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Apprentice Barber Is A Master
Part 2

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about a man who is dominated by two teens.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is a sequel and you should read part 1 first since it defines the characters and relationships.  The link is at the end.  The man’s thoughts are shown right justified and in italics.

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I had been sick in bed a couple of days so I hadn’t gotten a haircut when the barber was at the school.  Since I skipped it the previous week that meant that I was getting pretty shaggy as the VP would say and when he said that it came with an invitation to see him in his office for a discussion with his fearsome paddle.  There was a simple way, however, to avoid that and was to get a haircut.

When I got to the barbershop, Bob, the young barber, was just finishing up some guy and I took the opportunity to drain before getting my haircut.  I heard someone else come in as the first gentleman left.  Timmy, how did things, go with that job interview?

I thought the interview went well...  Timmy paused and then finished: ...but apparently not for I didn’t get the job, Sir.

Most obviously not!  That certainly rates a spanking, boy! said Bob.  I figured I should stay in the lavatory for a bit but I could watch what was happening in the mirrors.  I was surprised to see that the boy was actually a man in his late thirties.  Get your shorts and briefs down and over my lap, pronto.  Timmy responded affirmatively and I saw the barber sit on the customers’ waiting bench and the man go to his side.  Before he lay down like a naughty little boy, who had displeased his father, on the barber’s lap I also saw he did not have a bush.

Shit!  I didn’t expect that he would spank me for not getting the job.  Hell, it wasn’t my fault there were twenty others applying and the guy that got it was a son of a friend.  I hope that he doesn’t notice that I didn’t shave down below.

I got bolder and stepped out to watch better.  I was mesmerized as I saw the barber grip the boy’s waist while raising a wide backed hairbrush only to bring it crashing down on Timmy’s bare ass with a resounding WHACK.  Over and over that was repeated.  Bob noticed me watching and just smiled so I knew it was OK.  Timmy’s ass turned fiery red and he was sobbing and pleading that he would do better like a well spanked little kid does.  He even kicked about enough that his shorts and briefs flew off.  Eventually Bob decided it was enough spanking and ordered to man to stand in the corner.

Who’s the hell is that kid watching?

Yes, sir. he said as he took his place without any pants on so that his ass was illuminating the room.  He even put his hands behind his head like a little boy.

Ignoring the spanked man Bob indicated that I should sit in the chair.  I explained why he knew me and why I had come.  You’re a smart boy not like that one. indicating Apple Butt in the corner.

The barber caught me staring at the twin stop lights and queried me.  His ass is even redder than the guys have after a visit to the VP at school. I said to explain my interest.  Bob made quick work of my haircut and I was soon finished.  I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to pay but only had to sign so he would be paid by the school.  As this was happening, he had directed the man to get into the chair so I got a good look at him.  I saw that he actually did have pubes but they had been very short cut so that only stubble remained.

What do you think he needs, James? the barber asked me.

Who the hell is that kid to decide?

The answer was more than obvious.  I pointed to the old sign on the wall.  A shave  and a haircut.  He has stubble down below which can’t be right. I replied with a grin although I was sure it would be more than two bits.

Yipe!  He noticed my crotch and wants me bald.  I hope that Master doesn’t agree.

I guess that the barber asked because he felt that we were kindred souls since we both were tenting our pants.  I chatted with the barber as he cut the hair of the half naked man in his chair and I learnt how he gained such control of this older man.

Hell!  He’s telling him everything.  I wish he respect my privacy.

This worked out well for after he did the neck line razor work, he removed the apron and lathered up the man’s groin.  Timmy was blushing all the time once he knew that I was watching but apparently he did not dare to ask that I leave much less complain about the lack of privacy.  Since his thingy was rampant, he must have liked all this humiliation or at least getting covered in shaving cream.

This was fascinating and I could hardly wait for the barber to start with the razor and I almost came in my pants as I watched the razor remove the stubble leaving his baby smooth.  I thanked him for the demonstration and complimented him on how well he spanked.  How did you learn to do that?

That got him to laugh.  After he thanked me he said it wasn’t hard and that he had learnt from his father.  Would you like a lesson?  I jumped at the opportunity.  Up boy, it’s time for the second part of your spanking.  Get over James’ lap, pronto.  I immediately sat on the bench where he had been before and Timmy got over my lap.

A second spanking and from a stranger.  Why?  It’s not fucking fair!

It was thrilling.  This was far different from when my buddy and I traded spankings.  This was a grown man over my lap and I was about to spank him for REAL and it didn’t matter that his tail was already red.  I was going to make it redder.  Bob made sure that I got a proper grip and had me deliver several hand spanks.  My excitement level rose as I was doing this.

Closing time. said Bob as he flipped the sign to closed and pulled the shades.  He handed me the hairbrush and told me to spank some more.  This was a lot easier on my hand and the spanks were far more effective.  I soon had Timmy crying like a baby and Bob indicated I should stop which I did.  Bob couldn’t miss how my pants were tented.

That kid really laid it on!  Even easy that friggen hairbrush really stings but I’m really hurting.

On all fours, boy. Bob commanded and Timmy obeyed immediately.  He held up a condom as he opened his pants and, with a huge smile, asked me: Which end of the boy do you want first?.  I copied him and having taken the condom rolled it on my super hard shaft.  I knew what to do and Bob did the same at the other end of the red ass boy.  It was just seconds later that we had him spitted.  It was a most glorious fuck and gave me greatly needed relief.

They’re doing me from both ends at once.  That’s not right.  But they are two young studs and I can’t stop ’em and it feels soooooooooooo frigen good.

We swapped positions and repeated the operation but this time I was at the head end and Bob got into the rear.  After a quick lecture, Bob sent Timmy home and shortly afterwards I also returned home.

My ass is on fire and I got two loads from two teen studs in my tummy and they both fucked me so good.  I can learn to like this.

It certainly was the best time I had in a barber shop ever.  I’m so glad that I was mature enough to know how to avoid a paddling at school.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  May 2, 2016

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