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Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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Closets Part 2 and 3

Outside of Tommy’s room, Arthur thoughts were racing. Had he held back too much? The 20 something boy hollered, but maybe he just put that on like he did the first time they had met. It sure made Arthur hard thinking about the image though.

He was outside his door listening about 5 feet from the door. He thought about if the boy was crying out of fear or feeling sullen because he got the whipping on his bare bottom. He remembers how he felt after his own father had punished him when he was a boy. The feelings of guilt would work in conjunction with his admiration and respect for yhis Dad. This would lull him into a deep sleep back in those days.

But he and Tommy were different; and it was 40 years ago or so for Arthur since his childhood spankings. In fact, he remember first getting a hard on at around 9 years old after his father had really worked his bottom over. Arthur remembers crying uncontrollably but then he remembers working with his penis. He had is first ejaculation around that time. Spanking other boys, especially kids younger than he was, preoccupied his thoughts once he was a teenager.

In fact these thoughts have always been interfering on his life with girlfriends and marriage. During the end of his marriage, he started seeking out younger adult boys to spank and to have sex with. Or he could just spank and fantasize of being their mentor. That was exciting.

When first sought out younger men while he was still married, he felt some guilt at giving them spankings the time, but it seems to have also enhanced his married life. Sex had gotten better and more intense with his wife, initially, for a few days after he had a spanking encounter with another guy.


Arthur listened more incisively at the door by Tommy. He thought he heard the boy moaning like he might be jacking himself. Not in his house! Arthur moved back toward the bedroom door and burst it open.

Yep. There is Tommy jerking his penis under the covers in the bed. Arthur did not say much. Tommy knows better. He grabbed a wood hair brush off the dresser in the room, darts over to him in the bed. The covers are pulled back and as he twists him over he said, What do you think you’re doing?

He grabs Tommy’s upper arm and lifts him up. Arthur sits on the bed. The boy’s hard on goes flaccid as Arthur drags him squarely across his lap, yanks the partially on pajama bottoms down past the boy’s thighs, and proceeds with a vigorous bare bottom spanking with the hard wooden hairbrush.

Arthur said, while he gives the relentless spanking, Do you think a naughty boy deserves to be able to jerk off after his whipping? I’ll teach you a lesson you are not going to forget!

The smacks to cracks came with a fury. Tommy did not expect this to happen so hard. He was bucking all over Arthur’s legs, yelling loudly but to no avail. He held his back down harder and spanked him into a frenzy! When ever Tommy moved too much, Arthur would firmly command him to hold still until he was through. It went on for ever!

Tommy was begging like an 8 year old for Arthur to stop. It hurts Arthur! Please? Please Dad...dy, please!

This string of pleas fell quiet as the deep, helpless moans recoiled through the room. Tommy began to really sob.

Yet the spanking continues and Tommy’s but glowed crimson red with tinges of purplish brown.

Arthur stopped the spanking but he held the boy in place across his lap. The two lay like this, with Tommy crying for several minutes.

Finally Tommy said, I am sorry, Daddy

Arthur has a firm hard on now. This was the kind of moment he has always fantasized about.

Tommy lowered his upper body to rest his head in the clothed crotch of his mentor Arthur. He could feel the bulge. Risking another beating, Tommy reaches up with his hand and loosened Arthur’s pants. He exhumed his hard penis into his mouth and began to bare down on it. Arthur did not complain or threaten another beating this time.

Completion did not take long. The middle age man and the 22 year old were connected now.


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