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Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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Friends Part 2

About a month or two later, Kaleb was frantic. He had taken just ten cracks from an acquaintances Garrison belt and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was he nuts? He began to search the internet, reading ads. Most of these guys seemed to really just be looking for sex...but not all of them.

Many were heartfelt pleas for some relief of sorts. Yes, most did not preclude a sexual release and a few of the ads admit to seeking a sex, but not all of them. It seemed like there were no two ads alike for the many ads looking for spanking. These were both straight and gay ads as well as men seeking women too. It was all across the chart.

Kaleb met two different men. The first was a big guy, who had the look, but the scenes they acted out seemed phony to Kaleb. He did not call back.

The second guy said he was in his 60s but was more likely 80! A spanking from this guy was like somebody playing paddy-cake with his ass!

So he got to thinking about Fred – Constantly, yet again!

Kaleb and Fred were both gay but that just did not seem that important here. They had connected in a way like two normal guys. But two normal guys would not pursuit this.

Fred would smile when he’d see Kaleb at the bar or at parties. But, he never talked about the meeting with Fred after their one encounter. Why should he?

Fred has plenty of friends. Kaleb assumes he gets lots of sex too but you know what they say about assumptions. Should he bring the subject up? Is it an issue? Why make an issue when there isn’t an issue? Fred had spanked him and spanked him good. He is, in essence, a partner in crime. And this was consensual. What is the big deal anyway?

Maybe because he feels and internal guilt about having masochistic tendencies. Kaleb sometimes thinks others know about his secret. He has talked about it jokingly when describing certain men he sees. He might be hanging out with friends and comment by saying that a guy looks like a spanker or that one has spanking good looks! Of couse, no one ever did. People just say stuff like that...

Later in the month, Kaleb sees Fred at the bar. Fred usually sits with friends but today, he is by himself. Kaleb takes a seat next to Fred.

How you doing Fred? Kaleb said with some uneasiness.

Fred is friendly. Oh, pretty good. How about you?

Kaleb said with a flat voice. Fine.

The bar wasn’t too busy. Now there was a subtle tension. Fred shows some interest. He starts talking with the usual small talk. The two guys continue this way for a few minutes. Finally Kaleb, full of leeway, changes the subject. He thanks him for the spanking experience, not knowing any other way to bring up the subject.

Fred said, It is something most men experienced back in my day. I respected that you felt that I was a person who was open enough to try it with. Not everyone can do that.

Fred went on. I wonder just how many guys think about an experience like that.

Kaleb said, More that we think I’ll bet. But I think most are go and blow. That is normal.

Fred said, Normal is not a normal thing!

Kaleb laughs.

Fred chuckles adding, I find it exciting.

Kaleb’s eyes burst with excitement. He says, You mean you don’t think of me as whacko?

Fred laughs.

Whew! Am I glad!

Kaleb thought a little bit longer. Then he just blurted it out. Want to meet again?

A big smile slowly forms on Fred’s face. He had a twinkle in his eyes. We all think fondly of many things linked to being youngsters. Fred went on about some times in his life when he received spankings, across his Daddy’s knees as a boy.

I remember once when Dad caught me smoking when I was about 10. He dragged me by the ear and yanked me back behind a tree. He pull down my trousers, bent me over, and spanked my bare ass until the cows came home!

The two men chuckled in the bar. It was just two men enjoying the memories of youth. I could do that you know.


Put you over my knee.

Kaleb leaps on this. Sure! Can I come over now?

At first, the two headed in their cars over to Fred’s house. But the happy gleefulness quickly faded for Kaleb when he remember just how much the spanking he did get from Fred hurt and bruised him hard. He knows that Fred won’t play around like the two creeps he met on the internet. Fred might even be harder than he was the first time.

Fred also lost his own jovial feelings as he headed back home. He thinks that, beyond his sexual arousal, a good spanking has to hurt to be effective. How should he spank him? He remembers having a Jacari paddle somewhere in the basement. Those hurt like hell!

When the two men finally arrive, Fred changes affect. He makes up a story and started to treat Kaleb like the 14 year old kid as he did the first time they met. Fred also couldn’t ignore his own hard on.

Fred, matter-of-fact like said, Okay Kaleb, you know why we’re here. Go up to the bedroom.

Kaleb is surprised at him self as he also shifts into the 14 year old character attitude much like the first time. Without missing a beat he heads to the bedroom he knows of saying, Yes Dad.

From there Kaleb can hear the pounding of footsteps racing toward the basement. They echo like loud, reverbing speakers, subliminally, through his head after a concert. Then they reverse and the footsteps move closer to his door.

With no door knock, it flies open. Fred is there with his sweater sleeves pushed up and a Jacari paddle in his hand. A thunderstorm of feeling looms. Kaleb knows how this will hurt. Now he reacts when Fred orders him to stand.

Fred said, How you’re getting a spanking across my lap on your bare bottom young man! He forgot the reason but it didn’t matter.

Fred masterfully disrobed Kaleb with hardly a spoken word. Down came his pants and underwear. In seconds he is stretched halfway across the bed and his bottom, now bare, is propped up on Fred’s lap. The paddling begins hard!

Whop! Whop! Whop! Whop! Whop!...)))

As the paddling continued, Kaleb got lost in the sublime. An array of feelings, sensations, and emotional turmoil occurred. Just like being a kid being punished by his Dad. Yet, he was 40 years old! How does it get here? Why did he think that he wanted it again?

He also noticed the bulging feeling beneath his own naked groin. That of Fred’s stiff, firm cock. It was there too. It was all a part of whatever was happening to him. Or them! The pain was a searing pitch that was rising like a river. And the splats from the paddle just kept coming down hard, over and over.

The so called scene no longer matter much. It was raw pain and emotion gripping Kaleb now until it finally let loose. These free flowing tears from deep inside him that have been pent up for a lifetime had finally come out. He bawled like a baby.

Fred stopped shortly after his tears had begun. It was the whole point with kids. No different when your 14 or 40. But after a brief period where Fred let Kaleb cry bent across his lap, he rubbed Kaleb’s back and stated the following: You know we are not all that different – men and boys. Don’t be afraid. Just let it out.

Later that day, the two men did have sex. They talked about their lives and had a really great experience. Kaleb told the 70 y.o. Fred that it was the best fuck he has ever had. And he meant it.

The two men stayed friends for years to follow. It was never quite as cathartic again, but their spank meetings were always satisfying.


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