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The Rawlins Strap
Part 2 – Adam's Story - with Ted Rawlins

by Bud Johnson

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Adam’s Story – with Ted Rawlins

(This is connected to the story, The Rawlings Strap, only about 15 years later.)

Adam had met Ted, Mr. Rawlings, about a year ago at the YMCA locker room. The locker room talk on that day at the Y was about a juvenile crime spree occurring close to that area.

Back when I was raising my kids, they’d have had very tender butts if I have gotten a hold of them. Mr. Rawlings said as he eyed Adam. He was referencing the recent miscreants in the news.

Adam was in his early twenties in the mid 1980s when this locker room conversation took place. He knew what Ted was eluding to doing to those boys. Images of a paddling or strapping by the man flashed in Adam’s mind. Looking in the direction of Mr. Rawlings, he started getting aroused by his thoughts.

Adam snapped his briefs up quickly though. He hurriedly dressed but also got his direction back. He said, Yeah, a few years ago some of my Dad’s friends would have wanted to take those kids to task

Oh they would have? Ted queried. How so young man? Ted quickly looked straight into Adam’s eyes, edging forward in his direction. Ted could see that the boy was taken back.

Nervously Adam said, Not my Dad... But some of my friend’s parents would

Ted could see that Adam was a larger boy, even taller than himself. He remembered Bobby whom he had spanked in 1972 for a friend. Ted frankly said, I even handled a boy your size with my belt. As big as he was, it scared him like a ten year old. I never heard about any other problems with that boy after that.

The other men in the locker room exited. Now the two were basically alone in the locker room.

Adam said, You must have been a strict disciplinarian.

The locker room is silent. An intense fractured feeling settles through the room. Adam finished dressing. He looked down toward the late 50s aged man and said, Boy, sometimes I still wish that my Dad have handled me more strictly when I was growing up. It’s been nice talking to you, Sir

Ted’s pants were beginning to bulge. The conversation had stimulated him. He also saw an opportunity. Where are you off to Son? I am just retired recently. Do you have time to get as cup of coffee?

Adam’s heart was pounding. I have to get ready for my class tonight.

Ted said, Well then you might have time to drink a cup of coffee or tea then. Did you drive

Adam quietly said, Yes, I did. Well, I suppose I could.

Good! I live just around the corner. Why don’t you follow me back to my house? Ted and Adam eye contact was scant but pleasant. There is an assuredness and calm he feels with Ted. Adam agreed.

When the two arrived at Ted’s house, Ted reminisced about a situation that happened with his youngest kid who had been about 16 at the time.

I am a retired patrol Sergeant. I remember the time when my youngest boy was out driving pretty wild and I caught him on my route. I had him drive straight home and go up to his room. I told him to wait for me there. A short pause occurs. He got a bare-ass paddling

Ted watched Adam nervously walking into the house. He had mentioned his son because he wanted to see how Adam would react. The young man stayed right next to Ted. He appeared nervous, but he did not flinch. Ted thought to him self how it would be to have that kid go into his son’s old room right then. So he just blurted out the idea.

Why don’t you go on up to the bedroom and wait for me there. I’ll come in and give you the whoopin’ that you’re Dad should have given you a few years ago.

Adam’s heart felt like it would burst out of his chest. Ted kept talking.

It’ll hurt Son but you really should go through it. It is a right of passage in the old days. You won’t die but you might just have a good cry. Ted said frankly. He also watched Adam intensely.

Adam wasn’t sure what to do. This was scary. But he likes Ted and he looks like a conservative man; firm, with horn-rimmed glasses. This is the type of man that really turns him on.

I thought we were going to get coffee? Adam said coyly looking at Ted. Part of this intrigues him and part of him thinks it is crazy. This guy is bold, Adam speculates. This was also a turn on.

But there is something else he feels. The man is trustworthy. It barely registers that Ted mentioned that they could get coffee afterwards. The mood that was felt in the locker room has seemed to follow them back into Ted’s house. A natural subservience takes a hold of Adam. He looks at Ted and quietly asks, Where is his bedroom...Sir?

Why don’t you just call me Dad? It is upstairs to the left. There was a short pause.

The first door. Adam walked up stairs and went into the bedroom.

Adam? Close the door, Son. Ted firmly said.

Adam was excited not but also apprehensive. Also Ted’s manhood was pulsating through him. Even harder than it did when he whooped Bobby in 1972. He and his wife had divorced several years ago right after their youngest had gone to college.

With Adam off in the bedroom a rush of feelings, impulses, and emotions came on Ted in a way he had not felt this in quite some time. But there is also that sense of duty, so engrained in his heart and mind, also plagued his character. He wouldn’t fuck him right then, though the strange thought did cross his mind. If he does spank him in a true disciplinarian fashion, sex wouldn’t be right.

After thinking for a while, Ted decides to go forward and give him a good, hard, bare-ass paddling – as if he was his own son. He forages around in the family room den and finds an old paddle. This should do the job! He takes a deep breath and marches up the stair. Ted had a certain routine. He loudly knocks on the bedroom door and opens it.

Ted stands and looks down at Adam on the bed, squarely gripping the modest paddle. He thinks to himself that he does not have a real reason to whoop the boy but his instincts take over.

Stand up Son

Adam stands up. But Sir...

Ted knows of these awkward pauses with his experience with his own kids. He moves into action. He grabs a hard back chair that he used to use. He would sit on it and pull the kids across his lap when they were little. But Adam is like an overgrown teenager and with him; he’d use a different approach.

Ted turned the chair with the back facing Adam’s front, while he tells him, Drop your trousers Son. This is your Dad you’re talking now, understood?

The 20 something man-boy loosened his pants and started drawing them down, but then he stopped. He freaked!

Ted said, Oh I can take it from there Adam. I want you to bend over the back of the chair. Hold the seat and balance yourself

He had agreed already so now, he must comply. Adam said, Yes... Dad.

Up until the point that Ted heard Adam call him Dad, he could not be sure that he was a completely willing participant. Many questions had been racing through Ted’s mind ever since they first started talking in the locker room.

The conversation had started natural enough. But the agreement that they would play out a spanking scene was far from a legitimate exchange between two naturally consenting people. But Ted has sensed that Adam might be game. Now he was sure after Adam said that magical word, Dad.

But even then, Ted was cautionary. He started slowly but now, deliberately. He drew a vague plot line from the current news story of the delinquents, and spoke it out. This would make it slightly more realistic. That is part of the game.

Ted said, as he took hold of Adam’s trousers and yanked them down to his knees, Bend over, and grab the seat. You knew that Dad would paddle you for this. Right?

Yes Dad. Adam’s voice was anxious, yet compliant. That was as good as signing a verbal contract!

There are rules that you know I am very strict about. Hanging around with bad kids will always get you paddled. Do you understand me

Yes Sir

Who? Ted said, checking if they are still on course.

Slightly louder, Yes Dad

Ted puts his body right up to Adam’s bare side. He takes his left arm across Adam’s lower back, holding him tightly; he lets the paddle tear into the boys flesh 5 times in a moderate rapid succession.

Owwww! The boy moans.

And this is what happens when you misbehave

5 more solid cracks from the paddle and the soft moans turns to a louder holler. The boy is holding his own. Ted cracks him harder still.

The hollering turns into a Please Sir! I’m sorry! The echo could be heard through the house.

Now the thwacks are steady. You’ll pay attention to your Dad now. Right son?

Yes Dad-dy.

The word Daddy just came out. He has given in. Adam let’s go and begins to sob like a little boy. Ted can not ignore his unbridled hard on any more. There it is. It happened. Adam knew too. He could feel it. Ted finished the boy’s paddling and has him stand up. He hugs and consoles Adam.

They both forget about the coffee.

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