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The Hardware Store

by Bud Johnson

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The Hardware Store

It was during this meeting that the whole notion of a Father to son spanking relationship that it clicked for both of them. Clarence had become more emboldened after he spanked Harvey’s bare bottom across his lap. The two talked more candidly about the experience.

On the night before, the spanking happened as a part of foreplay. It had been just a standard pick up really. Starting as erotic foreplay, Clarence casually slapped Harvey on his butt a few times. The 19 year old he boy responded positively to the few smacks with more kissing at first, then onto sucking the older man’s tool.

The 35 year old Clarence ran with this at first. He has spanked a trick before. But this night he took it a step further. He wanted to see how Harvey would react. So with his bare hand on the buck naked boy’s bottom, he let go with a very hard swat. Harvey let out with an Ouch, but he kept going. He still was not confident how far this kid would let him go. Clarence held back some.

He returned to the sexual foreplay and they began kissing enthusiastically. Clarence’s erection got firmer at first but the questions nagged on his mind. Where does this guy want me to go with the swats? Will this be a plain suck ’n’ fuck or would he get into a real spanking role play? Clarence wondered to first.

Clarence started working him across his lap. He went into a light hand spanking with both of them naked, Harvey now stretched out across his lap. Harvey complied and said playfully, Ooo Daddy. I’ll be good.

With that statement, Clarence’s erection waned. He had Harvey come closer to him where they were back to a normal sex play position, face to face. He thought that he had better not try to really spank him. Clarence was chickening out. The two just started in on a suck and goof around kind of playful encounter.

This work for a short time as Clarence’s erection came back in part, but he was losing interest. However, there was something different in his feelings towards Harvey. He wondered how or if he would be receptive to acting like a bad little boy and take a real hard traditional bare bottom spanking. The sex cooled for most the rest of the night. Clarence’s frame of mind had changed. Giving a real hard punishment spanking had been a fantasy he has had for years.

Harvey asked, Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?

No, not at all. Clarence said with a slight chuckle. He felt his confusion and apprehension. The two men were new to gay life. For that fact, they were new to spanking or S & M in general. Harvey at 19 had met one other guy for sex and Clarence had messed around with some businessmen in a group that he met at a regular straight bathhouse he went to several years ago.

Over time, each had been looking around in bars, even church socials, festival gatherings, and in their local gay community center buildings; just about everywhere they each separately went to. They had met at the gay center about a month ago.

Harvey liked Clarence’s robust older frame. Clarence liked the 19 year old’s boyish charm. The spanking he had given Harvey was playful; more erotic Clarence thought. It had gotten him very excited sexually but not Harvey so much from what Clarence could assess. That evening after they played around, the two men talked over several hours. They got to know each other and talked about their secret desires.

After that playful spanking, Clarence invited Harvey to stay over night He agreed. Harvey, at one point in the talk, wondered aloud to Clarence how he would like to know what a real, hard traditional spanking would feel like. This was sincere Clarence thought and he also was getting more excited at the idea. So late into the night, the two men talked seriously about it.

Clarence said, A real spanking hurts you know. He looked Harvey facial expressions very closely.

I know. At least I think I do. My Dad never really spanked me when I was little. Harvey grumbles softly.

Mine did once hard on my bare bottom. My Dad used a wooden spoon until I cried. That did not take very long either! Clarence spoke in his deep, manly voice. He noticed too that Harvey remained slightly erected.

He then looked closely at Harvey’s expression. The boys face was blank; devoid of emotion, and he remained silent. Finally, almost wondering out loud, Clarence said, I could give you real spanking tomorrow morning if you come with me to the hardware store. We will go and I will spank you hard when we get back just as your father should have. It will be the real thing. It will be separate from sex.

Harvey crotch continued to swell as he listened to the robust older man. The idea was both frightening and titillating to him.

Clarence asked, What do you think?

Harvey said eagerly, Yes, that sounds hot!

Clarence eyed him warily as he knows that a real spanking would not be a typical erotic spanking like the one earlier in the evening. So after giving it some serious thought Clarence spoke in a friendly but firm way.

Okay Harvey, I will do that but I want you to let me go all the way. That means I will spank you with a wooden spoon or hairbrush until you beg me to stop and I mean really beg me to stop... Or cry.

He figured Harvey would balk. But he didn’t. Instead Harvey got a firm erection. Clarence noticed, but said nothing at the time. Harvey appeared galvanized. Clarence said, If you agree, I am willing to do this. But you must agree that you will follow directions completely. Once we start, we finish the whole thing. Do you accept?

Harvey agrees.

Clarence added with a slight grin eyeing his crotch, I can see that you like the idea! Let’s go to sleep and see if you still are excited in the morning.

The two men went to sleep.

The next morning, Harvey was full of energy. They each dressed quietly, barely saying a word to each other. Clarence finally asked, Are you really ready to go to the hardware store... he asked, but then slipped in the word, Son?

The sound of the word, Son, seemed to hook Harvey’s psyche. He felt his knees flutter. But he formed a firm erection under his pants. Clarence noticed. Finally Harvey said in an almost forced overcome way, Yes...

He followed Clarence to the car. Clarence had been awake for a while thinking about just how he should do it. He is sort of a traditional man anyway. His own father had been very calculated and proper when he spanked him some 23 years ago. He decided that he should treat Harvey in the same way. And his father did not hold back. Clarence was about 12 years old at the time and it was the one and only time he was ever spanked that he could remember. The two drove off to the Hardware store.

Clarence was feeling a bit strange over the fact that he got a very stiff hard on after spanking him lightly the night before. He felt a little guilty. But this is what Harvey said he wants and agreed to it. He figures he will play it for all its worth.

Okay Harvey. I don’t want to spend a lot of time in the store this morning. So don’t go wandering off, understand? He eyed Harvey. Clarence was setting up the scene. Harvey sat quietly in the car seat but Clare could feel the tension building in the air. His message had gotten through. Harvey’s affect changed much like a teenaged boy would.

Harvey’s eyes were opened wide. His crotch filled out like it had the night before. He meekly said nothing. His mind was racing. Harvey was about the same height as Clarence but at least 20 pounds less. It was going to be and interesting Saturday morning.

When they went inside the store, Harvey stayed close to Clarence for the first few minutes. They started to head down the merchandise aisle where Clarence selected some items off one of the shelves. While Clarence was busy, Harvey walked away to the next aisle over. Clarence finished what he was doing, noticed that the boy and gone. He tersely called his name. This was working perfectly so far.

Harvey’s real expression what white as a ghost when Clarence got next to him in the other aisle.

There you are! Clarence tightly responds.

Oh I... Harvey nervously stutters. He is not completely sure where this will go. He doesn’t want to be spanked right there in the store nor does he want to be embarrassed.

Follow me Son. It is time to go. The 35 year old man said in a flat tone. The two men silently checked out of the store. Once they are close to the car, Clarence in character quietly said to Harvey, I thought I said for you not to wander off. When we get home, you are to go directly to the bedroom, understood

Harvey starts to stutter, But...

Harvey! Clarence said loudly and clearly at the car just like a Dad would to a disobedient teenager. Nobody said anything that might have heard it. Once back in the car, silence penetrates the surroundings as they drive back. Harvey is getting really nervous. Then a shock of fear permeates as the car moves from the street and into the driveway. Clarence is also hyped.

I’ll get the bags and you get into that bedroom, mister. Clarence was abrupt with fortitude to his voice. But he refocused himself.

Harvey meekly uttered a yes sir as he high-tailed himself into the house bedroom. He closed the door. He might be older but he is feeling like a 12-year-old boy right now. He is petrified and plops on the bed. He is going to get a real bare bottom spanking!

Harvey sits up erect but quietly. Off in the distance he can hear the sounds of bags being placed on the table, the opening, and closing of cupboard doors and drawers. Then, all too soon, he hears the loud stomps as the robust man makes his way to the front of the closed bedroom door.

Crap! What was I thinking? But Harvey settles down and then lets it all happen.

The door pops open. There is Clarence holding a large wooden vanity hair brush in his right arm. He takes his left hand with the brush in it rolls up the shirt sleeve across his forearm. His wristwatch is pulsating in Harvey’s mind, catching the rays of light from the window. His heart is beating faster.

Stand up Son. Harvey stands up off the bed. They are both fully inside the characters they have created.

Clarence takes hold and moves him. Grabbing his zipper and button, he loosens the boy’s pants. Then he tells him like a 12 year old, Sit down Son. Take those pants off – all your cloths, and fold them on the bed

Clarence speaks with a slight edge of uncertainty, but still powerful. Soon, Harvey is naked and standing before him.

Clarence stands with his arm held tight to his side. He berates the boy. You were told not to stray off in the store, yet you strayed off! What did I tell you would happen?

Harvey in an almost inaudible whisper said, A spanking...

And a damned hard one at that! Clarence said bluntly while at the same time, grabbing the boy, propping up his own left leg, and taking a hold of Harvey’s cock and balls. Once in position, he lets go of his balls and pushed Harvey’s chest down from his back side and bends him over the one knee. He holds his back down. He said, Hold still until I’m through

Whack! Whack! Whap! Whap! Whoop! Smack! Crack...)))

OWWWW! Harvey bellows loudly, wriggling his but to avoid the harsh cracks.

I said hold still! In exasperation, Clarence then sits them both down on the bed, pulling Harvey again by the cock and balls, keeping him tight across his left leg and bed. He locks him in with a scissor hold.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Crack!!!)))

Clarence just let him have it, ignoring his hollering, and hyperventilation. Harvey’s bellowing was persistent. He had snot and sweat running down his face. This is a real spanking for sure! Harvey begins with a quirky sob, moving into a steady blubbering within minutes. Clarence had a full hard on now. He stopped the spanking, let go of the scissor grip and told him to get under the covers in the bed. He left the room and closed the door.

Harvey was sobbing. He did as he was told.

Clarence relished the image of the sobbing boy. He liked it but he is not sure that Harvey expected the pain of this real spanking. Time will tell. Clarence left him alone in the bedroom, standing just outside in the hall.

Harvey gets under the covers of the freshly made bed. He is choking back tears. He really has been severely spanked. Still crying some, Harvey manages to say loudly, I’m sorry. I am really sorry, Dad.

Clarence feels a mixture of emotions along with his strong erection. He spanked the boy hard enough to blister him. Like a real Dad he feels sort of bad for having spanked him so severely, and although the whole thing was made up for this experience, it has mixed emotions. A fantasy he has thought about for years but had never done before this moment.

Clarence is feeling very deeply towards this boy. He just stayed in the hallway. He reenters the room after about 5 minutes.

Clarence walks over hovering above Harvey on the bed. He leans down and kisses him on his forehead. Harvey says nothing. He looks longingly at the robust masculine man. With his eyes, he begs him to kiss deeply. But instead he grabs the man’s robust arm and moves his head to kiss his hand.

After he kisses the man’s hand, Clarence puts his face to Harvey’s mouth. They kiss deeply. Clarence’s hard on is aching. Fully clothed, he lays next to Harvey taking him in his arms. Harvey works Clare’s pants open and soon his tongue leaves the man’s face and takes over in the now open crotch area.

Satisfaction is soon achieved.

Later that day before Harvey goes home, they talk deeply about everything that they had just experienced. They decide to see each other again. Clarence feels a connection he had not felt in a long time. So does Harvey, but this is a new feeling.


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