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Alex's Last Month of High School

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 16 May 2000

This is a continuation of the story "Alex's Most Memorable Memorial Day Week" which is in this archive.  (Click on the more stories by this author link at the end.)  It features more humiliation of a young man publicly by his peers.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i. e., child) please leave now.

It is highly recommended that you read the other story first.  That story describes Alex's most humiliating public punishment, and the subsequent additional humiliations.  One of the result of being "demoted" in the family was that he fell under the control of his younger brother, Brian, as his parents became very distant from him.  Brian was highly conflicted with this responsibility.  As all younger brothers do, Brian felt that Alex had been picking on him and initially exercised his power excessively.  It was this approach, however, that turned out to benefit Alex in reducing the harassment he received at school.  Alex also found a way to cope with some of the abuse he was forced to bear -- he decided that he could enjoy his public nudity by being an exhibitionist.  Here we continue the with Alex's experiences starting immediately after the school play where he was naked on stage.

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The Cast Party

The play was over.  Alex had some trepidation when his parents and siblings met him after the play.  June, his little sister, was still laughing at how he was naked on stage for the world to see his hairless pee-pee.  She could not understand that he had fun doing it.  His parents made equally juvenile, rather than parental, remarks that ridiculed him.

Alex was glad that Jason appeared so that he could get away from his parents.  He started to talk with Brian and Jason.  Jason first renewed his promise that he would stop any hassling (as best as he could) at the school as agreed for Alex kept his part of the deal.  Then he wanted to know if Alex could come to the cast party.  Alex said that he doubted it, but he would ask his parents but Brian stopped him.  "Do you promise that you won't drink?"  Alex agreed.  Then he spoke with Jason.  "Can you get him home before dawn?"  Jason agreed.  "OK; you can go but be a good boy and listen to Jason.  If you don't he hasmy permission to take your pants, er,diaperdown and spank you."

"Great with me." said Jason with a big grin, "As stage manager I often wish that I could do that to a lot of the cast.  Come on Baby."

As Jason led Alex off to go to the party, the import of what happened struck Alex.  Brian had acted as if he was his father rather than his younger brother.  Then he had added to his own humiliation by passively accepting such treatment in front of Jason as the norm.  Why hadn't he gone to his parents instead -- or at least to confirm.  He felt like he was really Brian's kid brother.  He was also sure that Jason knew that also.  Unknown to Alex, Brian had already asked their parents about the party had gotten a very flippant answer that told Brian that he was fully in charge of his older brother.

The party was fun.  They talked about how the play could be improved.  Two ideas emerged.  First, Baby should be spanked on stage at least once.  Second, the diaper change should be much longer and detailed.  The original diaper should look "soiled" so that a full cleaning of Baby would be required and the oiling should be prolonged.  Alas, there were adults in the audience that would have inhibited that in the performance.

There was a proposal that since Alex had done so well in the play and that he was graduating, they should have a special induction tonight to make him a full member of the Thespian Club.  The vote was unanimous and Alex accepted the invitation.  By being on stage he fulfilled all the necessary requirements but the usual initiation ceremony seemed wrong -- Alex being naked was not a real challenge for he had been practically a nudist for the last week.  They decided that each member would have the opportunity to either diaper or spank (not too hard) him.

Alex agreed after he was assured that the spanking would be light to moderate and by hand only.  During the previous week he had convinced himself that he liked being an exhibitionist so that things were a lot more fun.  In years to come, as he gained understanding, he would wonder about this as his personal 'chicken or egg first' problem.

Lots were cast.  The young lady who played Mommy was first.  She declared that she had already done the diaper bit, so she was going to spank her baby.  She sat on a chair and opened Alex's diaper pin.  The diaper fell to the floor and he docilely got over her lap.  He had to balance on his hands and toes.  She gave him a few spanks barely leaving him with a pink bottom.  Even Alex was having fun.

Sue-Ann was next.  Even though she had done the diaper stuff in class she opted for it.  He laid on a table and she went through the motions.  She let her finger linger as she put some oil on his butt hole.  In many ways it felt like Brian when he was about to fuck him.  Of course, that was just another reason why he was hard when she got around to his front side.  Unlike in class where there was a teacher watching, now she was not a bit inhibited and played with his cock.  She put some oil on her hand and started to stroke his cock.  A couple of strokes and he was rock hard.  Within a couple of minutes he lost control and spurted.  The crowd was very appreciative and applauded.  A precedent had been set.  The young lady who had played Mommy, was muttering: "Why didn't I think of that?"

He got a couple of quick play spankings from a couple of guys and then it was back to a diaper change -- three in a row.  He managed to come for all of them, but the last one took much longer not that anyone complained.  He got a regular change from a girl and also a spanking.  Then a guy went for the diaper option.  As the guy started to play with him he was not very responsive as he was pretty spent.  So the guy suddenly switched hands and then stuck the oily one between his legs and shoved a couple of fingers into his butt-hole.  A few more strokes aided by some discrete and deft prostate stimulation got the desired results.  Alex did not know if he should be proud of coming so many times or ashamed of being finger fucked so publically.  He decided that it was better for the group to laugh with him rather than at him.

Last, but certainly not least, was Jason.  He made a production out of the situation.  He started by lecturing and scolding Alex for his disgusting and rude behavior of ejaculating so publically and his nudity.  He was forced to admit that Jason has permission from his kid brother to really spank if he was naughty which he certainly was.  Finally, Alex said it: "Please spank me for being a naughty baby."

Jason pulled Alex over his lap and held him tightly.  He caressed the smooth rosy bottom for a while and then began.  It was not that Jason hit so hard or so many times but the way that he set it up that really got to the young man.  He could not help himself and started to cry.  Jason kept at it for a little longer and then stopped.  Then he held Alex until he the crying stopped.

Everyone congratulated Alex on becoming a full fledged of Thespian Club.

Alex's Bath

The week at both school and home was pretty quiet.  After his performance in the play, razzing Alex just seemed so anti-climactical that it was avoided.  Jason and his buddies' pressure also had its effect.  It was at home that things changed significantly for the worse.

It was Friday afternoon and the eve of Alex's eighteenth birthday.  His dad was still at work and Brian still out.  He was thinking about becoming a man officially tomorrow. Then his mom just entered his bedroom without knocking and announced to her oldest son on that she now had the time to give him his bath.

"I really can do it myself, mother.  There's no need for you to have to bathe me." he said with little hope that she take pity on him and allow him to do it himself.

"Get undressedyoung man. Now!"

He knew better than to argue for he has been warned and the memory of the bare ass spanking he received publically in the town park on Memorial Day was still very vivid.  He knew that he could expect another spanking from his father probably in front of company this evening if he did not comply.  He slowly removed his clothes as he was told and was soon standing naked in front of his mother just as he had done when he was half his age.  Except for his size he really did not look any different since he had lost his pubic hair.  She led him into the bathroom and he stood there as the tub filled with water.

The doorbell rang and his sister responded.  She welcomed Aunt Becky and cousins Cheryl (16) and Ted (14).  Then mom called down for them to come up adding: "I'm just bathing my baby."  Cheryl and Ted looked at each other in surprise and followed their mother up the stairs.  As the visitors enter the bathroom, Alex pulls on his full blush suit but it did not hide anything.  He hid his face in his hands but his mother ordered him to greet the visitors.

"Good afternoon, Aunt Becky.  Hi, Cheryl.  Hi, Ted." he blurted out mortified that they all see him naked close up.  He knew that his cousins had seen him get stripped, spanked and shaved in the park and naked on stage but that did not reduce his feelings of shame, embarrassment and humiliation now for this new combination of events.

"Into the tub, Alex." was almost a relief as he hoped that he could hide his bare pubes and privates under the water.  What he could not hide was that his mother was actually washing him -- an eighteen year old man fully capable -- in front of his cousins and aunt.  As she soaped up the washcloth, she asked if he remembers what he said a couple of hours ago?  He nodded.  "And what happen to a little boy who use such dirty words?"

Alex gulped and answers softly: "He has his mouth washed out with soap to get rid of the dirty words."  He opened his mouth and waited for the dreaded soap filled washcloth to be inserted just as he had when he was twelve years old.  He did not have to wait long; the taste was the same -- horrid.  Mom pushed the washcloth around to get into every crevice.  After ages she pulled it out.  He immediately spat out what he could but the awful taste remained.

Mom carefully soaped the cloth again.  He knew the penalty for spiting before a minute is up is a second treatment.  He opened his mouth again as the instrument of torture approached and accepted it.  It was just as bad as the first time.  He managed to control himself until given permission to spit.  The aftertaste remained for many hours.

"Dunk time" said his tormentor.  He closed his eyes tightly, held his nose and she pushed him back to get his head and hair fully wet.  After she shampooed him, he was dunked again to rinse.

As his mom proceeded to wash him, Cheryl made a suggestion.  "Aunt Terrasse, if you like I can bathe Alex while you and mom visit."

"That's an excellent idea, Cheryl.  Thank you very much.  Please be sure that his bottom is really clean for he is a careless boy when he uses the potty.  You'll find his fresh clothes on his bed."

Alex did not look happy as Cheryl got into position and took up the washcloth.  "Alex," she said sternly, "I'm going to wash your face and if that frown does not come off, I'll quit.  Then you can have your mother or aunt or little sister finish washing you with more eyes watching than now.  Understand.  Remember both Ted and I saw you at the picnic, on the school steps and on the stage.  This is not a new sight of you."

"It's just so hard." sobbed Alex as she washed him.  "You're right, but it's so hard."

With that Alex snapped into baby mode.  As Cheryl washed him with Ted watching he was just like a little baby.  He just let himself be washed and even giggled when he was ticked.  (Cheryl later told her friends how much fun it was washing that big pee-pee.)

After he was rinsed and dried they went back to his bedroom.  There they found his play costume on the bed.  Alex put on the T-shirt and laid down on the bed.  As he lifted his legs up and raised his butt he realized he had lost track of how many girls had seen him getting diapered and even of how many had actually done it.  Certainly it was scores already.

Ted had gotten the powder and Cheryl put it Alex.  She was about to pin the diaper closed but there was a problem sticking up.  Ted suggest that there were three possible solutions: "You can suck it, you can jerk it or you can cut it off, sis."

Alex reacted with: "WHAT!"

"Just joking, Alex, about the third option.  Come on, Cher, you had lots of practice doing both."

This time Cheryl reacted and Ted just smiled as if he knew some things about his sister that she did not know he knew.

"Go on, give him something special for his birthday.  You know his party was canceled."  Cheryl did to great surprise of both her cousin and her brother.

Both Cheryl and Ted felt sorry for their cousin as did his siblings.  They could see that he was suffering a lot and were very friendly and consoling.  Dinner was somewhat quiet for none of the young'uns were happy.  Latter they went off to talk and play.  They wished Alex a happy birthday, regretted that his party was canceled and to hang in for another week until finals were over.

Alex's Eighteenth Birthday Party

Two days earlier, just three days before Alex's eighteenth birthday and, Brian was very concerned.  Their parents were adamant that the party was canceled and would stay canceled.  They even required Brain to promise not to get him a cake or anything like that.  Brian decided that Plan "B" would have to go into effect.  He had already discussed it with Alex's buddy, Steve, and his own buddy, Carl, and cousin Ted.  They came up with an idea that would shock Alex at first but that deep inside he would be happy with.  Brian had also decided that he would prevaricate to his parents and just tell that they were going to play ball in the park.  They would do that, but a lot of other things.  Actually, it would be a party but not like what his parents had strictly prohibited.

Brian woke his brother with a nice leisurely blow job rather then the other way around.  It was a really a treat to be on the receiving end rather than the giving for a change.  Not that he minded giving blow jobs but he liked to get them just as much.  After wishing Alex "Happy Birthday" it was time for the news.  Alex got the bad news first -- that his parents were not allowing him to have a party.  The good news was it was going to happen anyway but with a little subterfuge.  "We going to play ball in the park right after lunch and don't say anything about your birthday or parties or it ain't going to happen." said Brain.

Alex had realized that this week had not been bad considering and that it had been Brian that had helped that to be.  Alex was realizing that his kid brother was not just a brat pest.  What had he to lose by trusting his brother now?

When breakfast was June's favorite rather than his on his birthday, he knew that Brian was right.  It made him very sad.  In answer to their parents questions about the day's plans, Brian said that both he and Alex had homework to do for the for the rest of the morning and then they would go to the park to play ball if that was OK.

After breakfast, Brian checked his e-mail.  Both Steve and Carl had reported all was set for the event.  Even Jane slipped in to wish her big brother a Happy Birthday.  Then she made him take down his pants for an butt inspection but instead she gave him a gentle birthday spanking followed by a hug and kiss.

After lunch, Brian led Alex away on their bikes.  They did not go to the ball field but to a relatively wild part of the park -- a part rarely frequented by any one.  They chained their bikes to a tree and walked into the clearing in the woods.

Alex was surprised that they were suddenly surrounded by a batch of friends -- nine of his, eight of Brian's and Ted.  That the total was eighteen could not be a coincidence.  They tossed a ball around just so they all could honestly claim to have played if asked.

Then Brian got the party going.  "Why are we here, guys?" he asked.

"To celebrate Alex's birthday." was the collective answer.

"Everyone kwel on the rules."  Everyone had a