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Alex's Most Memorable Memorial Day Week

by Y Lee Coyote

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This story is set in a little town and a little back in time so that the legal drinking age is eighteen rather than twenty-one as now.  It feature the extreme humiliation of a young man by public parental discipline and then more by his peers.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i. e., child) please leave now.

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Alex wrote (and gave permission to post) the following in e-mail:
I would LOVE to be the victim of one of your stories.  You have my express permission to abuse me in any way you see fit in an original work of fiction.  My only request is that it be less a beating, and more a long, humiliating childish spanking.  I would be especially humbled if I had been smart mouthing, acting WAY to big for my britches and needed instant corrective attention from my old man.

I don't know who might happen by and witness my degradation, but it sure would be awful to have to live down at my age.

I hope Alex really wanted what he wished for he is getting it. <veg> Incidentally, this story is all my nasty idea although guided by comments made by Alex and is all in fun.  This should not be attempted at home.

Memorial Day (Monday)

Alex has been kissing the tree (Eskimo style -- with his nose) in the city park.  He has been standing there for almost an hour with his bright apple red, extremely well spanked bottom on view to absolutely everyone at the town's annual Memorial Day picnic.  He wonders that if there is anyone in the entire world who has not seen his hot red butt, his bawling tears, hisnowbaby smooth pubes and the rest of him today.  Everyone from his town is there today.  His gloating siblings and cousins (all five of them even the three from out of town), absolutely everyone from town -- his girlfriend and other friends and even his enemies from his school.  Almost everyone in his universe.  The others were sure to hear all about in school the next day and see photographic proof.

He felt that his future looked far darker than the tree bark he had been staring at for almost an hour.

This was a significantly different from how he felt when he got up this morning.  Then the day promised to be a great day -- maybe even the greatest one of his life.  He had been looking forward to June for a long time and today was to be the pleasant prelude.  A lot of great things were going to happen in June.  He was turning eighteen.  He was going to graduate from high school.  He was going to get dad's old car.  He had a date to take the most beautiful girl in the world to the senior prom (and she had already hinted about something special).  Finally, to conclude the day he was going to collect on the bet he had with his rival, Chuck.  Chuck was required to be behind the boat house at 9 PM and get his pubes shaved in front of any of the guys from the team who happened to show up to watch.  He had the stuff to do the job in his backpack since the night before.  A great day as the kick-off to the best month in his life.  That was in the morning.

But he had ticked off his father and he was already paying the price; a very heavy price.  He knew that he would be paying the price for a long time.  He already knew that was sentenced to at least one month of house arrest -- totally grounded except for school.

The morning went very well.  There were usual silly games that were the town's tradition since the last century.  It was sort of fun too.  They were so old fashioned that they were novel.  At eighteen (well almost) he was one of the leaders to help run the games and teach the little ones how to play.  As the day went on he got bossier and bossier annoying everyone else.  The tradition was that older young'uns and teens had lunch together and dinner with their parents.  At lunch he was still being the big bossy know-it-all show off.  It was there that he made his firstmajormistake of the day.  Rather than taking a soda to drink he took a beer.  "I'll be eighteen in a week and then it will be legal." he though, continuing "A man does not drink soda like a little kid."  He wanted to impress the others, particularly his girl friend Sandra.  This first beer went right to his head.

The second beer was well on its way to join the first when his father came by and saw what he was drinking.

"ALEX!!" he thundered loud enough for the world to hear and expect lighting to follow, "WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING?"

Alex gulped, with the can in his hand he could not deny what he was doing.  "Just a beer, pop." he slurred.

"And what is the legal drinking age,young man?"  These last two words spoken with that special inflection beloved of angry parents and teachers immediately caused every person between the ages of eight and twenty to start to pay attention; rapt attention at what was happening.  The silence was absolutely deafening.


"And how old are you, boy?"

"I'll be eighteen in just a week.  It just a friggin' beer.  No big deal, dad."  He unwisely added.

"And how old are youtoday, boy?"

"Seventeen." he whispered.

"Nobody can hear you."

"Seventeen, Sir." he repeated louder but slurred as was everything else he said.

"What did I promise you if you drank before it was legal, boy?"

"A spanking and grounding, Sir." Alex said softly and with great trepidation for his father always kept his promises.

"When, where and how, boy?"

"Immediately wherever you found me and on the bare."  Alex had a great deal of trouble saying that for his father was a man of his word and everyone was here.  Dad took Alex by the wrist and picked up his backpack.  All the young'uns followed as the six foot youth was led to a table that was not being used by the picnic people by his much shorter father.  One could practically hear Alex's wrist bones being crushed by the force of his father's iron-like grip.  The pain showed on his face.

Suddenly, a ten year old yelled out: "He's pissing in his pants and wetting himself."  At that point Alex had just leaked a little and had regained control.  When he heard the kid yelling, he lost control again and this time completely.  He completely emptied his bladder as he was dragged along.  Everyone could see the piss dripping from his soaked shorts and running down his legs.  The little ones started to chant:

"Alex is a pants wetter!  Alex pee-peed in his pants!  Alex is a pants wetter!  Alex pee-peed in his pants!" until his father held up his hand to indicate enough.  Evidentially, the beer had also gone to his kidneys.

Before sitting down, dad pulled his son's T-shirt off.  This exposed another transgression and another crime: stuffed in the waist band of his shorts was a pack of cigarettes.  "Another broken promise." he said with disgust as he crushed the offending package easily.  He then reached for and opened the button and pulled down the zipper of the wet shorts.  As he let go the shorts fall to Alex's ankles and dad dried his hands on Alex's T-shirt.  Piss was still dripping from his soaked and transparent briefs.

With tears already in his eyes, Alex pleaded with his father.  "Please, father, not in front of everybody, please."

"Don't whine like a baby, boy." snapped his father as he pulled down son's soggy underpants.  "Step out of them and remove your shoes and socks."  As he bent forward, a whole section of the audience was subjected to a view of his ass-hole and ball sack.  Now Alex was totally naked.  Well, he was "wearing" one thing -- a full body blush.  And the worst was yet to come.

"Why are we here, Alex."

"Because I've been very naughty and you are going to spank me."

"Turn around and tell your public and thank them for watching, boy." ordered his father in a tone that forbade any appeals.  This was not totally unfamiliar to Alex for he and his siblings had to do the same at home.  Of course, it was a lot harder with fifty kids to tell.  Of course, some of the hardness was taken from his cock which was not only not hard but shrunken in his shame.  His remarks even gathered a round of applause.

Dad then decided to check to see what his son was carrying.  He dumped the backpack.  There were fresh clothes for the evening and a towel which were fine.  Three things were not so fine.  First there was another pack of coffin nails which got instantly crushed.  Second there was a small plastic bag with some brown stuff and some cigarette papers.  "What this, boy?" he demanded.

"Pot, Sir." quaked Alex in his bare feet fairly certain that his father already knew that.

"Is that legal?"

"No, Sir."  Dad emptied the bag letting the corrupting drug blow away to be consumed by the process of decay like the falling leaves.  Third was the razor, shaving cream and a small scissors.

"What the razor for, boy?  You don't need to shave but every five days in a good week."  There were snickers in the crowd for Alex had been boasting that he needed to shave every day.

Alex was taken unaware by that question.  "To collect on a bet with Chuck; he lost his pubes." he blurted out without realizing the import of his answer.

"Interesting." said dad as he stuffed the things back into the backpack.  He then sat down and pulled his son over his left thigh and placed his right leg over his son legs.  He held Alex's right arm behind his back as high as it would go.  Over grown Alex was as helpless as if he was a little five year old over a teenage girl babysitter's lap.  His father may have been short, but he was strong.

He gave Alex's still white bottom a little rub and spoke: "Just think what would have happened if Sheriff Kendall had caught you with evidence of three crimes, son.  Your address would soon have been just a number at the state penitentiary for many years."  Then he raised his hand high and a second later it crashed down hard with a loudSMACK!!  It left a vivid red hand print and caused naughty Alex to yell like some little kid.  That was just the first of manySPANKS  Dad methodically covered every part of Alex's bottom with several hardSPANKS.  He was very careful to get the most sensitive crease at the bottom of the bottom where it becomes thigh.  TheseSPANKSprovoked Alex into extra loud cries.  Even though Alex was an (almost) eighteen year old youth, in good shape, he was soon bawling, just like a five year old, totally out of control much to the amusement of the audience.  One could sense how each spank and each cry lowered his status with his peers.

His conversion from a braggart teenage youth to a bawling baby was witnessed by every kid in town.  Everyone was watching how this eighteen year old youth was still spanked bare ass by his father and reduced to a bawling baby.  This would not be a matter of rumor but well known fact.  There would never be any possibility of denial of what happened.  Lots of pictures were being taken.  Even the photog from "The Town Crier" took a few shots.

It takes a lot of spanks to make a father feel that his son has learnt his lesson when there are five major transgressions to deal with at one time.  Sometime it takes even more.  Particularly when some transgressions are also crimes.  Today was one of those times.

He lifted his son up and sat him on the table.  "Brian, get some water and come here, please."  Then he pushed Alex down so that he was lying on his back.  Brain was Alex's fifteen year old brother.

"Yes, Dad."  Before he could move a foot five water bottles were thrust at him.  None of the bottle thrusters knew what they were for but they did not want to let anything slow down the show.  He took two and went to his dad and naked, crying brother.  Brian and Alex had the usual sibling conflicts due to the three year age difference.

"Please, clip Alex's pubes." dad said as he handed his surprised younger son Alex's own scissors.  Aware of what was about to happen Alex started to object, but his father just told him to shut up and stop whining like a crybaby.  Brian did this task quite happily.  He remembered how Alex had teased him for almost three years before he had grown his own pubes.  Now the situation was going to be reversed.  It was the work of a just few minutes to reduce Alex's lush bush to mere stubble.

"Done, father." said Brain quite happily.  The crowed applauded.

"Good.  Now shave him."  Brian was thinking that he had died and gone to heaven.  He had never though he would ever see his big brother bald again certainly not when he himself had pubes.  Those that knew to look could see how his shorts were responding to this pleasure.  He squirted some water on Alex and covered him with the shaving cream.  Then he took the razor and scrapped Alex pubes until they were smooth as the proverbial baby's ass.  He even made sure to get the few hairs that were growing on Alex's ball sack and the peach fuzz up to his navel.  When Brian was done he started all over again to be sure he did a good job.  Then he rinsed and dried Alex as if he was a baby.  He even made him raise his legs so that he could dry his brother's bottom.  He saw where the sun never shines.

A couple of the girls called out: "You want some powder for the baby?"  Brian looked at his dad who nodded.  Seeing that nod, one of the girls dashed forward with a container of power.  The container was not the simple plain container used for baby powder but was covered with flowers and highly scented for a lady's tastes.  Sue-Ann was senior, in Alex's home room and some other classes, but right now she grabbed a major walk-on role in this real life drama.  Rather than hand the powder to Brian, she started to do it herself.  She sprinkled it all over Alex's crotch and then rubbed it in.  This got a rise from everyone even Alex.  Of course, pointing at the sky after being powered by his classmate embarrassed Alex even more.  She then told him to lift his legs and was about to powder that part when she suddenly stopped.  "This is disgusting, Alex.  Don't you know how to wipe yourself yet!"  She then reached into her backpack and extracted a package of wet-wipes and proceeded to clean the offending area.  Except for Alex, everyone was smirking in amusement.  After using six wipes, she was satisfied and finished powdering the big baby.  He was not even polite enough to thank her for saying: "You have such a cute pee-pee, Alex.  I can change your diapers in school if you like." although the crowd laughed throughly at that.

After ordering his son to pick up his piss soaked clothes, dad lead Alex back to the family's table and parked him at the tree were we first met him.

There were lots of consequences that developed from this.  He remained naked the rest of that entire day at the town picnic totally humiliated at having to expose his freshly shaven pubes and privates to one and all.  About the only thing that was not done to him was to put him on a leash like a toddler. His father was totally disgusted with him -- caught breaking three laws at the same time and decreed that he would be totally grounded for three months except for school.  Perhaps if he behaved well, that time might be shorted.  When they got home he was required to call and cancel all his arrangements with his friends for everything except school.  Everything meant everything including his now canceled birthday party and prom.

Alex's father did even know what to do about the pants wetting and the failure of personal hygiene; he left that to Alex's mother.  She decided that he would have his bath supervised and have poop inspection after he used the toilet.  Sometimes his little sister, June, only twelve and half and still in grade school would be the one check his bottom.

His status in the family was significantly reduced.  He was now subject to control and discipline from his younger brother, Brian.  He no longer had any control over their younger sister.  Felons lose their right to vote too.  Both June and Brian promised to be fair with their brother.

He would never know if his father ordering his pubes removal would have happened if he hadn't had the razor in his pack.  It certainly