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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 52: The Aftermath

by Redspkscott

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 12 Jul 2016

The heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

Walt hurried back to the frat house and stood in the courtyard, watching the sunrise, and waited. He was patient. He knew Keith would be slow flying back because he must have been completely exhausted.

But eventually Walt saw him coming. Keith was soaring a couple of stories high, flapping his wings slowly. Keith saw Walt as he approached and landed a few feet in front of him. Keith was grinning widely. Walt was smiling softly.

The two said nothing for a time, just staring at each other. Keith was breathing heavily now, as everything that happened that evening had taken its toll.

So, Walt finally said. Are you ready for your morning discipline?

Sir, yes sir! Keith said immediately. And then he burst out in tired laughter. He followed Walt back into the frat.

Walt wasn’t kidding, though. Keith took his swats, counting out each flawlessly and maintaining position.

Then they crashed, sharing Keith’s small bed, entangled in each other. It had been a brutal couple of days.

A firm knock on the door woke them back up at noon. Jason poked his head in.

Hey guys, rise and shine, He said. We have orders from Troy. Are your asses healed up?

Walt and Keith untangled from each other and climbed out of bed in just their jocks. They checked each other’s asses and gave Jason a thumbs’ up. The same chemical that gave the Blister Boyz their powers and required them to spank each other to activate them also, when the boys slept, healed their backsides of any damage. No more redness or swelling, no more blisters, and no more pain. It was like the torment at the hands of the Crimson Brotherhood and Keith’s hard-core paddling from SpankTank had never happened.

We’re good, Walt said. Should we get our powers fired up?

No, we have special orders, Jason said. I don’t know the details. Troy wants the team to meet him at Blitz Tower. He said to get into costume, but don’t fire up your powers. Suit up, we’ll all head out there together.

Well, sir, Keith said. On the day the Freakshow have named me fair game for punishment, the team captain orders me to be powerless.

Based on what I saw last night, I think you’ll be okay, Walt said. Keith shrugged and grinned. The two of them got back into their costumes.

Your ass in those jeans, Walt said. I mean, I know exactly how great your ass is, but the Freakshow are putting it on open display in that. Maybe you’ll get some wolf-whistles from construction workers. Brian is gonna get jealous when you distract folks away from his.

When he sees the beating I got last night, he’ll probably get jealous of that, too, Keith said. He picked out a new paddle and attached it to the metal belt loop on the right side of his jeans. He and Walt walked into the frat hallway to find Kyle, Keith’s little brother, waiting for them.

Oh, look, it’s that famous superhero The Sticking Point, thinking he’s on the down-low! Kyle said, arms folded.

Keith walked toward him, arms outstretched like he was going to give Kyle a hug. But then at the last minute, he roughly grabbled Kyle by the shoulders and pulled him over. He yanked Kyle’s shirt partly over his head, like the hockey player was getting into a fight on the ice. Then he grabbed his paddle off his belt.

Hey, Little Bro! WHAP! He smacked the bent-over pledge on the seat of his pants. How you been? WHACK! I miss making your ass bounce! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Ow, not so hard! Kyle complained. I’ve already gotten into trouble. Walt and Keith both laughed at the pledge.

You want me to go easy on you because you got into trouble? Keith asked. That’s not how any of this works, Li’l Bro! Keith spun him around pushed him flat against the hallway wall, then pulled his pants down to check out his ass. His small round butt was a nice, deep red.

The pledges rebelled in order to demand to find out what happened to us, Walt said. Kyle here and Jason’s brother Ryan knew we were the Blister Boyz.

Well aren’t you a smart bro, Keith said. Then – WHACK! – he smacked his paddle right across Kyle’s bare ass. Kyle yelped and pressed his body into the wall.

Fuck! Kyle whined. I got a ride from David already last night. My butt’s still killing me.

That’s too bad, Keith said. I’m your big bro. You fuck up, I blister your ass. No exceptions. If David gets a turn, too, that’s his business.

Aww, man.

What do we say? Keith growled in Kyle’s ear.

Yes, Big Brother, Kyle said.


Please punish me, Big Brother.

Keith turned Kyle back around and gestured to his new chest tattoo with his paddle.

Built 4 Pain, Kyle read. That looks cool. Wait, whose pain? Yours or mine?

Yes, Keith said. He patted Kyle’s ass with his paddle. I’m gonna make you bounce and cry, Li’l Bro, but we’ve got a meeting to get to first. You think about how much trouble you’re in, and you can fill me in over my lap when I get back. He gave Kyle one more firm swat, then he and Walt met the other Blister Boyz (in costume) in the front hall and headed out.

Keith reflexively looked up to the sky as they walked out of the frat compound, heading to the local metrorail station to take the train to Founder’s Falls, where Blitz Tower dominated several blocks.

They’re probably not up yet from all that partying, Walt said, noticing Keith’s behavior.

They’re gonna find me when I least expect it, I can feel it, Keith said.

Away from the frat house, the other Blister Boyz now pressed Keith about what happened.

So, SpankTank kidnapped you in order to give you a makeover? Brian asked. I mean, I’m not complaining. You look good. It’s just ... not what I expected. I figured you’d be crawling home with blisters on top of your blisters.

You know, a week ago, that’s exactly what would have happened, Keith said. But now? He grinned and shrugged. I bet I could take all sorts of punishment from The Humiliator right now. Oh, wait! He can’t! He doesn’t have any powers! Keith turned and grabbed Dennis around his waist and lifted him up.

Keith, what are you doing? Dennis demanded.

Sir, you’re vulnerable to attacks right now without your powers, Keith explained with mock seriousness. Then he threw Dennis over his shoulder, to carry him. Sir, let me protect you. There’s gangs in the area.

This looks like a lot more than a makeover, Jorge said.

You’ll see, I’m sure, Walt said. The adepts recorded what happened over with the Freakshow.

I’m betting half of them have already masturbated watching it, sir, Keith said, not without pride. He kept carrying Dennis over his shoulder as they headed to the train platform, just like how SpankTank carried him off from Siren’s Call yesterday.

Boy, you are begging for a bruising, David said, laughing and shaking his head.

You realize I am going to get my powers back eventually, right? Dennis warned. What do you think I’m going to do to you then?

I can’t wait to find out, sir, Keith said. I’m built for pain. Keith kept Dennis over his shoulder while they stood on the platform, finally putting him down once they filed onto the train. Since it was the middle of the day, the seven of them had a train car to themselves.

All right, Jason, Dennis said, while looking up at Keith’s grinning face. You’re the expert on spanking personalities, what is going on here?

Oh, this is easy, Jason said. He’s realized he’s a butch bottom. Being around all those Freakshow with the same punk outlook he’s got helped him realize where he fits in the pain spectrum.

Butch bottom sounds hot, sir, Keith said. What are they, though?

You tend to see them more in contact sports like football and wrestling, Jason said. They like pain as an expression of their connection to other men and an expression of their masculinity. They get off on the feeling of being physically dominated and the actual tactile experience of the punishment. It’s different from Brian, who is a brat who misbehaves because he likes earning his punishment. And it’s different from me. I’m a training bottom who needs discipline in a setting designed to push me to do better and focus more. And then Jorge over there is what they call a paddle slut, who likes mixing pain and sexual pleasure together.

Dennis, you punish butch bottoms all the time, David said. Those big guys in the frat who want you to put them in their place, even when they hadn’t even done anything to deserve it. They let you bring out your bully side. And when David himself was in the mood to be punished, it manifested as being a butch bottom as well, Dennis realized.

So what you’re saying is that I should bully the hell out of Keith?

Keith responded by pointing to his new tattoo: Built 4 Pain.

All right, you just wait until I get my powers activated, Dennis said.

Yes sir, Keith responded.

In a quiet, isolated old graveyard in Port Oakes in the Rogue Isles, the men of the Crimson Brotherhood stood and watched the magic ceremony. They looked deeply unhappy. They had lost the Blister Boyz and their Longbow prisoners. The Freakshow happily destroyed their base in Grandville the center of power at the Rogue Isles. This embarrassed not just them, but their patron, Black Scorpion, who promptly ejected them out to the fringes of the island. Master Manacle even lost all of his spankbots. They were going to have to start nearly completely over.

Please don’t do this! I can fix this! Just give me a few more weeks! Argus Penn, the Corruptor, was levitating, slowly in the center of a beam of light. He was naked, giving everybody around him a nice view of the handsome college baseball player whose body he had permanently commandeered.

You have failed both the Circle of Thorns and the Crimson Brotherhood, and older mage said, standing in front of Argus. He held a wicked-looking black switch in his hand. Behind the mage, there were several others of his kind in red robes decorated with runes. The others were all chanting a spell.

I’ll get you for this, Argus growled, giving up his pretense of humility. Without me you’ll never expand further into Paragon City. The Adepts of Discipline are growing stronger. You need me.

The mage ignored them as the chanting rose. Then the elder member of the Circle of Thorns cast the spell. Cheyut, hayek, mo, jhulen, ste-elthem. Your will is ours. Your flesh is ours. You will be our tool and our toy. Your body will serve our needs and your bottom will serve our pleasures.

Argus slowly spun around in the light and presented his bare bottom to the mage.

DON’T DO THIS! The mage lashed out with black switch and whipped stripes across Argus’s backside with it. He screamed as the mage struck his bared ass ten times, leaving glowing red stripes in the flesh. Then, slowly Argus’s body began to transform. Brown hair thickened over his calves and lower thighs. His feet transformed into hooves. Horns grew out of his head. A tuft of hair like a deer’s tail grew out of the small of his back, just above his ass. His voice broke and turned into sheep-like bleating. Argus was transformed into a satyr slave.

The mages’ chanting slowed and the satyr dropped to the ground and looked around.

Present yourself to your master, the mage ordered. Argus immediately clomped over on his hooves turned around, and pushed his bare bottom out in front of Master Manacle.

Very nice, Howard said. The mage walked over to him and gave him the magical switch he used on Argus’s ass.

Argus is now your slave, the mage said. He cannot disobey you. But in order for the spell to maintain, you must make sure he always has stripes visible on his ass from this thorn wand. We recommend punishing him at least three times per day just to be sure.

Oh, I’ll make sure that happens, Holler said. The disgraced ex-military man loved tormenting the bottoms of attractive young men with his riding crop. He would have no problem making proper use of the thorn wand.

And Argus is still in there? Howard asked.

Yes, he can hear, understand, remember, and most importantly, feel everything, the mage said. But he cannot communicate with you and has no free will.

Can we fuck him? Granite Growl asked. Buddy insisted he was heterosexual, but his forced transformation into a gigantic muscleman who turned to stone had left women terrified to have sex with him. So he fucked large, burly men and insisted it wasn’t gay because he was giving, not receiving.

Absolutely, the mage said. Be sure to fuck and punish him regularly. His pain will help our purposes.

We’re not terribly concerned with the Circle of Thorns’ goals right now, Master Manacle said, glowering.

Yes, I definitely understand, the mage said. Our envoy failed you and all we can do right now is make amends by giving him to you as a gift. Obviously he cannot cast any magic on your behalf like this —

Good, Holler sneered.

But he can do manual labor to help organize your new base once you find one, and as your big friend noted, help satisfy your urges.

You men aren’t plotting to steal those boys away from us in Paragon City, are you? Master Manacle warned.

The older mage straightened up at this.

And if we are? he asked, folding his arms. I know you’re upset at what has happened, because you’ve taken the brunt of it, but remember that you’re not in a position to make threats at us.

Master Manacle nodded, though grudgingly.

I just don’t want to fight back from all this to get the boys back in my clutches only to find you guys have turned them into one of these satyrs, he said.

We will not do that, the mage said. We are better off working together. For now, we will leave you be to work on your recovery. If you do need our assistance to deal with any magic-related issues, do let us know and we will do our best to help.

As for Argus, he said, gesturing to the satyr, You can choose to keep him as your pain slave for as long as you like. Forever, if you choose! But if you decide you want to give him another chance, you can let his marks heal and he will return to his human form. He will likely be rather upset, so make sure to be ready to maintain control of him.

Oh, that won’t be a problem, Master Manacle said. I’ve got new paddlebots and enslaving manacles in design iterations already.

If you decide to keep him this way, the mage continued, We can send you another magical envoy to help you plan your next efforts against the Blister Boyz. But for now we will wish your gentlemen the best of luck. We do hope you get your hands on those young athletes again, for the benefit of both of our interests.

The two parties broke up, the satyr that used to be Argus Penn trailing along with the Crimson Brotherhood. Holler whipped the satyr’s bottom as he walked, shouting Giddyap! at it.

After they were a distance away, the mages of the Circle of Thorns all but rolled their eyes at Master Manacle.

Do we really need to humor that man? asked one of the other mages. He is oblivious as to how his own obsession helped defeat him.

As long as the Adepts of Discipline have Jacob Brass and his immunity to our magic, the elder mage said, We need allies with other skills, like these gentlemen. Technology and the superpowers they’ve developed can round out our assault on the adepts. And we need to get those Blister Boyz off the table if we’re going to expand control in Paragon City.

What’s amusing, one of the other mages pointed out. is that ultimately Argus Penn was actually successful in corrupting Master Manacle and his team. Originally their goal was to recruit the Blister Boyz to fight against the people who tormented them. But then they became obsessed with enslaving the boys and using them for themselves. Argus lost this battle, but he was winning the larger war. The Crimson Brotherhood are now much more likely to feed the forces of abuse and give us more magical strength.

Indeed, that is amusing, said the elder mage. Left unsaid was that the power structure of the Circle of Thorns was extremely competitive and political, and some wizards’ interests would be diminished should Argus continue to grow in power. The Corrupter had ideas about the future of the Circle of Thorns that not everybody agreed with.

That was no longer a problem, thought the elder mage to himself, smiling.

The Blister Boyz met Troy, dressed up as Heat Blister, along with Andrew Porter and Dr. Pete, in the lobby of Blitz Tower.

We’re going down to the floor Andrew has set aside to become our base one day to deal with the consequences of our recent trip to Rogue Isles, Troy said.

The crew of the filed into Andrew’s private elevator, and it went downward several floors. This was the same elevator that could take them all down to the hidden city of Oranbega, but that was not the destination right now.

Instead the elevator stopped a few floors down and opened up. The floor had a few hallways but was mostly wide open office space for now.

We’re working on a good floor plan for your guys, Andrew Porter said. There will be lots of space here, and living quarters for you post-graduation, if you want them.

But for now, Troy said, escorting them into a large room, we’re going to deal with this.

Oh, yes, of course, Brian said. I saw that coming.

In an open area, eight punishment benches had been arranged in a circle.

Choose your rides, gentlemen, Troy said. Mr. Porter and Dr. Pete will perform the honors.

Each Blister Boy walked over to a bench and climbed aboard, some more enthusiastically (Brian) than others (Dennis). Bent over facing inward, each Blister Boy was able to look at each of the other Blister Boyz and see them receiving their swats.

There are no restraints because my expectation is that everybody here accepts his punishment and won’t need to be held down to take his licks, Troy said.

Troy stood in the center of the circle to talk for a moment before mounting the final punishment bench.

You guys probably recognize this arrangement as a variation on how Coach Baldwin punishes us on the football team, Troy said. That’s deliberate. He used his punishment system to bring accountability and success to the team. I am going to do the same. We are a team. We succeed together and we fail together. We celebrate together and we will be punished together. This is how it will go whenever I decide that our team has failed.

And there’s more. Consider the training wheels gone, gentlemen. We went to the heart of the most dangerous part of Rogue Isles and returned. Barely. We are superheroes. And that comes with a lot more responsibility than we’re used to. I spent much of last night doing a penny push for Mr. Porter to help get my head straight. Being a leader of a team of heroes is a lot different from being a frat president and more like being a coach. None of our coaches care about teaching us about how to be good tops and bottoms and where spanking fits into our lives. They were about instilling discipline.

So, as far as I’m concerned, when the Blister Boyz are in uniform, we’re all bottoms. Myself included. Last night I signed a discipline agreement with Mr. Porter to put him in charge of punishing me whenever he sees fit. Of course, he always had that authority, but I’ve now formally requested him to be much more aggressive in busting my ass, much like he does with Jacob. I may not be the kind of spankhound Jacob is, but it is very clear I need some discipline to keep me focused on the main goals.

For the rest of you, mistakes while in costume can and will lead to discipline no matter what your spanking proclivities are when the costumes are off. Troy pointed to Dennis and David for emphasis. I may put you in position for swats, I may put you over my knee, but in all likelihood you can expect penny pushes. I know some of you haven’t done them in years. Start getting ready again. It’s going to happen. It will happen outside the frat, here or down in Oranbega. It will not be a private matter, though. Your teammates may see it happening. The monks may watch. It will be a humbling experience. So prepare your butts.

Right now, though ... Troy climbed up on the final spanking bench positioned himself, and raised his butt. We will each receive 100 paddle swats on the seat of our uniforms, and 100 paddle swats on our bared butts. Does anybody believe he does not deserve this punishment? There was no response.

Mr. Porter and Dr. Pete, if you would do us the honors?

Andrew Porter pulled out his trusty frat paddle and lined up behind Ice Hazer, his first target. Of all the Blister Boyz, Ice Hazer was arguably the least deserving of punishment. His ability to harness his powers despite the stressful situation helped free the Blister Boyz. They would not have escaped without him. So the beefy lineman would actually be paddled first, so the other teammates can feel a touch of shame for being responsible for Jason’s punishment before it came time for their own.

Jason, though, was also one of the tougher bottoms on the team. He got his ass busted by Troy as training to help him focus and further expand his control over his ice powers. He took Andrew’s swats to his spandex-clad bottom without too much complaint, but as is typical, he found it difficult to keep his butt from squirming.

After Andrew was done with the first set of swats, he pulled down the seat of Jason’s uniform to expose his large round bottom, now bright pink. He wouldn’t get his second set of swats yet, though. Instead Dr. Pete took aim at Poison Punisher’s bottom. Jorge grimaced through the swats. He was used to getting punished by Pete, and it didn’t come as much of a surprise.

For Brian’s turn, Dr. Pete held up the wrestler’s tail for Andrew to lay down the swats properly across his ass.

I just want to point out that for once I didn’t do anything to deserve getting paddled, Brian said.

Welcome to team sports, Andrew said. WHACK! The paddle slammed down. Besides, I’m sure you’ve done something worthy that’s gone unpunished.

The punishment continued on, culminating in Walt, whose intelligence-gathering mistakes led the team into a trap, and finally Troy, who took responsibility for the whole mess as leader.

The second round went in the same order, and was much more intense on each of their bare bottoms. Everybody’s eyes welled up a bit at the discipline, even spankhounds Brian and Jason. Andrew and Pete were both skilled at laying the swats down good and hard when needed. After Walt’s second paddling, he apologized to the other Blister Boyz for his mistakes. Troy did the same after his swats. Everybody’s asses were a nice, rich red color, and everybody’s powers had been triggered again.

In the immortal words of Coach Baldwin, Stop fucking up, Troy said as he climbed off the horse. The other boys laughed. Seriously though, I’ve got some duties to hand out. It would be easy to retreat back after what happened to us, but that’s not the Omega way, is it? We’re going right back to work. We rub our asses and get back on the field.

To start with, Troy pointed at Keith. Jason, I want you and The Augurer to sit down with Keith, watch his performance last night, and debrief him. The pun might be intended, but I’ll leave it to the two of you. The goal here, Keith, is to just kind of feel out your embrace of yourself—which is awesome by the way—and also to talk about what you’ve come to see as your role as The Redeemer for the Adepts of Discipline.

Yes, sir, Keith said.

I’m going to be teaming the two of you up to analyze the psychology of the various villain factions in the city, Troy said. The two of you are going to be important to help us figure out the ’non-tactical’ approaches to the bad boys out there. The best ways to approach discipline based on the targets, that sort of thing.

Got it, Jason said.

Oh, and then, show Keith’s performance to the rest of the Blister Boyz. Your minds will be blown. It’s one of the hottest hazings I’ve seen. Also, you all need to see how it ends and what it means dealing the Freakshow moving forward.

Keith was watching the sky on the way out here, Walt noted.

Yeah, they will be coming for me soon, I’m sure, Keith said. He did not look remotely unhappy about the prospect.

Walt, Troy continued, You and I have an appointment at a Longbow outpost with Jacob Brass for a debriefing about what happened with the Crimson Brotherhood and to share intel. Jacob says we are going to be very, very interested in how this outpost operates. Apparently it was on the list of things we were going to be introduced to over time as we got more training, but as usual, we’ve just stormed ahead anyway.

Yes, sir.

Brian and Dennis, you two are up next, and you’ll be training together. Guess why?

Brian’s supposed to be able to resist my psychic powers, Dennis said.

Exactly, but at the moment, Brian’s shadow defenses aren’t that good, Troy said. Granted the Crimson Brotherhood took you both out, but we still need somebody on the team who can counteract our most powerful member. You two are going to start sparring. Every day. Winner is determined when he paddles the loser long enough to shut his powers down. And the sparring will happen each day until Brian takes down Dennis.

Ouch, Dennis said, rubbing his sore bottom. Dennis was a total top and did not enjoy getting his ass beat. But he would endure it (as he just did) to be part of the Blister Boyz.

Dennis, I’m giving you a deadline of a week to help Brian figure out how to make this all work, Troy said. If you miss that deadline you’ll BOTH be doing penny pushes. Dennis winced.

So if I succeed with Brian, I get my ass beat raw, Dennis said. And if I fail with Brian, I get my ass beat raw?

Yup, Troy said. Sorry to be rough on you, but I’m a trainer top, and that’s how we roll. It works for Jason! I know that threatening Brian with paddlings isn’t going to do anything. So I’m going to have to target you. Help Brian figure this out. If you do it right, you’ll only have to get paddled once.

Understood. We’ll make it happen.

I get to paddle Dennis? Brian said. Awesome. I get to paddle Dennis! David doesn’t even get to do that!

May I? Dennis asked, pointing a thumb at Brian. Troy nodded. Dennis concentrated for a moment, and pulled his trick where he telekinetically took control of Brian’s tail. He made the tail grab Brian’s own paddle that he wore with his uniform and had it start furiously beating Brian’s own ass.

OW! WHACK! Hey! SMACK! Ouch! KE-RACK! Brian fell to the floor, gritting his teeth as he literally paddled himself raw. Or more raw, anyway.

Okay, on to Jorge, Troy said. As usual, everybody tuned out Brian getting his ass blistered. Jorge, I’m going to be partnering you up with Mr. Porter, actually.

Oh wow, Jorge said. Honored and available. And I mean that, sir. Andrew grinned in response.

Andrew and Jacob have both decided to go public with their love and need for discipline and the nature of their discipline contract. He wants your help crafting that message, and it’s time to maybe think about whether we should do so as well. I have decided that I am going to come out, after the football season is over about my spanking interest. This is all within my identity as Heat Blister. I’m not committing any of you to follow me, but we know the direction that we want Paragon City to take, and we are going to have to open up at some point.

If we craft the message the right way, Jorge said, We’ll no doubt be able to get other people in the city thinking and talking about their discipline needs. The media discussions that popped up when we first entered the scene were curious but not all that negative. I think this can go well.

If done right, it may also attract other heroes motivated by pain to the city, Andrew pointed out And I’ve got the blessing of our Board of Directors.

Aren’t they all Omega alums? Jason asked. His oldest brother, Richard, a successful young attorney (and relentless spanking top), was one of them. Andrew nodded in acknowledgment.

And that leaves us with David, Troy said.

Hit me up, boss, David said. Smaqdown needs work to do.

Good, Troy said. I’m sending you out to keep smacking your paddle against some Outcast butt. We’re increasing our attention on those boys.

Excellent, David said.

The Outcasts were a large street gang full of young men with superpowers, typically connected to the elements. There were many of them with powers like Troy’s, Jason’s, and Walt’s. This, one might think, would make them a huge threat to the city’s safety, even more so than the Freakshow. But the reality was that despite their powers, they tended toward smaller crimes and robberies. They were completely disorganized, sullen, disaffected, and seemingly frustrated.

The Blister Boyz had faced small groups of them a few times and were surprised at how easily the team was able to bring the Outcast down. As usual, the heroes paddled the villains’ butts and then turned them over to the police. Both David and Jason had noticed that the Outcasts sort of complained about getting spankings in the exact same way that a frat brat like Brian did. They rarely demanded that the heroes stop punishing them. Instead they complained about how everything was unfair and that they didn’t deserve to be treated this way by the city’s heroes. Smaqdown would then brusquely tell them to clean up their act and they wouldn’t get their asses beat, just like he’d tell a guy he had blistered at the frat.

I want you take our new reserve members with you and get them some experience, Troy said. After what happened with us, we really need them to be combat ready if we get taken out again.

Absolutely, Smaqdown said. I’ll beat them into shape. He wasn’t kidding. So far all the reserve members submitted to either David or Dennis for discipline on a regular basis.

There’s more, Troy said. A challenge for you. We’ve noticed how some of these Outcast act like frat brats. We need to know if there’s the possibility of maybe getting these guys on the whole discipline side of the equation. My challenge for you is to find one of these guys when they’re not committing crime and convince him—without beating him in a fight—to submit to a spanking from you.

I love it, David said. I’ll give him a ride, I promise.

Good, Troy said. Because I’m putting both of our asses on the line. I’m giving you ten days. If you fail, then clearly we’ve both misread the situation and both of us will be doing penny pushes, side by side.

This would have been the point where Brian would have said something sarcastic, but he was still being paddled.

Don’t worry, I won’t fail, David said. I know how to deal with brats no matter where they are.

All right boys, let’s get our asses back in the saddles and ride, Troy said. Let’s go blister some butts!

Before Letting Jason meet with Keith, Troy dragged his boyfriend down to Oranbega for one final surprise. He didn’t tell the collected Blister Boyz, but he had also decided that following every major team encounter (however he defined it), he was going to pick the most successful hero to receive some sort of special award, tailored to his particular interests. Jason was far and away the most deserving of the Blister Boyz, and he doubted anybody on the team would disagree, personal relationship notwithstanding.

Troy led Jason through the massive tunnels and caverns to a particular spot. Reminiscent of their first actual date in college, Troy had Jason blindfolded so he couldn’t see what was to come.

I know the blindfold thing can be fun and romantic, Jason said, but I get a little nervous when you do that down here in the secret magical city that’s full of evil wizards who want to enslave us.

Hush you, Troy said. Trust me. Then he heated up his hand with his flame powers and pressed it against Jason’s right cheek.

Yowch! he said, startled. There would be a nice red handprint on his ass now to match the Blister Boyz’ official team symbol.

Okay, we’re almost there, Troy said. He led Jason over to the precipice overlooking a very long set of rocky stairs carved into a cavern that led down into the depths. He nodded to The Augurer, who was standing there waiting for them. There was a ball of violet energy hovering around the mage, his magically summoned singularity, which could manipulate gravity, space, and other primal forces.

Here we are, Troy said. He pulled off the blindfold. Ta-da!

Jason looked confused.

We’re in a cave, Jason said. I don’t get it.

Look down, Troy said. Jason did.

Wow, those are a very long set of stairs, Jason said. Lawrence nodded to Troy to let him know he was ready. Where do they—YOWCH! Troy fully blasted Jason right in the center of his big beefy butt with a jet of flame, prompting him to jump forward. But he was standing at the top of the stairs, so he immediately started to tumble.

That’s when Lawrence’s gravity orb intervened, sort of. The orb allowed Jason to fall, but twisted his body around to make certain one particular part—his backside—would be the point of impact on the stairs. WHUMP!

Ow! Jason yelled. But the momentum continued him forward and he continued to roll downward. The gravity orb made sure to maintain the momentum, but again rotated Jason around to make sure that he again landed a few stairs down on his ass. WHUMP!

OH! Jason moaned, realizing what was about to happen. He tumbled freely down the stairs, unable to stop himself. The gravity orb made sure his inertia didn’t slow but also swiveled him around so that every time he was about to land on a stair, it was right on his ass. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP!

Jason had a secret sub-fetish of falling on his butt that embarrassed him much more than a spanking fetish. Troy knew about it and adored it. Lawrence discovered it as a tool that he could use to help the Blister Boyz escape from the Crimson Brotherhood.

Your butt-thumping fetish helped save us, Troy yelled after Jason as he tumbled down the stairs. I figured the best reward is to give you what you’ve always secretly wanted.

Jason felt disoriented, but in a wonderful way, as he spun around and bounced and bounced, hitting the rock stairs good and hard with his ass. He felt a shock of pain with each slam, and then a deep warmth within his massive butt muscles that aroused him.

How far down do these stairs go? Jason yelled back up to them.

It’s called The Neverending Stairwell, The Augurer shouted down to him. You’re about to see why.

There were all sorts of magic anomalies and energy fields in Oranbega. Teleporters were scattered all over the magical city, leading from cavern to cavern. This stairway ended at a stone archway which glowed with energy. Unable to stop himself, Jason bounced through it, then suddenly THUMP! He was magically transported back to the top of the stairway.

But Jason’s momentum hadn’t faded at all and so he went stumbling forward again. THUMP! He started falling down the stairs again. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Troy could hear Jason moaning with pleasure as his fetish fantasy was played out.

I think this also feeds his fantasy of automated punishment, too, Troy said. How long should we let this go on?

The good news, The Augurer explained, Is that Jason’s reactions are feeding the magic used to maintain control over his fall. As long as he’s enjoying himself, he’s producing discipline energy, and the gravity orb is drawing on that energy to maintain control over his fall.

It’s like a perpetual punishment machine, Troy said.

Indeed, The Augurer said. Once Jason’s butt gets worn out and his endur