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Cy (Part 1)

by Bud Johnson

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Cy by Bud Johnson

Cy met Bud when he was 20 years old. Cy had been giving realistic bare bottom spankings to younger men for years now. Bud was younger than most the boys he would meet through the personal ads or the bar. Cy found this exciting.

They met through a local publication in the mid 1980s. Cy, being well into his 60s, did not get a lot of boys as young as Bud wanting a realistic spanking. And he only offered a very real hairbrush or hard wood paddling on a boy’s bare bottom across his lap. These really hurt! A lot!

When the two men spoke on the telephone, Cy advised Bud that he does not play spank for sex. He offers a real experience only. Cy insists that he, and only he, determines when a spanking will stop. He never draws blood but he warns a young man that even if a boy rolls off his lap uncontrollably, he will order them to lie back across his lap and taking his paddling until he, as the disciplinarian, decides that the boy has had enough.

Not before. Ever.

Cy made this very clear so that any younger men, from 18 to 80, will be in control by staying in focus on themselves and the discipline. Cy believes that part of what makes a spanking beneficial is when both he as the spanker and the younger man relax and accept their roles, but stay attentive. They usually do.

After he finished his speech on the telephone, he added one more thing. You will obey me like you would have just like with your real father. It is a punishment spanking. Many older boys cry loudly like a toddler when they get spanked. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It stays between you and me, understood?

Bud liked this. It gave him a needed confidence with Cy. He wanted it like this, but Cy insisted that he think it over and call him back when and if he is ready to experience a real spanking. Cy got the phone call about a week later.

The day when the two actually met it was a cloudy and dank morning. Bud, was over 6 feet and 200 pounds, was very nervous – naturally. He smokes cigarettes incessantly on the unknown route to Cy’s modest home. He needed a haircut too. He is not as sure of himself as he was when they first talked on the telephone.

Finally at his front door, Bud knocks. Cy greets him. He eyes Bud up and down and invites him into his house. Cy thinks that the boy was a bit pudgy but at least he was clean.

Cy leads him to his front room saying, So Bud, what do you do for work?

The sharply dressed 65 year old with graying hair directs Bud to have a seat.

Bud said, Well I work mid-nights at a 7-11 and I play in a rock and roll band now and then.

That’s fine son. At least you are working. Cy spoke clearly in a friendly manner.

Then he lights a cigarette saying, You can smoke if you’d like.

Bud says thank you but elects not to smoke.

It is fine too. I can smell that you do smoke. I want you to be comfortable in my house son. Now he directly focused the young man. You are a big boy! Did your Dad spank you when you were younger?

Not really. My mother did when I was a baby. Bud said with a look of embarrassment on his face. He was still nervous but beginning to relax a little.

As a Baby? Cy questions.

At 2 or 3 I think. I don’t remember but that is what I was told. I don’t really remember. The two men connected now.

Ever get a strapping or paddling from your Dad? Cy asked with widening eyes. He was testing the boy. Cy is used to guys in their 30s or 40s – not a 20 year old like Bud. Cy is sure that the young man is very nervous or even scared, even if he is a bigger boy. He is still just a 20 year old kid. Cy wants him to stay.

Bud finally replies, No Sir.

Cy, remembering what he had just asked said, Well, spankings from your Dad hurt a lot more than you can imagine; especially with me as your Dad. You may be bawling loudly like a baby when I get through. Cy said with a friendly, slight snicker in his voice. But he was also very serious. Bud’s attitude lifts up even higher.

Cy continued with a monologue of sorts very similar to what he said to Bud on their first telephone conversation. But after he finished his cigarette, he put the butt out in the ashtray and looked Bud squarely in the eye.

I may be older that what you think I should be, but from now on, I want you to follow my directions completely. You can call me Dad or Sir. Do you agree?

Bud looked down. It felt like time had stopped. He thought to him self, Can I really do this? He knew that once he agrees, there is no turning back.

Finally he looks back up at Cy and said, Yes Sir, I agree.

It was meek but it was clear. His heart was racing.

Cy has him now. He decides to pick up the pace and move into action. It is time to switch into the spanking mode. Cy claps his hands as he stands up. Stand up son and I’ll show you to your bedroom.

Again Bud subservantly says, Yes Sir!

Bud follows Cy to a bedroom. There are several hairbrushes and large lap paddles towards to pillow area on the single bed. He had already set it up. Cy moves quickly. He takes a hold of Bud’s waist by his pants buckle and he pulls him closer to him towards the bed. He unbuckles and unzips his pants. No time to waste. Bud is frozen, doing exactly what he is told as if he was a little boy.

Cy sits erectly on the center edge of the bed. Bud complies though a bit awkwardly. Cy continues masterfully saying, You are long overdue for a good whooping young man. You have needed this for a long time.

Cy spoke with the firmness and strength of a confident middle aged man.

He lands Bud squarely across his lap. Like the obedient but frightened boy he nervously said again, Yes Sir...

Cy said, Call me Dad!

Cy grabs the larger hard wood lap paddle. The spanking conmences. Crack! Crack! Crack!!!

He begins the spanking, hard!

Bud moans after the third but the whooping has only just started. Cy says things like, This is going to hurt me as much as it is you, or Hold still young man! But the spanking was getting harder and Bud’s moans quickly turned into yells. He begged him to stop but Cy wouldn’t. He just laid it on hard, strong, and faster.

The more Bud wriggled, the harder the swats seem to come.

They were both sweating profusely. Sweat and snot ran from Bud’s nose, eyes, and mouth. He though his yells could be heard all over the neighborhood. Bud slipped off Cy’s lap onto the floor.

Cy said, We are not done son. Get back across my lap.

Bud could see that Cy’s crotch was bulging now. But Cy said nothing about that. He was excited! So he kept the momentum going.

He said, Let’s go son, don’t dawdle.

Bud worked his body back up. He went across the man’s lap again like a dutiful son. He ass was burning but he felt a certain comfort with this man. He let go to him.

Cy grabbed his left arm and pulled it firmly across his back. He scissor locked the boy’s thighs by separately his own legs. Neither man noticed Cy’s very firm erections however he adjusted it accordingly.

Whoop! Crack! Whap! Whap! Crack!)))...

The whooping went on and Bud went from hollering into a stream of real tears. The spanking continued for a time but finally Cy stopped.

Cy listened to Bud’s crying and let him cry scissor-ed in across his lap. He said in a belabored, quiet tone, Let it go son. You had needed this for a long time.

Bud cried as he regained his own composure. He got what he came for. Cy then relaxed his grip on his legs. He told him to get his pants back up.

The two men went back down stairs and talked briefly. Then Cy sent Bud back home leaving it up to him should he ever want to get together again.


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