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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #37

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about sibling discipline.  The story contains a scene of a strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I’m Nelson.  I’m thirteen years old and live with my father and older brother Jed.  He is two years, eight months and twelve days older than I as he has been reminding me since I learnt to count.  It is probably fair to say that he is an a-hole.  Anyway, last week Dad had to go on a business trip for a few days.  There is one thing Jed and I do agree on is that we are old enough to be on own for a few days especially when we have to attend school and keep up with our homework.  This was an unusual trip because Dad would be gone Thursday until Sunday evening for that how his business obligations demanded.  We agreed on special rules especially for Friday evening which was Trick ’n’ Treat night.

I wasn’t particularly surprised when Jed stayed out past his curfew and I just hoped that Dad wouldn’t call to check up which, fortunately, he didn’t.  What did surprise me was what I saw him doing with a batch of eggs.  He was throwing them at our neighbor’s car.  Mr. Rendleman had foolishly left it parked in his driveway like he was asking for it on this night of mischief.  But that is not any excuse to be a vandal and I got a great video showing Jed’s multiple choreographed windups and missel launches.

I sent him an email nicely entitled: Halloween Vandal Caught in the Act.  You probably heard him shriek when he checked his mail in the afternoon.  It did not take very long for Jed to find me and he was livid.  His remarks were both incoherent and extremely vulgar.  He was even madder when I told him what three things he had to do.  First, apologize to Mr. Rendleman.  Second, clean up the mess he made.  Third, (and probably the hardest) ask me to give him the strapping he so richly deserved.  I made it absolutely clear that it was totally his decision what to do but I did suggest that Dad would enjoy the video.

Steam practically came out of his ears for he fumed so much.  But after a while he went out to see Mr. Rendleman and tend to his car.  Then he returned to see me.  It took him many tries before he could actually ask me to use the strap on his ass.  I demanded that he actually ask me in precise terms what he wanted from me and eventually he did.  It was better than the sweetest music I ever heard.  I sent him to fetch the tawse.  It is a nasty piece of leather cruelly designed to inflect great pain on the boy whose is leathered with minimum exertion by the wielder.  It was a role I was delighted to assume.

I thought how it would be nice to have a woodshed but those days are long past.  I was working on the back porch and decided to do it there.  It is private enough that I could make Jed strip completely and bend over the railing to get his ass into a good position.  I even had my camcorder neatly set up to capture it for prosperity although I did not tell Jed about it.

Once Jed was in position I took the tawse and got into my place.  It was quite a thrill to swing it and mark my naughty big brother’s ass good and proper.  He yelped which brought a big grin to my face and hardened my cock even more.  I gave him ten good hard cuts leaving his butt bright red and swollen.  He rushed away to try to cool it but also so I would not see how tearful he was.

We both thought the matter was closed, however, on Monday evening Dad brought it up.  It seems like Mr. Rendleman had told him about Jed’s remorse and all.  He told Jed to fetch to strap because he should have known better than to throw eggs in the first place.  I could have kept my mouth shut and let Jed get strapped again but that did not seem right.  Jed was dismayed that he was going to get it a second time.  I told Dad that Jed had already been strapped and showed him the proof.  This time Jed was grateful that I made a recording.

The upshot was that Dad was very impressed.  He lectured Jed and told him that he was ashamed.  However Dad was super proud of me not only for being well behaved but for disciplining my brother so appropriately.

I was delighted with that but totally thrilled that he said: From now on Nelson will be charge when I am away with full authority.  He did not have explain what that meant.  Jed definitely was not happy about all this but I was positively elated to be appointed the brother-in-charge.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  September 12, 2016

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