarter erect penis as it jutted before him, just peeking out from the hem of the school shirt where it had fallen back into place.

Smoothing the blond hair gently and wiping tears from Marc’s eyes, his father said, I think you now know Marc, that stealing, however trivial, is wrong and will not be tolerated in any shape or form. I am sorry to have had to punish you so severely, but better that at your age now, than ending up in prison when you’re grown up.

Marc looked up and gave his father a watery smile. I’m very sorry, Dad, he replied in a small voice, I’ll never do it again. Actually it was a stupid dare between Joe and I. We dared each other to see if we were brave enough to do it. We didn’t really think about it being wrong.

Neil nodded and patted his son on the shoulder. OK, well it’s all over now and I’ll square things with the shop-keeper and the police. I don’t think anything more will come of it, as there’s been no real harm done and the goods were not actually taken. Now, he went on, Get yourself washed and changed and come downstairs for tea and we’ll say no more about all this.

Marc nodded, pulling off his tie and shirt as his father left the room, carefully masking a grin. I’ll bet he’ll be doing a bit more than just a wash and change before we see him downstairs, he thought with amusement.

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