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Big Men in the Gym
Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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Big Men in the Gym

The two men were same size – similar anyway. Both were over 6′ and around 250 lbs. Older, they each needed a Dad. In this way, they found one.

It was like grown boys you’d see in a locker room at a gym. Charlie was used to checking out the other men. He was gay. Joe would check out other men too. Joe was hetero. But neither one was ready when they spotted each one eyeing the other. Joe wasn’t for sure. He was married.

Joe said to Charlie under his breath casually mumbling. Boy, I’d like to spank that ass!

Who is he talking too? It was kind of a boorish thing to mumble. But he did. Charlie knew where Joe may have been coming from. He had checked out other men in the same way. Here were no women there. All of the guys there were a foot shorter than either of them. The glance faded.

Then, Charlie thought to himself about a spanking he had given a few years ago. Looking towards Joe he also thought, Boy I’ll bet he could really lay it on. Have me crying like the spoiled teenager I had to spank a few years back with a paddle. Boy that kid was howling like a wolf when I got through

He was remembering how he had caught the boy stealing from his warehouse on night a few years ago. He surprised the kid who, when he spotted him, tried to run off. Charlie had nephews he helped raise and he had a commanding voice. That resounding voice got the boy to stop cold. It scared the boy shitless Joe assumed.

The kid hadn’t taken too much of real value. It was the principle of the thing. He told the boy he had three choices. He could call a cop, take him home to his father, or give him a bare-butt paddling. He took the paddling...

Charlie abruptly snapped out of his memory.

There was Joe staring at him equally again in the locker room. Both men had a vertical manhood going. Joe said, If we were kids back in the day, we’d probably be fighting

They look at each other and laughed. Charlie said, Yeah and if my dad had found out I’d have gotten a good licking when he got me home too. They laughed again. Charlie thinks that he has got Joe’s interest now.

The two men found that the locker room had cleared for the most part. The mood shifted to seriousness. Joe said. Your Dad would have you whooped too eh? I kind of miss those days.

Yeah you sure knew where you stood. If Dad found out and you had screwed up, you sure knew what to expect. The middle age man stated frankly. Charlie was chumming up to Joe. They were both clothed now and Charlie put a gentle arm around Joe’s shoulder as they walked and talked.

Joe said, I’m tired. I had a good rock climb today.

You’re a climber? That takes a lot out of a man. I swim myself. Charlie said. He took his arm off his shoulder once they reach the front gate of the facility.

Joe’s look was of a kind of disappointment. He said, Well, I had not felt this good since I last talked to my brother a few years ago, when he was healthy. He passed away.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, said Charley.

It’s alright, said Joe. He was in a lot of pain at the end. Cancer you know.

Wow, said Charlie. He put his arm across his new friend’s shoulder again.

Sometimes I feel like I could use a good whackin’ from the old man again to snap out of a funk. He has been gone almost 30 years now, said Joe. Charlie’s got him drawn in he thinks. Joe just kind of did so too.

Sensing an opportunity, he lets his arm slide down off Joe’s shoulder, pulls it back and gives his a sharp, square pop on the center of his of his ass.


No sounds from Joe other than a mildly startled look at Charlie. For a uncomfortable moment, the two stares locked, waiting for the other to say something.

After what seemed to take for ever, Charlie landed a second, harder, well place crack.


Slowly Joe reacts by saying, Do you think I need it?

Charlie does not miss a beat. Yep. I think you do.

Opportunity seized!

The two walk to there cars. Joe said, Should I follow you to your house

Charlie’s mind is racing. He is not even sure it is really happening. Sort of hap heartedly he said, Sure. That will be fine, as he gets into his car and starts it.

Joe follows Charlie like a duty bound chum he had known for years. Charlie makes sure to keep his eyes half on the road and half on Joe’s car behind him. He doesn’t want to screw this up.

When Charlie reaches his house and pulls in the modest driveway, Joe pulls in directly behind. When he gets out of his car, Joe voices his only utterance that he might not be fully wanting this interaction to happen.

You know, I feel like this right now, but they are other times when I’d be the one contending with your bottom for a whippin’. Joe said to Charley.

Yes, I know that Joe. You are as big as I am! Just as powerful I’ll bet. I am not a fool. said Charlie.

The two men are silent as they enter the front of Charlie’s house. But it was Joe that broke the trance and told a short story about a paddling he got when he was a little boy.

Joe blurts out, One of my Uncles took me back to his house from a family gathering, and he could barely wait to get his front door open before he’d yanked off my pants and tore into my bare bottom. I must’ve been about 5 or 6. I don’t remember what I did. He dragged me over to his living room sofa. He locked me in between his knees. Put my left arm behind my back and whacked me bare bottom good! I was screaming

Charlie gets a reaction in his pants but he just goes forward with his rough play ideas.

I have a T.V. room or den that I thought you might like. Do you like nude wrestling? I have some discs we can watch.

Joe, not sure now what they are doing, asked, Where is the den?

Come on. I’ll show you. He puts his arm across his shoulder once again and leads his upstairs to the den.

The den is decorated with a modern art type fashion. Charlie turns the lights on and dims them some. This should relax you some. Taking a whipping when you’re older like we are, is a bit different that when we were kids.

Yeah. Joe agrees.

You’re gonna get a belt whippin’ Joe. Did your Dad ever use a belt on you? asks Charlie.

A couple of times in Junior High School

And you miss that? Charlie poses in doubt.

Yeah, I guess so. It hurt like hell but...

But what? asked Charlie.

Well, it’s embarrassing. I got my first hard on that I could remember in front of my Dad that way. Joe remembers.

Charlie looks at Joe for a long time. He is thinking that this guy is married? What did your Dad say

Joe said, Turn around and bend over, as he laughs.

A long pause.

Charlie turns his disc player on. Several scantily dressed people are in a ring. A man appears in a referee suit and announces something in Chinese. Two of the men were sort of dressed, de-robe and they begin wrestling on T.V. It was noisy.

Above the noise, Charlie tells Joe, Drop your pants and bend over that chair

Joe looks at Charlie and then down toward the floor. He lets his pants fall to the floor and lowers his briefs. He bends over the back of the chair.

Charlie takes off his thick leather belt and doubles it. This is gonna hurt Joe. We have all been through this before. Hold still until I’m through

Charlie works his belt like a master. He starts steady, rhythmic, and firm. The strapping builds up rather quickly and soon Joe’s groans and moans turn to withheld gasps for air. Both men were sweating, Joe profusely. He controls his trembling and resists the buckling of his knees. He takes Charlie’s whipping.

When Charlie is through he says, Just lay still for a few minutes on that chair. I am done with your whipping.

Joe had been breathing rapidly most of the time. His body relaxes with Charlie’s words. He said, It’s been years since I felt something that intense! Thank you Sir.

Charlie rolls his eyes. The two men sit in the room listening to the noisy wrestling flick. After awhile Charlie asks Joe, Do you feel okay?

Yes. Yes... I do! How did you know that is what I wanted? Joe gets up from the bent over position. He begins to put his trousers back on.

Charlie says, I took a chance that you might be after that. Lots of men are. More than you’d think

You may think that because I am gay that I... well... you knew that, right?

Right. I figured anyway.

Charlie rolls his eyes again. Boys will be boys. It is a fairly common fantasy. Most men don’t act on it or feel driven by it. Many of us do though.

Charlie continues his talk. Now with the internet, there is more and more that talk the talk, but never act on it. Sad really. That has always been true. They get scared, Back a few decades ago, men would correspond by mail and in secret. As if it were not enough to just feel bad about wanting to experience something with another man

You lost me, said Joe.

Of a sexual nature

A pause.

Spanking is sexual, sort of. Another longer pause.

Years ago men would correspond by mail for weeks and months but then have a case of nerves when it came to an actual meeting. Charlie stops for a moment.

I took the chance with you. You see it is not always about getting off. I can remember this meeting for a long time and take care of my business alone, on my own

Joe said, I’d do this again you know... I would.

Oh I’ll give you my phone number Joe. If I hear from you, great. Charley doesn’t expect to hear from Joe again.

Charlie writes his phone number down on a piece of paper. He doubts Joe will ever call him though, but they do work out at the same gym.

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