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Growing Pains
Episode 3: Cousins Together

by Paul Lewis

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Growing Pains Episode 3: Cousins Together

See you later, Dad! Neil’s 13-year-old son, Marc, gave a quick wave as he flashed past the living room to the front door, on his way to visit one of his school-mates. He was a handsome youngster, Neil thought with pride, with a ready smile, sunlight blond hair and clear blue eyes.

See you Marc! he responded, Have a good time! He finished his coffee and stood up. He had promised to telephone his sister that day to discuss plans for her son, Marc’s cousin Jonathan, to stay with them for the forthcoming school summer holidays. He picked up the telephone and dialled Sue’s number. Sue, divorced for the last six years and her ex-husband having moved abroad, had brought Jonathan up as a single parent ever since. She would, he was sure, be only too pleased to hand her son over to someone else for a while, so she could get some quality time to herself.

Hello, Sis, he greeted her cheerfully, when she lifted the receiver, How’s things? All still on for Jonathan to come over to us in a few weeks?

Absolutely, Neil, if it’s still OK with you, she replied. It will be nice for him to see you all again. It’s been a few years, hasn’t it?

He was about 9 when we last saw him, replied Neil. He’s a couple of years older than Marc, isn’t he, so that’ll make him about 15 by now?

He was 15 last December, replied his sister.

Blimey! How time flies. Marc has changed out of all recognition over the last three years or so, so I imagine Jonathan will have changed even more. What’s he like now?

Sue laughed. He’s a lovely lad but, then, I suppose I’m biased! He’s very sporty, always lively, cheerful and friendly – but, of course, he has his moments as well, just like any growing boy. He can be very cheeky too, when he feels like it. Spirited, I’d say, is probably the term for it!

Neil chuckled. Sounds like Marc. Just one thing though, Sue, that I wanted to discuss with you with no-one else about. As I said, Marc has changed a great deal over the last three years, mostly for the good, but some not so good. Ever since he turned ten, occasionally, he has spates of rebelliousness, rudeness and downright disobedience. For example, when he was ten, I caught him being very rude to his mother one day and, for the first time ever, I smacked his bottom, something I’d never had to do before. Ever since then, I’ve still occasionally had to spank him quite severely though, fortunately, not too often. I was just wondering if you’ve been having any similar experience with Jonathan?

There was a pause at the other end of the line, then Sue replied, Well, I’ll be quite frank, Neil. For the last five years there have been numerous times when I’ve heartily wished I had someone here who was able to give Jonathan a good smacked backside when he needs it. Sounds like the same sort of situation. Up until nine, nine-and-a-half, he was an angel, never a problem but, ever since then, just occasionally, his behaviour has been shocking. I did try to spank him a couple of times when he was about 11 but, even when I got his pants down, I found it very difficult to hold him in place and then, when I did manage to hold him, I couldn’t smack his bottom hard enough to make any difference. The last time I tried, he just laughed at me. It goes without saying, I couldn’t possibly do it now.

So... Neil replied slowly, obviously I hope the situation won’t arise but, if there should be any incidents involving both the boys while Jonathan’s with us, I assume you’d have no objection to me dealing with him in the same way I would Marc?

There was a peal of laughter down the line. If you mean, do I mind if you give Jonathan a good hiding if he deserves it, you absolutely won’t get any arguments from me. That boy’s escaped enough potential spankings over the last five years and, if he needs it, I’d be only too pleased for you to smack his bottom properly. It would do him the world of good!

Neil laughed. Well, the situation very likely will never arise, but just as long as I know.

The last few weeks of the school term passed uneventfully and, one Saturday morning a couple of days after breaking up, Sue drove Jonathan over to Neil’s. Marc had been very excited for the past few weeks, over seeing his cousin again after so long; as small boys they had seen quite a bit of each other and had always got along very well, so he was eagerly anticipating their reunion.

Sue’s car pulled onto the drive about 11.30 am and Marc ran out to meet them, his father and mother close behind. As his aunt and cousin alighted, Neil moved to embrace his sister, while Marc gave Jonathan a high-5″. He grinned at his cousin. Great to see you mate! It’s been ages and ages!

Jonathan grinned back enthusiastically. He was a tall, well built lad with close-cropped ginger hair and pale blue eyes. He had a handsome, friendly, face and he slapped his younger cousin boisterously on the shoulder.

Yeah, you too pal! Jeez, you’ve grown up; you were a tiny little squirt last time I saw you!

Marc laughed and punched Jonathan affectionately on the shoulder. Come on, let’s go up to my room. I’ll show you where to dump your stuff! The adults smiled, as the boys disappeared rapidly up the stairs, vanishing into Marc’s bedroom.

Next to Marc’s, a second, collapsible bed had been set up for Jonathan. There was only just room and it would be a bit of a squeeze, but neither boy minded that. They were only too pleased to renew their friendship after nearly six years. Jonathan threw his backpack onto the bed, grabbed Marc and rubbed his knuckles vigorously against the younger boy’s backbone. Marc squirmed and laughed and they both collapsed onto Marc’s bed in a heap.


After lunch, Sue left at about 2.00 pm to drive home. Before getting into the car, she gave her son a hug. Have a great time Jon and I’ll see you in about three weeks!

Yeah, bye, Sue, her son responded. You too and take care.

Neil raised his eyebrows at his wife. Bye Sue? he muttered. What kind of way is that for a boy to address his mother?

Once Sue’s car had vanished down the road, the boys shot back upstairs to listen to some new music CDs Jonathan had brought over with him. Ten minutes later, the house was shaking to its foundations with the loud Thump! Thump! Thump! of a new rock album, with the volume evidently turned to maximum. Accompanying the racket, were sounds that sounded very much like an Eastern European dance being conducted on the floor above. The vibration was so extreme that flakes of plaster began to drift down from the ceiling like snow.

What the hell! muttered Neil, striding upstairs. He shoved open the door of the boys’ bedroom, to be nearly knocked flat by a solid wall of noise and greeted by the sight of Jonathan doing a sort of Cossack dance routine in the narrow space between the beds, while Marc was clapping along in time.

Turn that bloody row down! shouted Neil angrily. Neither boy had noticed him enter, or could hear what he said. He strode to the desk and yanked the plug of a large ghetto-blaster that Jonathan had, evidently, brought with him, out of its socket.

The noise ceased abruptly and the ensuing silence was deafening. Neil shook his head.

What on earth do you think you’re doing? he demanded. I don’t mind you listening to music but that was ridiculous. You need to have some consideration for others in the house, quite apart from the damage all that thumping around is doing to the ceiling below!

Jonathan looked at him, flashing a cheeky grin. Sorry mate, we’ll keep it down a bit!

Neil glared at him. You certainly will! And no more dancing. Also, Jonathan, I don’t know why your mother allows you to call her by her Christian name but, as far as I’m concerned, whilst you’re here, I’m Uncle Neil to you. Now you can carry on, but a little more quietly, please!

Yes, Dad / Uncle Neil, came from the boys. As Neil left the room, shutting the door behind him, the boys looked at each other. Jeeze! He wasn’t happy, was he? said Jonathan.

About five they went for a bike ride over the local heath-land and then, after supper, it was back to their room for more music and games.

Downstairs, Neil and his wife heard the volume creeping up again but thankfully, this time, there was no accompanying dance routine. About 10.30 pm the music was still going strong and Neil decided to declare a curfew so they could all get some sleep. He went back upstairs to their bedroom and banged on the door.

OK lads, time to pack it up and get some sleep!

There was no reply, so Neil pushed the door open and turned on the main light. Bedtime! he roared. Marc scrambled up and switched off the music but Jonathan, with his ever-present grin said, Aw come on, Uncle Neil, it’s early yet!

Neil stared at him. You don’t have to go to bed immediately, but you will be quiet. And a little less answering back, too, Jonathan. Now, settle down, both of you!

Right Dad, no problem! said Marc. Neil nodded, turned and walked out, closing the door behind him as relative quiet ensued.

Instead of returning downstairs, he went across to his own room and sat down to consider. Although to Sue, he had made light of the possibility of needing to punish Jonathan, going over the events of the first day his nephew had been with them, he was beginning to wonder if he should take this eventuality more seriously. True, as yet, the boy had done nothing really serious, but as he was to be staying with them for the holidays, it would be as well to be prepared for the worst.

It was a relief to know that he had his sister’s sanction to discipline Jonathan if the need arose but, if it should come to spanking, Neil knew that he’d have to change his usual methods. In the first place, Jonathan was 15, he was taller and bulkier than Marc and simply turning him over his knee and hand-smacking his bare bottom was hardly likely to be effective. Then he had a brainwave. Somewhere, pushed away in the back of his wardrobe, he was sure, was a pair of old school plimsolls left over from his own school days. Having himself, occasionally, been on the receiving end of such implements, both at home and – in those days – at school, he was well aware of the effect of a few strokes on a boy’s bare bottom which would, he was sure, reduce even the toughest 15-year-old to tears.

Getting up, he rummaged at the back of the cupboard and soon found what he wanted. Dusty and long unused, but still with sound rubber soles, was a pair of traditional, size 9 school plimsolls. Lifting one, he cracked it against the palm of his hand and winced. He smiled to himself. If young master Jonathan was going to insist on pushing the boundaries beyond acceptable limits, he was in for a stinging surprise!

In the boys’ bedroom, Marc and Jonathan looked at each other, rolling their eyes. C’mon Cuz, said Marc, finally, we’d best get packed up and keep it down a bit for now. You don’t want to wind my dad up too much, y’know, he added.

Jonathan laughed. Why, what’s he going to do, spank us?

Er, yes, actually, replied Marc. I’ve had several over the last few years and they’re no fun, I guarantee!

Jonathan snorted. You’re joking! The last time my Mum tried to spank me, I was 11 and, even when she managed to get my pants down, she couldn’t smack my bum hard enough to make any difference. My arse felt like she was patting it! No, mate! I’m 15, I’m grown up now and, as far as parents go, my arse is spank-proof!

Marc grinned. Yeah, you’re probably right. Just don’t go getting me one, OK?

Jonathan got him in an affectionate head-lock and ruffled his hair. Don’t worry, squirt. We’ll have a good time and keep clear of your old man eh!

Dashing to the bathroom in relays, the boys prepared to get into bed. Turning off all but one bedside light, both undressed to their boxer shorts and Marc looked curiously at his cousin as he stripped.

Jeez, Jonno, you’re incredibly white. Don’t you have any sort of tan at all?

Jonathan shook his head. No, it’s something to do with being ginger. I can’t take the sun and I just burn if I try.
You must have some kind of tan line, though?

Nope, look. Jonathan turned his back and pulled his boxers down to his ankles and Marc looked at his cousin’s naked rear-view. From head to toe, his skin was a uniform milky white, with no demarcation whatsoever between his lower back and muscular, well-rounded buttocks. As he looked more closely, Marc suddenly giggled.

What’s the joke, squirt? asked Jonathan with a laugh.

You’ve got freckles all over your bum, replied Marc. Nowhere else though, just on the cheeks. I’m sure I haven’t got any.

Oh they’ve always been there; obviously, I can’t see them but I know they’ve been around a while. I’ll show you something else you haven’t got, too!

With a mischievous grin, Jonathan turned, giving Marc a full frontal view of his very well-developed cock and balls. His prick, even whilst flaccid, dangled a good four inches and his balls were large and heavy. A triangle of bright ginger hair adorned his crotch.

Blimey! exclaimed Marc. That’s amazing!

Come on, let’s see yours, then! laughed Jonathan.

Emboldened by Jonathan’s lack of self-consciousness, Marc pulled his shorts down to reveal his own, much less developed equipment. His pubic hair was only just starting to grow and was still a fine blond fuzz around the base of his cock and balls.

It does get bigger, though! he said with a grin, trying to compete with his older cousin.

Jonathan laughed, then kicked his shorts right off and sat down on his bed, facing Marc. Come on Cuz, sit down.

Marc did so. Do you wank? asked Jonathan forthrightly. Marc nodded, though he didn’t much feel like admitting to his cousin, that most of his wanking occurred after he had been spanked, or was thinking about being spanked.

I usually do it at least twice a day, went on Jonathan conversationally. Sometimes more. Just depends how easy it is to get away with it! He looked at Marc slightly askance. You ever touched another boy?

Marc shook his head. No, never. I... I thought that was... well... wrong.

Jonathan shook his head. Nah! It’s harmless and fun. You still get to go with girls, but having a quick wanking session with a mate is just a laugh. he indicated his penis. Go on, try it.

Marc stretched out his hand and tentatively stroked Jonathan’s cock, as it lay between his thighs. The older boy laughed again. That’s it, but get hold of it properly and give it a rub.

Marc wrapped his hand round the full length of Jonathan’s prick and began to rub up and down. In a remarkably short time it began to stiffen and enlarge. Marc rubbed harder and his cousin gave a moan of enjoyment. Ah! That’s nice. Keep going!

Marc rubbed still faster, amazed at the size of his cousin’s erection. Now fully hard, Jonathan’s cock stood straight up from his groin and Marc grinned. How big is it? he asked.

Last time I measured, about six and a half inches fully hard, answered Jonathan. Got a ruler handy?

Yes, I think so, in my desk. Hang on. Returning with the ruler, Marc laid it against the lower side of Jonathan’s penis. More than six and a half, he announced.

No, you’ve got to go along the top side, replied Jonathan, taking the ruler and pressing it against his pubic bone. There you go, six and three quarters – must be a good day!

Marc now resumed his attention to his cousin, wanking him faster and faster. Jonathan began to moan. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!... Ahhhhhh! he groaned. His prick jerked and bucked in Marc’s hand and spurt after spurt of creamy white fluid ejaculated over his stomach and chest, some even reaching his nipples. Jonathan flopped back on his bed with a great sigh. Jeez squirt! You sure you’ve never done that before? That was fucking excellent!

Marc shook his head. No, never. Only to me!

Right, well, let me get cleaned up and I’ll return the compliment. Got any bog-roll handy?

Marc shook his head. No. I’ll nip across to the bathroom and get some. Pulling his boxer shorts back up, he quietly opened the door and tiptoed across to the bathroom. Quickly, he grabbed the spare toilet roll and returned, carefully shutting the door behind him. There ya go. He tossed the roll over to his cousin, who tore off a length and wiped the spunk off his stomach and chest. Then he turned back to Marc, a cheeky grin on his face.

Right, squirt, get those shorts off!

Marc obeyed, sitting back down on his bed, facing his cousin. Jonathan shook his head. Lie down flat, he said.

Marc did so, then Jonathan climbed onto his bed, kneeling over, and straddling his younger cousin. First he ran his hand all over Marc’s balls, gently squeezing and massaging them. Then, as he felt Marc’s penis begin to stir, he began to rub, slowly and gently at first, but soon faster and harder until the younger boy was fully stiff. Jonathan flicked his cock back and forth.

Not so bad, Cuz – at least four inches there, I’d say. It’ll soon grow, anyway. Now, we go to the next part. Shift down the bed a bit.

As Marc did so, Jonathan shifted round, his arse towards Marc and went back down on all fours, knees straddling his cousin. Marc giggled again. Bloody hell, Jonno, what a view!

Like it? asked the older boy, glancing round, grinning cheekily.

From this angle Marc could see absolutely everything. Jonathan’s balls and prick dangled over his face and his tightly puckered hole winked between his widely-spread buttocks. Marc reached up and gave the snowy white orbs a light smack.

Jonathan wiggled his arse. Mmmm, do it again! he challenged.

Marc reached up with both hands and started slapping Jonathan’s firm mounds in turn, left, right, left right.

You can go harder if you like, breathed his cousin softly.

Best not. said Marc. We’ve got to keep really quiet. Can’t risk waking Mum and Dad. So you do like being spanked, then, he added mischievously.

Jonathan giggled. When it’s just for fun like that! Anyway, keep it going while I attend to you. Very gently, he licked the tip of his cousin’s erection, eliciting a soft gasp.

Like that, do you? asked Jonathan softly, well there’s more where that came from! He took the tip of Marc’s cock right into his mouth and started bobbing his head rapidly, soon taking in the whole length with each down stroke.

Mmmm, breathed Marc, that’s soooo good! He ceased slapping Jonathan’s buttocks and carefully took hold of his large balls where they dangled just over his face. Gently massaging and squeezing, as Jonathan had done to him, he worked them round and round until they began to firm and tighten. As he did so, he saw that the other boy’s penis was also starting to harden once more. With the other hand he grasped the thick shaft and rubbed it back and forth, from base to tip. His cousin started to moan and thrust his hips in time with Marc’s rubbing.

By now, Marc was feeling that well-known sensation as well. Aaahhh, he breathed. Jonno... I’m going to spurt in a minute!

Jonathan took his mouth from Marc’s cock, grasped it firmly in one hand and rubbed vigorously until the younger boy bucked beneath him, thrusting his hips up and down in ecstasy. Suddenly with a long moan, Marc spurted, his thin whitish spunk splashing over his stomach.
Aahhh, he sighed. That was great, mate!

Although Jonathan’s penis was once again almost fully hard, he gently removed Marc’s hand and climbed off his cousin’s bed. Don’t think we’ll get much more out of that just yet, he said. It’ll be all ready again in the morning though! he added, giving his usual cheeky grin.

Both drowsy after their mutually satisfying release, the boys tacitly agreed it was finally time to go to bed and, at last, quiet descended over the room, punctuated only by the deep, steady breathing of two healthy, well satisfied young boys.


Early the next morning, Marc was awakened by a regular squeak! squeak! squeak! coming from his cousin’s bed a couple of feet away. He opened his eyes and looked across, to be greeted by the sight of Jonathan’s bedclothes thrown back and his cousin’s naked arse bouncing rhythmically up and down as he lay with his hips over his two pillows.

Jonathan glanced round, saw Marc watching and grinned at him. Time for the early morning wank, Cuz!

Marc laughed. I’ve never seen it done like that before!

It’s great! A bit like fucking. You’ve just got to remember to wrap some bog-roll round your cock first, or you get spunk all over the pillow!

I’ll give that a go! replied Marc, enthusiastically. He flung back his bedclothes and sat up, moving his pillows to the centre of the bed. Then he grabbed the toilet roll from where Jonathan had dropped it on the floor, tore off a length and wrapped it around his already-hardening penis. Then he shifted himself down and lay, face down, across the two pillows. Tentatively, he tried thrusting back and forth as Jonathan was doing. As he speeded up, he felt the surge building and, within about five minutes, with a final powerful thrust, his cock exploded, filling the make-shift condom with his seed. Marc flopped down, drained and turned his head to watch his older, more experienced cousin finish off.

Thirty seconds later, Jonathan’s buttocks clenched tightly and, with a thrust that would have penetrated the mattress, he gave a deep groan and ejaculated. Like Marc he too, collapsed, drained, over his pillows.

After a few seconds, the boys turned to look at each other and grinned. There they were, stark naked, bottoms up in the air over their pillows and panting hard. Little did they know that, later the same day, almost the same scene would be played out again, though in considerably different circumstances!


Being a fine day, with breakfast over, both lads wanted to get outside for a good kick-around with the football. Neil watched them for a while as they ran about happily, shouting and laughing, then went into the shed to continue the job he was working on. Glancing out of the window a few minutes later, however, he noticed that the boys were no longer just kicking the ball around the garden, but were taking it in turns slamming it up against the house wall, dangerously close to the kitchen window.

Ducking out of the shed door, he called across, Not against the wall, boys! Stick to the garden! They made no reply, but seemed to obey, booting the football down to the end. Neil returned to what he was doing but, ten minutes later, was startled by a loud crash and the sound of splintering glass.

Dashing back outside, he saw the five-foot wide kitchen window had been completely shattered, small pieces of jagged glass still falling from the frame. The boys were standing frozen, staring at it in disbelief.

What the hell are you boys doing? he shouted. What did I just tell you?

Marc seemed too shocked to reply, but Jonathan looked him in the eye. Sorry Uncle Neil. It was an accident.

Neil stormed over to them and took each boy by an arm. Come on – inside, now!

Entering the kitchen, they were met with a scene of devastation. The football was lying in the middle of the floor, surrounded by razor-sharp shards of shattered glass. Jars and bowls had been knocked from the worktop, their broken remains mixing with the mess.

Neil gave the boys a shake, then looked at Marc. What do you think would have happened if your mother had been in here when you did this? She could have been on the way to hospital by now! Very angry now, he went on, Just what the hell did you boys think you were doing anyway? I specifically told you to keep that ball away from the house and you deliberately disobeyed me, with potentially very dangerous consequences. What have you got to say?

Marc shuffled his feet, but said nothing, but Jonathan, once again, tried to defuse the situation with his cheeky grin. We’re really sorry, Uncle Neil. We were only playing. It was an accident, honestly. Look, I’ll even pay for the damage.

Neil glared at him. Yes, I accept it was an accident and you didn’t actually mean to kick a football through the kitchen window. What I do not accept, is your deliberate disobedience and total disregard of what I asked you to do. Now, both of you, upstairs to your room!

As the boys left, Neil stood for a few minutes, just breathing hard. This latest behaviour was the last straw and he had a strong suspicion as to just who the instigator of the mischief had been. Jonathan, clearly, had received no proper discipline for far too long and had become accustomed to doing what he liked, then simply talking his way out of difficult situations. That boy badly needed a good dose of humility and there was no doubt whatsoever in Neil’s mind as to how it was going to be applied. He smiled grimly to himself, congratulating himself on having looked out that slipper the day before. Very soon it would be going into action in a big way!

He marched upstairs and into his own room, opened the cupboard door and took out the right-hand plimsoll of the pair. Once again he slapped it against his palm, smiling grimly at the thought that, shortly, it would be slapping very hard against two bare bottoms.

Crossing the landing, he entered the boys’ room. They were both seated on their beds, looking glum. Dropping the plimsoll on the desk he faced them. Right! There’s going to be no argument about this. I’m having no more of this behaviour. You, in particular, Jonathan, have been pushing the boundaries and seeing how far you can go, ever since you arrived. Well, this is it. It stops right here. You are both going to be smacked, very hard, on your bare bottoms and you are going to watch each other being punished to help get the message home.

Leaving the boys to inwardly digest this speech, Neil looked around the room. With two beds in it there was not much space for placing the usual chair in the middle but then he had a sudden thought. This time, he wouldn’t even try to take the boys over his knee. He could spank them just as well, if not better, if they were positioned over the side of Marc’s bed, bent over several pillows to raise their bottoms to a convenient level. He gathered up pillows from both beds, placing three of them in a pile at an angle across the lower corner of Marc’s bed.

Right, Jonathan, since you seem to be the ringleader in all this, you can be first. Take off your shoes, jeans and pants and come here.

But Uncle Neil, protested Jonathan, I’m 15. I don’t get spanked. My mother wouldn’t do it!

Neil snorted. For your information, young man, I had a word with your mother on this very subject several weeks ago and she will be only too pleased to hear that you’ve had your bottom soundly smacked when you deserved it. She’s been wanting to do that for ages! Now get your clothes off

Jonathan gave him a mutinous look and opened his mouth as if about to argue. He was a well-grown lad, almost six feet and reasonably muscular, but he did not have Neil’s height and strength. His uncle strode over to him, grabbed him firmly around the back of the shoulders, pulling him slightly forward and laid four stinging slaps on his nephew’s jeans-clad behind. Do as you’re told! he snapped, or I’ll take them off for you!

Jonathan thought quickly. The only way he could see of salvaging his cred in this situation was to go along with it but as nonchalantly and apparently unconcerned as he could. He shrugged. OK then, if you want!

He took off his trainers then unbuckled his jeans, tugging them down and off, slipped off his boxers and drew his tee-shirt up and over his head and stood there naked. Neil looked his nephew up and down for a moment. Sue had said that the boy was sporty and athletic and this showed clearly, in his broad shoulders, narrow hips and straight, muscular arms and legs. His lower abdomen also showed definite indications of a developing six-pack. Glancing at the boy’s groin, Neil was surprised to see development that would not have looked out of place on a lad a couple of years or more his senior, with his long, flaccid penis and large balls all framed by a mature bush of bright ginger hair. However, it was not Jonathan’s frontal development that concerned his uncle.

Get yourself over those pillows, he instructed. Jonathan moved forward, his dangling cock and balls swaying in front of him. Slowly, he bent himself over the pile of pillows and lay down, his chest on the bed and his legs spread, one each side of the corner.

Neil surveyed his target. Jonathan’s buttocks, now jutting straight up in the air, were big, firm and very well-rounded. The skin was silky and very pale, marred only by reddish splotches from the four smacks Neil had just laid on and he was amused to note the light sprinkling of small freckles that dotted the smooth white mounds. The backs of Jonathan’s long legs showed a thin layer of very fine ginger hairs and, thanks to his position across the corner of the bed, they were well-spread, giving a clear display of the boy’s anus and large, heavy balls.

Meanwhile, Marc was watching, fascinated. Although he had seen everything his older cousin had got the previous night, somehow, seeing him in this position, was an even bigger turn-on. He felt himself growing stiff at the sight.

Jonathan, however, had one last card to play. He looked over his shoulder at his cousin and deliberately gave him a slow wink, fully intended for Neil to see. Then he wiggled his buttocks provocatively.

Neil was furious at his nephew’s brazen cheek, but he said nothing and determined to continue with his plan, which was a long, hard hand-spanking, followed by an, as-yet, undecided number of strokes of the slipper. One way or another, this cheeky red-head was going to be crying proper tears by the time he’d finished with him!

Moving to Jonathan’s side, he planted his left hand firmly in the small of the boy’s back, then he started spanking seriously, smacking as hard and fast as he could. Very soon, Jonathan’s big firm bottom was no longer white but glowing a fiery red and Neil was gratified to hear the boy start to sniffle quietly and his increasingly sore buttocks began to clench and wriggle.

Realising he was just beginning to make some impression on the red-head, Neil shifted his attention to the lower buttocks, where they were spread wide and thoroughly smacked the tender skin just above the boy’s anus. At this, Jonathan’s sniffles became small moans and cries and his wriggling intensified, his feet lifting from the floor and his legs twisting from side to side. After three or four minutes of hard smacking, Jonathan’s entire bottom, from just above the crown of his buttocks and the sides of his lower crack to well down the backs of his thighs, was blazing scarlet and the boy was starting to cry quietly.

Now that he was well into his stride, Neil realised, somewhat to his surprise, that spanking this cheeky, arrogant teenager, watching the boy’s bottom turning bright red, hearing his cries begin and then intensify and watching his thrashing legs was, in fact, a very satisfying experience. He decided to give his nephew another minute and then move on to the next stage.

Finally, after about five minutes of rapid, hard, noisy smacking and with his hand tingling furiously, Neil decided that Jonathan had been sufficiently warmed up and reached behind him for the slipper.

Raising it high in the air, he brought the tough rubber sole down with a resounding CRAAAACK! across the middle of Jonathan’s arse. The boy gave a loud wail, involuntarily jerking forward with the shock and his hands flew back in an attempt to protect his buttocks. Neil grasped both hands in his left, pinning them in the small of the boy’s back, then raised the slipper again.

CRAAAACK! The second searing stroke landed just below the first, slightly overlapping it and Jonathan wailed again, twisting from side to side, his feet right off the floor, legs bent inwards. At the end of the warm-up, his bottom had been a bright, all-over scarlet but, with each successive slipper stroke, it was rapidly turning a deep, cherry red. Moving round slightly, Neil brought the next stroke down on the curve of the lower right buttock, close to the boy’s anus and, again Jonathan let out a loud cry. Another, even louder cry followed, as the slipper connected with his lower left buttock.
The next two strokes landed with loud, resounding smacks on the crease between the boy’s buttocks and legs and, as they landed, Jonathan’s bucking and kicking increased vigorously. After a couple more to the crown of the buttocks, eliciting yet more howls and kicking, Neil had another idea and paused for a moment, resting the slipper on Jonathan’s blazing bottom. He looked round at Marc.

Go and fetch that long-handled hair-brush off your mother’s dressing table, he instructed. Marc shot out and returned, a few seconds later, brush in hand. Neil took it from his son and gave Jonathan’s hot buttocks a brief rub. Right, my lad. Today, you are getting what’s been coming to you for a very long time but it’s not quite finished yet. Once it’s over, I expect to see a very large improvement in your attitude and behaviour!

Jonathan was starting to sob. Tears streamed from his eyes and his nose was running. Neil raised the hair-brush and brought the flat side of it down hard on the boy’s already glowing, very sore bottom. Again, Jonathan wailed loudly and bucked violently, so that his whole body lifted momentarily off the pillows, allowing Marc a brief glimpse of the big cock and ginger bush between his legs.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

After a long, stinging hand-spanking, eight strokes with the slipper and six hard, resounding smacks of the hair brush, Jonathan’s resistance broke completely. Draped limply over the pillows, he sobbed loudly, tears pouring down his face, arse wriggling and clenching furiously and his most intimate areas on full and immodest display.

At last, Neil took him by the shoulder and pulled him back onto his feet. The now not-so-cheeky 15-year-old was jigging from foot to foot, his cock flopping up and down and his balls bouncing, tears poured down his face and he was rubbing his blazing, deep-red arse furiously with both hands.

Well, Jonathan, said his uncle, if you had been disciplined properly when you were a little boy, this would not have been necessary now. As it, is, you were allowed to develop an attitude of arrogance that is quite unacceptable in civilized society. I’m sorry to have had to punish you so severely, but I hope you will remember this lesson and learn from it.
Jonathan nodded, not trusting himself to speak and turned away to rest his forehead against the wall, his blazing red buttocks on full show.

Neil turned to his son. Right, Marc, get your clothes off and get over the pillows, he ordered. Jonathan, pay attention. This is what you boys will be getting from now on, every time you need it!

As Marc started to strip, Jonathan turned round to face them. In a very small voice he said, Uncle Neil, please don’t spank Marc. You were right, I was mainly responsible for the trouble and he shouldn’t be punished for what was really my fault.

Neil put a hand on his nephew’s shoulder. Jonathan, that’s about the best thing you’ve said since you’ve been here. Maybe your lesson really is sinking in. Yes, I know you’ve mainly been the instigator and, accordingly, you have had your bottom smacked very hard. However, Marc was partly responsible as well, so he will be spanked, but not as hard as you were.

Turning back, he saw that Marc, now naked, was in position, his bare arse sticking straight up, his head down and his legs well spread, showing off all his secrets.

Despite the smarting of his blazing rear, the sight of his younger cousin from this angle was already turning Jonathan on. His big cock stirred and started to stiffen in its ginger nest. He dropped a hand to his groin and discretely began to rub it.

Neil moved to Marc’s side, placed a hand on his back and smacked him hard and fast for two or three minutes. Then, when his son had started to sniffle and his creamy white buttocks were glowing a deep pink, his father reached for the hair brush and applied six sharp smacks, two to the crown, two above the anus and two to the crease. Marc was crying quietly after this and Neil carefully pulled him back onto his feet where, like his older cousin, he spent several minutes dancing from side to side, rubbing his sore backside. In his case, however, his cock