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Babysitter Disciplinarian and Beyond

by Y Lee Coyote

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Since he was twelve, Roy had earned a bundle as a babysitter, even exceeding those earned by his friends who busted their backs tending uncooperative lawns and icy sidewalks.  As he gained experience, got older and thus stronger, and acquired a reputation he was able to specialize and charge premium fees.  Parents booked his services long in advance and even adjusted their schedules to assure his services.

Roy’s niche was the older, rambunctious (e.g., hard to control) preteen boys.  The boys that the babysitting girls stayed away from because they were impossible to control short of using a straight jacket and/or a whip.  Roy had a gender advantage since these brats knew that girls were a lower form of life while he was a real male – an older male who both demanded and commanded respect.

His open secret was an ancient method – spanking.  As soon as a brat in his charge began to get out of line, he issued a firm warning that unless there was an immediate change to approved behavior there would be serious consequences.  When the warning was not heeded, Roy grabbed the boy and began to strip him.  Once pants were down, especially if there was a sister about, the boy tended to worry about his modesty so that his shirt could then be removed more easily.  The naked boy, usually howling, was then bent over one knee and his legs trapped between Roy’s legs.  Jackknifed and held, the boy’s bottom was a ready target and soon was subjected to many hard spanks turning it bright red from the internal fires blazing.  It was not a matter of whether or not the boy cried but of how soon.  A throughly spanked boy is much better behaved for the simple reason that he does not desire a second treatment especially in the short run.

It was not entirely stick but also carrot that Roy used because with good, well-behaved boys he was very friendly and not super strict about bedtimes.  A few parents even just hired him as a disciplinarian to give their errant sons the spankings they needed but somehow could not bring themselves to administer themselves.

By the time he was fourteen, Roy was a very confident young man who loved both being in charge and spanking.  A year later when he was a high school freshman he had honed these qualities to perfection.

Roy’s classmate, Nick, who was mature as he was, had with his family recently moved into the district.  Roy chanced to met Simeon, Nick’s older brother on a visit.  It just happened that Simeon and Roy were attracted to each other.  Because of Roy’s maturity Simeon was happy to be friends even though the age difference was more than two years.  After a few months the friendship grew so that they were boyfriends rather than just [boy] friends.

The three youths were down in the family room after school on a Friday.  They were playing video games when Mr. Apperson roared in.  A tornado would have been more peaceful.

Simeon Harold Apperson why didn’t you take the garbage cans to the curb this morning?  It was your turn.  Now we are stuck with the mess for another week! he screamed.  This is not the first time you have shrunk your chores.  Nick knowing the ways of his father quickly killed the game and pulled Roy back to stay out of the way of the raging man.  Come here, boy.  Obviously worried but too scared not to obey, Simeon stood before his father, silently and with head bowed for there was naught to say.

Roy could not believe how fast Mr. Apperson stripped his son, with shirt, sneakers, jeans and briefs flying about in short order.  Once Simeon was in his birthday suit, Mr. Apperson sat down and pulled the youth over his lap like he was a small child.  With a good grip on his son’s waist, he started to spank hard and fast.  Each spank resounded through the room punctuated by Simeon’s yelps of pain.  After an intense five minutes, Mr. Apperson stopped spanking his eldest son who was now crying like a baby.  He got him off his lap and ordered sharply: Corner.  The crying boy rushed to a corner where he parked his nose, put his hands on his head and continued to cry.  His well-roasted butt glowed like a pair of stop lights.

Roy was dumbfounded.  Even as an experienced spanker he was amassed at how effective Mr. Apperson had been.  He was also confused for he felt that this should have been done privately if at all for Simeon was seventeen and that seemed to be too old for spanking as a domestic punishment.  But, the sight of Simeon’s bright red tail and seeing him get it was definitely great only considering himself.  He could barely imagine how terrible his boyfriend felt in addition to the pain in his butt.

Nick explained that his father believed that spanking was the first and foremost method to be used and never cared about who was about to witness the chastisement.  The reason he had never seen this before is that they rarely got spanked, perhaps proving that it was effective, and it is not something we like to talk about.  Roy then went to his boyfriend said some consoling words and gave him a gentle kiss on the neck before departing.

Back home, he was distracted by thoughts of what he had witnessed – his older boyfriend getting his ass soundly roasted.  He could not help but to jerk off and hoped his boyfriend would forgive him.

It was a couple of weeks later and things including Simeon’s butt were back to normal.  School was over for the week and Roy and Simeon had a date.  They had plans to go to the museum early and then see the planetarium show for which they had tickets.  When Simeon was a half hour late, Roy called him.  It was a good thing because he was still sleeping.  Well, he skipped breakfast and hurried.  They had only a few minutes before the sky show and then the museum was less enjoyable because it was very crowded later in the day.

It was when they got back to Roy’s house and were alone that Roy could express his feelings.  He was angry not just because Simeon was late but because that meant he did not care has much as he should have about their relationship.  As Roy lectured (yelled at) his boyfriend, Simeon showed signs of guilt.  These signs were most familiar to Roy for he had seen them in the boys he had spanked and even when he watched Simeon being yelled at by his father.  Finally, he got to the logical conclusion saying: You have been a very naughty boy and have earned a spanking.

That surely was a surprise to Simeon and even to Roy as he said it.  That probably where it would have ended had Simeon remained silent but he had a conditioned response to that line after years of his father using it to end his lectures.  Yes, Sir.  I deserve to be spanked.

That response caused a corresponding response in Roy.  He took his boyfriend to his bedroom and proceeded to undress him just like he had when he dealt with his babysitting charges.  Deliberately although quickly Roy proceeded strip his errant boyfriend.  Garment after garment was tossed aside until Simeon was starkers.  With a bit of foresight, Roy made a quick detour to his closet and extracted the leather paddle he had invested in for his side business of discipline.  The preliminaries done, he sat on his bed and pulled Simeon over so that he lay on his lap.

I’m very disappointed in you for over sleeping this morning. he said and swung the paddle at the target.  Simeon was stoic and took it well but noted that it certainly was not a baby spank.  Over and over Roy raised his arm and brought the paddle speeding down on its target.  Roy knew that Mr. Apperson spanked very hard and therefore he must do so as well otherwise it all would be a pointless exercise.  The result was evident as Simeon was reacting much more and then surrendered to the leather strap.  Consequentially Simeon was vocalizing the pain he felt.  Soon after Roy stopped spanking and lifting Simeon up hugged him.  Simeon returned the hug and still sobbing promised to be a good boy.

Although neither knew it at this time, this marked the beginning of a change in their relationship.  It took a few weeks before Roy noticed the change.  His boyfriend although more than two years older was now significantly more deferential to him.  A couple of months previously decisions of what to do were made about half the time by each of them.  Now, after Roy had exercised an I’m in charge action with the spanking, he was making the decisions more than ninety-five percent of the time.  He adjusted his thoughts about seventeen being too old for domestic spanking and accepted Mr. Apperson’s position.  He did not feel it necessary to explicitly explain to Simeon about their new relationship as it was working just well.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  April 5, 2016

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