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Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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Deep Closets

The middle aged man walked slowly to his bedroom closet. He guided the compliant 22 year old along with him. They both stood contemplating as Arthur pulled open the sliding closet door. The blond Tommy nervously looked inside the closet as Arthur began rummaging through his hanging mix of fine shirts, slacks, Jeans, and strings of various belts.

Arthur pointed to the floor of the closet and said, You can see that I have a lot of shoes, slippers, boots, and things. Something like one of these might do the trick.

Arthur spoke calmly and deliberately. Tommy’s eyes widened also as his eyes began to move scantly from sections of the closet, back to Arthur’s healthy middle aged shoulders. They had met a few times before on their common interest with Corporal Punishment – Dad to son type. Tommy had a feeling this time was going to be very real and very intense. He asked to use the bathroom.

Arthur said, It’s through that door, son. Come right back over here when you’re done so I can decide.

Tommy bowed his head as he moved toward the bathroom He trusts and likes Arthur but this doesn’t make him less nervous. In fact he might be a bit more jumpy because he wants to please this surrogate Dad. Tommy used the John and moved directly back to Arthur’s side.

Arthur looks the young man over up and down. Then he forages through the area when he slacks and jeans are. I don’t wear these very often. These may not even fit any more

He rummages further and comes upon a swayed leather belt about 2 and half inches wide.

You know we talked earlier and decided that you really needed to be punished quite severely this afternoon. This would do the trick. I think we’ll use this belt

Tommy is silent as Arthur pulls the belt off of its hanger and doubles it. The next thing he knew, Arthur garnished his upper right arm and lead him to the master bed. Arthur unbuckled and unzipped the boy’s pants, but then he stopped.

Tommy, I want you to takes your pants and underwear off. Fold them up and stack them with your shoes on that chair there in the corner. Arthur’s tone was rougher than before. The air in the room seemed serious Tommy did as he was told.

Tommy walked back now naked from the waist down, to where Arthur was standing. He knees felt weak and almost buckled. When he reached Arthur, Arthur calmly turned the boy’s body so that they were face to face. Arthur is an inch or two taller with a much broader chest than the boy.

Tommy you are to follow my instructions. I am about to punish you severely on your bare bottom.. Tommy gets a hard on.

Arthur sees his hard on. He takes a hold of it firmly; as he sits on the bed he pulls the boy’s over his knee, firmly grasping his hard dick in his left hand. Tommy teeters to maintain a balance awkwardly and he goes across the middle aged man’s knees – or between them anyway.

Swish! Whop! Swish! ...

Tommy starts to moan and when he hollers, Arthur just keeps the strap coming down. He says to the boy, Go ahead. Make all the noise you want. After your spanking I am putting to you bed!

More swishes and cracks continue as the boy’s hollers turn into a catharsis of uncontrollable crying.

Arthur finally finishes the boy’s strapping. He rests and looks at the wheeled half naked boy in-between his two thighs. Arthur was getting an erection now. Tommy was completely flaccid.

He lifts Tommy up slightly and the boy moves off Arthur’s lap right away. Arthur said, Now too fast, son.

He moves over to a chest of drawers and tosses out a pair of pajamas. These should fit you. You can leave the bottoms off if you’d like. Just get under the covers and stay here until I come and get you, understand?

His tone was calm, relaxed and not at all bossy. He was naturally firm man. Tommy changes into the pajamas. He whimsies some when he first tried to slide the bottoms up, but he managed.

Arthur said, Oh, you got the bottoms up, eh? Hmmm.

Tommy said thank you Sir as he got under the covers. Arthur left the room. As he closed the door he said, I’ll be back to check on you in about 15 minutes or so

Arthur’s hard on was raging...

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