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Unusual Lovers

by Bud Johnson

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Unusual Lovers

Charles and Mel have an unusual commitment to each other. The two men are lovers and they have had an agreement for several years. Both men work. Charles is a high school teacher and Mel is a health care worker.

With men in intimate relationships, there is often a wide age difference between the two males. This is not uncommon. But these two have taken this one small part, connecting it to each others need for comradeship, as well as their physical and emotional needs. It is like a strong rope.

In their case, Mel started the concept in the beginning. You see, Charles is more of a John type of lover – at least he was in the beginning. John types lean towards liking to be serviced. This means that they like to be done or sexually serviced almost exclusively. He had been briefly married to a woman when he was very young at age 18. But he started to see younger men on the side even when he was still married.

Some married men still do this still in the 21st century. But what is different for Charles and Mel is that it stems from an idea of the abstraction in part. Let me explain by describing Charles in the years before he met Mel.

You see Charles used to just pick up guys for blow jobs back in the day. He’d find a willing young man, go to a hotel, get himself serviced, and then send the boy packing on his way – never calling him again.

Charles was happy with this kind of arrangement for several years. He even started raising his own family at the time. But, as is sometimes the case with some men, he was more passive at home. He and his wife agreed to an arrangement. His wife handled the family details from taking care of the children, like the kids transportation needs, PTA stuff, and discipline when necessary.

Charles worked a lot of hours with his teaching duties. They agreed on doing a 50/50 split with the household chores, but Charles did most of the cooking. He was a good cook and his wife was just so-so. It was one day in particular that really caused a shift in Charles’s thinking during their marriage. In fact, he started drifting away from her because of these feelings.

One day when Charles was making the family dinner, his wife got home with the kids from school. She started yelling at their oldest boy in a terse and regimented fashion, sent the boy off to the back den, and went through the ritual of giving the boy a bare bottom strapping. The boy wailed and his wife sent him off to bed without any supper.

Charles heard the whole thing. When he got aroused sexually, it surprised him. She wasn’t cruel during the spanking but Charles had a very strong reaction from hearing it. He did and didn’t like the boy’s crying much, but he had a strong sexual reaction just the same. It was an intense feeling around the whole event.

So strong was this feeling that it stayed on his mind often in the following weeks. The memory of it seemed to slip inside his head whenever he had sex with his wife. It made Charles feel really peculiar wondering if he might actually be sadistic. That is a terrible thought for anyone the first time when they have never thought about it before.

He found himself seeking male partners more and more, even though he didn’t like to kiss them (and barely caressed them). He found that he was more satisfied with the young men over his wife. Soon the marriage dissolved and Charles bought his own house after the divorced. He was then about 35 years old.

Charles loved his children as any responsible father would. In fact his wife took so much time with the children that, once they were divorced, he actually wanted to know them better than when they had been married. The sexual fantasies that Charles had were with the young men he picked up on the side, not his children. In those early days, he’d fantasize of punishing the boys in an old fashioned way as one of his lovers.

He’d think paternally of them. He rarely did anything like that though. Maybe he’d think about it when he climaxed. But more fantasizes like that would come in the relationship with Mel after they met and grew even closer.

Mel met Charles one night at a gay bar a couple of years later. Charles stood out to Mel for sure. Charles has a natural masculinity that Mel was really turned on by. Mel picked him up. This is when they started.

Charles was a larger man though shorter than Mel, with a hairy body, along with a resounding deep and commanding voice. He wore horn rimmed glasses adding to his natural conservative allure. They went home together that night after meeting that night.

Mel didn’t mind doing what Charles asked him to. They also hit it off in their conversations. That was unusual. Mel realized that Charles was more of a John type. It intrigued him. He truly liked the guy and respected him. Never a prissy queen, Mel was more confident with himself than your average 21 year old gay blade.

The 37 year old Charles came along and all that either man expected at the time was a one night sex romp. But during this meeting the two men had laid next to each other afterwards, talking in a connected way, much more so to each other than they normally did with anyone else before.

Spanking Mel had crossed Charles’s mind that night but he really didn’t pursuit it with more than the usual love taps. The few love taps may have been firmer than usual because he was more excited.

Charles even gave Mel a hand job! That was rare at the time. Charles was happy that Mel got into the hand job and didn’t push the idea of kissing him deeply. Back in those days, Johns were known not to be into that. Even getting a hand job were a rarity!

Mel stayed the night but left first thing in the morning, as most of Charles’s tricks did. They both had to work anyway. They had exchanged telephone numbers before they had left the bar. Charles usually tossed the phone numbers the next day but for some reason, he kept Mel’s.

Over the next few days, Charles often thought about Mel. Mel was obsessed with Charles but he wouldn’t call him. His was a hot older man! Mel just thought that he was a fricken John though. Why bother, he thought. So when he heard the man’s commanding voice calling a week or so later, it caught him completely off guard.

Charles said in an up voice, Hello Mel? How would you like to stop by tonight? I enjoyed our conversation young man.

Young man. Hmm. Mel was almost thwarted but he agrees to stop by. Does he just want another quickie blow job? Probably, but what the heck. Mel thought Charles was hot. So Mel stopped by that night, again a few nights later, and then again...

The first few times they would watch a movie and then have sex. The movies were usually from the 1940s and had a lot of action in them. They were Gangster or Cowboy movies mostly. Usually, someone got spanked or whipped in them at some point. Definitely physical.

One night, Charles showed a movie where the older man really roughed up the one 20 year old cowboy up with a bare back whipping that was relentless. It made Mel both nervous and excited. Charles had rubbed his piece during the whipping in his pants. Mel could see his raging hard on.

Mel said, That really turns you on doesn’t it?, as he moved closer to the man.

Charles opened up. He told him a long story of how his ex-wife whipped their oldest boy while he was cooking dinner and how he was surprised and guilt ridden he felt at his raging hard on he got.

Mel admitted that he had always wondered what it would be like getting a good whooping from someone like Charles. He admitted to Charles that he thinks it is a turn on, but not so much right during sex, but when he thinks about it later on. Charles nodded in agreement with this.

Want to find out? Charles asked bluntly. Charles was still excited from the movie they had been watching. He was blunt with Mel as a way to check out his reaction. Would he take a good, hard spanking? Charles wonders.

Mel fell silent looking down at the floor. Charles had never seen a man look so guilty, fearful, yet contemplative. Charles found it exciting. He just talked about old television shows and the spanking scenes you’d see in them from the 1950s and 60s like Bonanza, Flipper, My Three Sons, or Little House on the Prairie. He described how it was a turn on both during the discipline but also a turn on in the connection between the characters.

You know the Dad or neighbors would only spank ’em for their own good you know. Charles watched Mel’s face and body reaction. It was sort of a bluff.

Yeah, I guess. Mel said somewhat sheepishly, retracting in his seat.

Charles looked intensely at Mel straight in the eyes. He thinks he has hooked him. Here I’ll make it easy for you if you want to try it. Come on over here...son.

Charles spoke clearly with a determination. Was he finally going to spank him? Charles had been fantasizing about it since the first time they met. Mel looked down at the floor for quite a long time. Time stopped for both of them. Mel wasn’t sure yet. Finally, Mel stood up and walked over in front of Charles on the sofa.

Charles looked up at the 21 year old kid. He just looked at him for quite awhile. He grew more and more aroused. He finally reaches his hand up and grabbed Mel by the belt buckle. He pulled the boy to him.

Quickly, he began to unzip Mel’s pants and pull them down to his knees like a little bad boy. Charles watches intently his face the whole time. The look on the boy was the face of an uneasy bad boy but he also was accepting Charles’s directives. Leaving his underwear up, he said to Mel, Lay across my lap. This is going to hurt but it won’t last forever

He wants to really spank him, hard. This is the moment. Either he’ll play or he won’t. Any younger man might complain or object. They may ask him what is he doing, stop completely the sublime interplay and say something, or choose a way to comply. Was there enough trust between the two of them? Charles then noticed that Mel does have a slight erection.

Excited, Mel quietly laid across Charles’s lap. Everything moved quickly now. A silent agreement has been set. And before Mel knew what was happening, Charles’s hand came down square, fast, and hard three times forcefully on the boy’s butt. Mel yelped at the third swat. It hurt!

Mel felt his underwear being yanked down exposing his already burning flesh. It was happening and there is no turning back. The swats started coming down harder and in quick concession. It burned. Charles then switched to a hard wood Saddle brush he had out of view on his side. Charles said, Now you are going to be punished like a 14 year old brat.

Mel did not even try to conceal his yells now. That brush kills! It reverberated through the room. This was punishment. He yelled, wriggled his hips, and Charles was not having any of that. He pulled Mel’s arm tight across the middle of his back and let loose during the following Thraks.

Crack! Whap! Whoop!!! Whoop!!! ...

It went on and on. Charles spoke loudly over his yelps to make sure that he was heard. This is what happens to bad boys.

At least a dozen more bare bottom cracks came down with the landings of that hard wood Saddle brush. Then, Charles stopped.

Did I make myself clear?

Yes Sir, Mel bellows in a low tone. He’d been spanked bare bottom like a 12 year old brat. It burned intensely. He had never felt anything like this before. He almost cried. Snot and sweat ran down his face. He had let go to him.

But secretly, he liked being controlled.

It started that night this way and the spankings weren’t everyday. Hard spankings like these would happen maybe once a week. Mel never really knew if he would be spanked on a night or jacked off like Charles’s good boy. Both were hot to both of them. But to be sure also, Charles got serviced just about everyday in those years.

It’s been going on now like this for several years. And they do other things too as lovers and friends do. But it is there unusual secret.


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